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August 2019

Lexilogos is a comprehensive set of resources for the study of the languages of the world

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August 18 Malay: the Malay youth language
August 2 Bengali keyboard updated: instruction to type the jo-phala
July 15 Australian English dictionary with words of aboriginal origins + studies about the English in Australia
  New Zealand English: marine environment and New Zealand English lexicon + online journal
July 14 Eiffel Tower
July 13 Yiddish-English cultural dictionary + atlas of Northeastern Yiddish + translation of books of the Ancien Testament in Lithuanian Yiddish
  Ancient Hebrew vocabulary + linguistic studies
July 4 Cantonese: Cantonese course + the Cantonese of Hong Kong
  Hong Kong (new page): maps + documents
July 3 Arabic: new online Arabic-English dictionary
  Modern Hebrew: new online Hebrew-English dictionary
July 2 Uyghur: the Uyghurs in Modern China
June 25 German words to avoid anglicisms + questions and answers about the German language
June 22 Cherokee: tone and accent + European trade goods at Cherokee settlements
June 21 Modern Hebrew: the first Hebrew Shakespeare translations, bilingual text, commentary
June 7 Romanian course for beginners
June 5 Montenegrin dictionary
June 4 Chinese: vocabulary of the biblical terms
  Bosnian: translation of the Quran
June 1 Tamil: online dictionary
  Tajik: English-Tajik online dictionary
May 29 Tatar-English online dictionary + Corpus of written Tatar (with the sound) + study about nation, language, islam
  Uzbek-English dictionary + Tashkent dialect + Uzbek metaphors
  Turkmen-English online dictionary
  Azeri: translations of the Quran + Bible
May 28 Chinese Bible annotated (Chinese characters, Pinyin, translation in English)
  Turkish: multilingual dictionary in Turcic languages, Arabic, Persian, Russian + Turkish translations of the Quran
  Romanian: linguistic studies
May 25 Italian: great dictionary of the Italian language (20 volumes) + Italian phonetics + handbook of Italian for foreigners
  Azeri conversion (Cyrillic-Latin alphabets) updated
May 22 Scots: grammar for learners
May 21 Modern Hebrew: the revival of Hebrew + vocalization of Modern Hebrew
  Tibetan dictionary + grammar
May 20 Portuguese: English-French-Portuguese vocabulary for the tourist
May 19 Malay: Malay loanwords in English
May 13 Lingala (new page) Lingala dictionary, grammar, texts
  Lingala keyboard to type the diacritics
May 2 Yiddish: Yiddish loanwords in colloquial American English
April 20 Kurdish Sorani keyboard updated
  Katakana keyboard updated
April 16 Notre-Dame de Paris (new): history + documents
April 13 Sanskrit Conversion Devanagari-Latin: updated
April 11 Japanese: translation of phrases
  Korean grammar
  Kyrgyz-French-English glossary on livestock-keeping and pastures
April 8 Uyghur-English dictionary + conversation guide + Uyghur proverbs + Uyghur grammar + poetry + studies about Xinjiang
April 5 Welsh: about the role of the language
April 3 Arabic: etymological dictionnary + Modern standard grammar
April 2 Italian: examples of translation errors, difficulties, misunderstandings