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November 2022


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  No War
  Ukrainian anthem: Ще не вмерла України - Ukraine has not yet perished
  Ukrainian language
November 29 Cornish dictionary
  Hindi dictionary + grammar
November 26 Sanskrit-English translation + declension and conjugation + the Panini's grammar + Early Vedic (videos) + Sanskrit Corpus
November 18 Hittite etymological dictionary + grammar
November 14 Hebrew: online tool to add diacritics of the Hebrew alphabet (see also Hebrew keyboard)
  Turkish-English online translation
  Indonesian-English online translation
November 12 Dutch: etymological dictionary
November 10 Estonian: Kalevipoeg studies + online Estonian books + Estonian Literary Museum + online journal of Estonian linguistics
November 8 French: spell checker
  Korean: online English-Korean dictionary + adaptation of English liquids in Korean
November 5 Cornish: history of Cornish lexicography + Cornish language death and revival
  Ukrainian: online translation + online dictionary with declension and conjugation
November 3 Walloon: the Linguistic Atlas of Wallonia + study about the Wisconsin Walloon + records
October 14 Burmese: profile + Burmese dialects + Studies in Burmese linguistics
October 13 Gothic: profile + Gothic contact with Latin and Greek + Gothic grammar + aspects of the society of the ancient Germans according to the Gothic vocabulary
  Runes in the 1st century
October 12 Maldivian-English online translation + etymological dictionary + law dictionary + history of Maldivian writing + historical phonology of Maldivian + studies about Sanskrit and Buddhism in the Maldives
October 11 Catalan: dictionary of synonyms + words by topics (blog)
October 10 Québécois : linguistic study about pronominal clitics
  Creole languages: African influences in Atlantic Creoles
October 8 Quechua language (new page)
  Uyghur-English online translation + Uyghur loanwords
  Friulian: hedge, fence in the Friulian dialects
October 7 Neuchâtel, Switzerland (new page)
September 25 Frédéric Mistral: studies about the translations into German of Mireio
September 19 Urdu keyboard updated
September 21 Panjabi course
September 18 South Africa: atlas of Johannesburg 
September 7 Egyptian keyboard (Latin alphabet) updated
  Georgian: etymological dictionary of the Kartvelian languages + Georgian grammar
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