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July 2022


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  No War
  Ukrainian anthem: Ще не вмерла України - Ukraine has not yet perished
  Ukrainian language
July 1 Sorbian: study about bilinguism
June 17 Polish: phraseological dictionary
  Rabelais: translations into English
June 16 Old South Arabian Keyboard (new)
  Old North Arabian Keyboard (new)
June 14 nahuatl: online Nahuatl dictionary + traditional script + translation of the New Testament into Nahuatl
June 13 Maldivian dictionary (new page)
  Maldivian keyboard (Thaana script)
  Maldives islands
June 6 Scots: the Scots language in the Scottish secondary classroom
May 30 Brahmi keyboard (new page) Ancient script of India
May 27 Ancient Greek keyboard updated
May 19 Scots phrases + Scotland's linguistic situation
May 6 Albanian dictionary
May 5 Armenian etymologies
April 14 Arabic: online dictionary + Historical dictionary of Arabic
April 5 Etruscan language, dictionary, civilization (new page)
  Old Italic keyboard (new page)
March 28 Inuktitut dictionary (new pages)
  Inuit languages
  Inuktitut keyboard + Inuktitut conversion
  Nunavik keyboard + Nunavik conversion
  Santali dictionary (new pages) language of East India
  Santali keyboard + Latin Santali keyboard + Ol Chiki conversion
March 11 Russian: etymological dictionary, explanatory dictionary, onomastic dictionary
March 10 Pashto: linguistic study + online journal
  City of Vatican (new page)
February 24 Bichig Mongolian keyboard corrected (from left to right)
February 22 Oriya dictionary (new page)
  Oriya keyboard
February 20 Gothic keyboard to type a text with the Gothic script
  Gothic keyboard (Latin alphabet)
February 8 Kazakh keyboard (Latin alphabet)
February 1 Bichig Mongolian keyboard to type a text with the traditional script (written from right to left and from top to bottom)
January 30 Grantha keyboard updated: change of the Unicode characters
January 27 Arabic: handbook and reader of Ottoman Arabic
January 18 Cambodian: a typological description of Khmer
  Nepali: linguistic studies
January 14 Kashubian studies + the Kashubian dialect spoken in the United States
January 11 French keyboard updated: the spaces became automatically narrow no-break spaces for the punctuation marks
January 5 Swiss German (new page)
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