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September 2023


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  Peace and Brotherhood now!
September 18 Hawaiian: online dictionary of popular Hawaiian Pidgin terms + history of Hawaiian language studies + spoken Hawaiian + a myth from Hawaii
  Hawaii: history of Hawaii
September 13 Ghana (new page): history of the Gold Coast
  Guinea (new page): history of the French Guinea
September 12 Tanzania (new page): history of Tanganyika, Zanzibar, German East Africa
September 9 Cornish: toponomy studies + origine of place names + linguistic studies + translation of a Welsh hymn into Cornish
September 4 Danish corpus + Swedish-Danish dictionary + Latin-Danish dictionary + Greek-Danish dictionary + Danish grammar
  Denmark: essays on the dynamics of placenames
  Dutch keyboard: to type de diacritic marks
August 10 Portuguese: rhyming dictionary + Portuguese grammar and writing
  Amiens (new page): The Bible of Amiens by John Ruskin
  Venice: guides by John Ruskin
August 8 Friulan: study about the Friulan language + translation into Friulan of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (bilingual text, Friulan-English)
August 6 Palestine: Early city planning in the Kingdom of Judah 
August 5 Ukrainian: online Ukrainian-English dictionary (with words in context)
  Arabic-English dictionary (and French, Spanish), English-Arabic proverbs and idioms, Arabic-English dictionary of the words used in the Quran and the Bible
  Kenya (new page)
August 4 Spanish: the linguistics of Spanish
  Pierre Bayle: translation into English of the Dictionnaire historique et critique + study about the many lives of Bayle's Dictionnaire in the 18th century
  New Zealand: description of New Zealand and its inhabitants (book, 19th century)
  Scotland: the heritage of the Orkney islands 
July 21 Luxembourgish: idiomatic expressions and phrases + Luxembourgish-English-French-German dictionary
July 12 Malayalam keyboard updated
  Swahili: lexicological studies about emotions, textiles
  Tamil grammars and dictionaries (19th century) + Study about the Tēvāram
  Pali grammar + un canon bouddhique pali
July 3 Provençal: Revitalising language in Provence + Théodore Aubanel's Provençal poems and translation into English, with an introduction to the modern Provençal language
  Judeo-Provençal : introduction to the Judeo-Provençal + text with translation into English and glossary
  John Calvin : the first translations of the Institutes of the Christian religion  into English
June 30 Tibetan: terminologic dictionary
  Luxembourgish: vocabulary by topics + grammar + the poets of the Luxembourgish dialect
  Jewish languages (new)
  Ladino or Judeo-Spanish language (new)
June 29 Ladino keyboard (new) to type a text with the Rashi script
June 22 Old Persian: introduction + Achaemenid inscriptions
June 20 Old Persian keyboard updated (change of the font)
June 17 Jerusalem: the names of Islamic Jerusalem in the early Muslim period
June 12 Modern Greek: online dictionary of current Greek
  Malayalam keyboard updated
  Oriya keyboard updated
June 10 Cambodian keyboard updated
June 9 Romance languages: Letting in Romance
  Switzerland: an account of Switzerland (18th century)
June 8 Ancient Greek: etymological dictionary (in Modern Greek)
  Talmud: Steinsaltz edition, with commentaries in Modern Hebrew
  Burkina (new page)
June 1 Brazilian: the influence of African languages on Brazilian Portuguese
May 30 Latin: Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British sources
  Indonesian-English dictionary
  History of the French language: a timeline
May 26 Uyghur-English dictionary
May 25 Yezidi (new page): civilization, religion of a Kurdish minority
  "Yezidi" Kurdish keyboard: the Yezidi alphabet is recently promoted, but its origin remains a mystery: it comes from a missing manuscript "discovered" at the beginning of the 20th century, but is it a forgery?
May 22 Etruscan: studies about the Etruscan civilization + linguistic studies
May 19 Tibetan: linguistic studies
May 17 Korea: National Atlas of Korea
  North Korea: Koguryo tomb murals + State ideology and language policy in North Korea
May 12 Croatia: The island name Krk
May 10 Hittite emotions in lexical and semantic grounds
May 6 Thai: lexicographical study
  Thai keyboard updated
May 5 Uyghur: Old Uyghur-German dictionary
April 26 African languages: oral literature
  Burma: Picturesque Burma (book, 19th century)
April 25 Maltese: The languages of Malta + introduction to Maltese
April 24 Ewe: language of Togo (new page)
  Ewe keyboard (new)
  Hausa-English online translation + introduction to Hausa + etymology of the word boko
  Yoruba: the frontier states of Western Yorubaland
  Nigeria (new page)
April 23 Kurdish-English dictionary + anatomy of the human body
April 22 Urdu: common phrases (+ audio) + study about morphology and orthography + Urdu loan words in Pakistani English
  Punjabi: morphology of Persian loan nouns in Punjabi
  Tigrinya-English online translation + translation of a travelogue written in Tigrinya about his voyage from Massawa to Italy in 1890
April 21 Khmer: common phrases (+ audio) + English-Khmer Biology dictionary + English words used in Khmer + Khmer-French-English-Chinese culinary vocabulary
  Turkmen-English online translation
  Dari-English online translation
  Oriya-English online translation + grammar + selection of Oriya texts (literature) + studies about translations into Oriya
  Togo (new page)
  The server was down from Friday 14 April, 1 pm (gmt) to Saturday 15 April, 10 am (gmt)
April 12 Armenian: Iranian-Armenian language contact in and before the 5th century
  Georgian: Kinship lexicon + Study about cases, arguments, verbs
April 11 Latvian grammar
April 8 Easter: The Ukrainian Easter Egg Pysanka
  Languages of India: History of translation in India
April 7 Meitei : language of Manipur, Northeast India (new page)
  Meitei keyboard (new)
  Meitei-Latin conversion (new)
April 5 Tamil: English-Tamil legal glossary + linguistic studies + grammar of Old Tamil
  Tibetan onomatopoeias
  Ladin: introduction to the language of the Ladins of the Dolomites
April 4 Assamese: language of Northeast India (new page)
  Assamese keyboard (new)
April 3 Tagalog: online dictionary + linguistic study + ancient grammars
  Philippines: Philippine photographs digital archive
  India: history, culture, heritage
  Malagasy: etymology of the faunal names
April 1 Frisian place names + Expressing low quantities + Old Frisian + The Runic Frisian vowel system + Journal of Frisian Studies
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