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January 2022


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Happy New Year!

On January 2022: the fourth centenary of the birth of Molière

January 27 Arabic: handbook and reader of Ottoman Arabic
January 18 Cambodian: a typological description of Khmer
  Nepali: linguistic studies
January 14 Kashubian studies + the Kashubian dialect spoken in the United States
January 11 French keyboard updated: the spaces became automatically narrow no-break spaces for the punctuation marks
January 5 Swiss German (new page)
December 27 Hebrew keyboard updated (to place several diacritics)
December 24 languages: vocabulary by topics across 40 languages (+ audio)
December 18 Latin Arabic keyboard updated
  Somali dictionary + Folk songs + theater + poetry
December 17 Albanian folksongs + vocabulary
December 3 Vietnamese dictionary + French loanwords
November 30 Sanskrit conversion updated
November 26 Polish keyboard updated (punctuation)
November 16 Tagalog dictionaries + linguistic studies + a 17th Tagalog text
  New York: history of New York, the life in the thirteen colonies
November 11 Milanese: botanical dictionary + proverbs, idioms and slang in Milanese + journal about the Milanese dialect + traditions and legends + dictionary of the Lombard toponyms + lexicological studies about Francesco Cherubini
  BologneseItalian dictionary + linguistic studies
November 2 Polish: dictionary of neologisms + Polish-English dictionary
November 1 Norwegian: online dictionaries + study about the Kings' Sagas
  Norway: race & physical anthropology (beginning 20th)
October 29 Swedish: formation of the Swedish surname
October 28 Armenian: notes on Armenian etymology + notes on Armenian historical phonology,
October 14 Italian dictionary + study about the foreign names in Italian
  Ancient Hebrew: collection of online Hebrew books
  Czech translation + phrase book
October 10 days and months: etymology of the days of the week in Europe (maps)
  Russian phrase book
  Chinese dictionary
October 8 Celtic languages: the origins of tree names in Celtic + geographies of identity, Celtic philology
  Germanic languages: the morphology of Germanic
October 6 Basque onomastics + astronomy and Basque language
  Luxembourgish: the Codex mariendalensis, first Luxembourgish text + grammar
September 24 Mycenaean Greek (new page)
  Mycenaean Greek keyboard to type a text with the alphabet and the ideograms of the B Linear (used from du -14th to -12th century)
  Cypriot Greek keyboard to type a text with the Cypriot alphabet (used from -11th to -3th century)
September 21 Swahili: online Swahili-English dictionary
September 20 Hebrew: new perspectives in Biblical and Rabbinic Hebrew + The Tiberian pronunciation tradition of Biblical Hebrew + Studies in Semitic vocalisation and reading traditions
  Hebrew Bible: manuscripts
September 11 United States: 9/11 Memorial & Museum
  Georgian dictionary + Georgian course + slang lexical borrowings in Georgian-Russian relations
September 10 Ossetian (new page)
  Ossetian keyboard
  Abkhaz (new page)
  Abkhaz keyboard
September 9 Chechen text corpus
  Khmer keyboard updated
September 7 Basque: the first Basque printed books
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