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March 2020

Lexilogos is a comprehensive set of resources for the study of the languages of the world

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March 26 Ancient Greek: Greek number convertor
March 20 Sanskrit: history of the Sanskrit literature + Sanskrit texts
  Bengali grammar
March 3 Serbian keyboard + Latin-Cyrillic conversion updated
February 26 Persian: Basic course, vocabulary (+ audio)
February 10 Dutch: dictionary of old, forgotten, regional words, with etymology + contrastive grammar of English and Dutch
  Russian: the 1000 most common Russian words (+ audio)
February 9 Latin Russian keyboard to type a Russian text with the latin alphabet
February 6 Basque: history of the Modern Basque language
January 19 Indo-European: rock art and Celto-Germanic vocabulary
January 13 Egyptian Arabic (new page)
  Arabic grammar + Arabic Latin dictionary (17th century)
January 8 Bosnian: grammatical study
January 5 Slovenian: linguistic study
January 3 French: Francophone dictionary + synonyms dictionary + analogical dictionary
December 28 Japanese: online translation
December 20 Pali (new page)
December 11 Hausa : Arabic loanwords
December 10 Pashto: origin of the terms Afghan & Pashtun + linguistic studies
December 7 Indonesian: Indonesian loanwords from French
December 1 Runes (new page): dictionaries + Runic inscriptions + etymology
  Futhark keyboard to type the runes of the Younger Futhark alphabet
  Elder Futhark keyboard to type the runes of the Elder Futhark alphabet
November 30 French vocabulary + grammars + French words as foreign words in The Economist
November 28 American English: dictionary of American usage + American slang + linguistic maps
  Bulgarian-English dictionary
November 25 Kurdish: linguistic history + Kurdish dialects
November 21 Austrian German: the Austrian language and the bilingual lexicography + study about the Hitler's Austrian accent
November 19 Wolof: early published vocabularies
November 15 Syriac keyboard updated
November 6 Catalan: dictionary of synonyms
  Spanish: Spanish-English commercial dictionary of the words and terms used in commercial correspondence
November 5 England: How England got its name in the 11th century
November 4 Scottish Gaelic: dictionary with phonetics and sounds + Gaelic course with grammar avec grammaire
November 1 Malayalam: profile of the Malayalam language and literature
  Malayalam keyboard updated
  Kannada keyboard updated
  Sanskrit keyboard updated: to type half consonants