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May 2018

Lexilogos is a comprehensive set of resources for the study of the languages of the world

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May 23 Chechen : dictionary + grammar (new page)
  Chechen keyboard (Cyrillic alphabet)
  Ingush : dictionary + grammar (new page)
  Ingush keyboard (Cyrillic alphabet)
May 22 Kazakh : Kazakh grammar + Kazakh-Russian dictionary
  Kazakh keyboard updated
  Chinese Pinyin keyboard updated
May 16 Urdu: online Urdu-English dictionaries + Urdu course + online journal of Urdu studies + Urdu books and poems
  Urdu keyboard updated
May 15 Western keyboard to type all the diacritics signs of the Western languages
May 8 Spanish: online Spanish-English dictionary + history of the Spanish literature
May 7 Georgian syntax
  Georgian keyboard updated
May 5 Japanese: online Japanese-English dictionary
May 4 Japanese keyboard + Hiragana keyboard + Katakana keyboard updated
April 30 Kurdish: online Kurdish-Englis dictionary + Kurdish course
April 26 Telugu: online Telugu-English dictionary + Declaration of Human Rights (+ audio)
April 18 Bengali: handwritten Bengali characters + linguistic studies
  Hausa : studies about Hausa words + linguistic studies
April 13 Yiddish: Children books
March 26 Yiddish keyboard updated
March 10 Albanian: linguistic study
February 20 Persian: Online Persian-English dictionary + Early new Persian language (after the Islamic conquest)
February 12 Malay: Online Malay-English dictionary and corpus + origins of the Malay language
February 2 Thai: profile of the Thai language + studies about the Thai script
February 1 Catalan: online Catalan-English dictionary