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Byelorussian dictionary Byelorussian-English, Byelorussian-Russian dictionnaries, spelling & Old Byelorussian… & encyclopaedias

grammar: conjugations

English-Byelorussian dictionary & common idioms, geographical names (Latin characters)

Belarusian Phrasebook: Byelorussian-English common phrases, by Uładzimir Katkoŭski (2001)

Goethe-Verlag: Byelorussian-English common phrases & illustrated vocabulary (+ audio)

LingoHut: Byelorussian-English vocabulary by topics (+ audio)

Shtooka: Byelorussian words, with translation (audio)

Словарь бѣлорусскаго нарѣчія: Byelorussian dictionary, by Иван Иванович Носович (1870)

Byelorussian language

Byelorussian keyboard to type a text with the Cyrillic script

Byelorussian conversion Cyrillic <> Latin script

Fundamentals of Modern Belarusian by Chris Marchant (2004) + PDF format

Conversational Belarusian [PDF] by George Stankevich (2001)

Belarusian basic course [PDF] (1995)

Fundamental Byelorussian by Valentyna Pashkevich (1974) : I & II

Weißrussisch: Byelorussian, by Hienadź Cychun, in Wieser Enzyklopädie des europäischen Ostens (2002)

studies about the Byelorussian language, by Curt Woolhiser

New speakers of Belarusian: metalinguistic discourse, social identity, and language use (2013)

"Belarusian Russian": sociolinguistic status and discursive representations, in Non-dominating varieties of pluricentric languages (2011)

The Russian language in Belarus: language use, speaker identities and metalinguistic discourse, in The Russian language outside the nation, speakers and identities (2014)

Polish and Belorussian dialects in contact: a study in linguistic convergence, thesis (1995)

Representations of official languages on multilingual news websites in Belarus : "One nation, two languages", by Hanna Sliashynskaya, in Journal of multilingual and multicultural development (2018)

The start of writing in Belarusian: regional and social composition of the Belarusian revival of the late 19th-early 20th century, by Andrej Kazakievič & Andrej Asadčy, in Belarusian political science review (2013)

Acta Albaruthenica: Academic Journal about literary, linguistic, historical and culture, published by the Department of Belarusian Studies at the University of Warsaw

books & papers about the Byelorussian language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia


Наша Ніва

Белтэлерадыекампанiя: online radio & television

Texts & Literature

National library: online collections & exhibitions

Knihi: Беларуская Палічка (Byelorussian literature)

LyrikLine: poems in Byelorussian, with translation (+ audio)

The Belarusian printing pioneer Francišak Skaryna, the early modern hero in later national interpretations, by Voranau, in Early modern print culture in Central Europe (2014)

Francysk Skaryna, books printing pioneer and a national hero

Паўстанне Скарыны, як інтэлектуалы Расійскай імперыі ХІХ ст. паўплывалі на постаць беларускага нацыянальнага героя, by Raman Voranau (2012)

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Усе людзi нараджаюцца свабоднымi i роўнымi ў сваёй годнасцi i правах.
Яны надзелены розумам i сумленнем i павiнны ставiцца адзiн да аднаго ў духу брацтва.

First article in different languages

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: bilingual text, in Byelorussian, Russian, English & other languages

Bielorussia - Беларусь

Bielorussia: maps, heritage & documents

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