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January 2019

Lexilogos is a comprehensive set of resources for the study of the languages of the world

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January 9 Kannada: Online English-Kannada dictionary + Kannada course + history of the Kannada dictionaries and grammars
January 1 Cypriot Greek (new page) Online dictionary + phonetics
Decembre 31 Modern Greek: profile of the Modern Greek language
  Ancient Hebrew: grammar + Biblical Hebrew course
December 29 Dardic languages (Pakistan): tense and aspect systems (comparative study)
  Khowar (Chitral, Pakistan) dictionary + grammar
  Khowar keyboard
December 27 Dutch etymologies + profile of the Dutch language
December 19 Bulgarian: profile of the Bulgarian language + grammar
  Osmanya keyboard updated
December 18 Irish Gaelic : Early Irish
December 15 German : synonyms dictionary + news in easy German
December 13 Australian: national dictionary + illustrated dictionary of Australian English + online journal
December 4 Nepali: the oldest Nepalese manuscript
  Sherpa : the Sherpa image + Sherpa intercultural experiences in Himalayan mountaineering
December 1 Irish Gaelic: Online Irish-Irish dictionary, Irish-English dictionary, English-Irish dictionary + pronunciation database to listen to words in the major dialects
November 27 Somali: bibliography + Somali previous scripts + the Coran in Somali
  Osmanya keyboard: to type a text with the Osmanya alphabet (Somali)
November 23 Modern Hebrew: Biblical names for military weapons + the names of Israeli military ranks
  Ancient Hebrew: the significance of etymology for the interpretation of ancient writings + Hebrew grammar
November 22 Middle English: names of merchants, etymology and aspects of usage
November 21 Latin Arabic keyboard updated
November 19 Slovenian: the English-Slovene language contact in the borrowing of personal names + Slovenian place names in Carinthia (Austria)
  Albanian: the Slavic-Albanian language contact
  Morse code: conversion in Morse with the sound
November 16 Romanian: orthographic dictionary of the Romanian language + The Lexicon of Buda
November 15 Uzbek: formation of the modern Uzbek Turkic
November 14 Swahili: history of the Swahili language
November 9 Austrian German dictionary + linguistic atlas + studies
  Austrian (Bavarian dialects) dictionary + + linguistic atlas
November 7 Spanish: dictonary of synonyms + pronunciation + Spanish corpus
  Frisian: etymological dictionary of West Frisian farming vocabulary + survey about the North Frisain dialects
November 5 Swedish grammar + research publications, student theses
November 4 Russian grammar
  Welsh grammar
  Dari grammar
October 29 Modern Hebrew : Arabic loanwords
  Tibetan : Tibetan-Chinese bilingual education, language vitality and language identity
October 20 Korean phonetics and phonology
  Japanese: Japanese-English dictionary + Kanji dictionary + origins of the Japanese language
  Japanese keyboard updated
October 12 Thai vocabulary + English-Thai dictionary (+ audio) + Thai course (+ audio)
  Thailand: Thai idendity + multiculturalism + Thailand and Islam
October 10 Burmese: vocabulary + linguistic studies + Universal Declaration of the Human Rights (audio)
  Burma : the Golden Letter from King Alaungphaya to King George II (1756)
October 7 England: a history of North in 100 objets
  Cornish course
  Corwall: old maps
October 4 Luxembourgish vocabulary + Luxembourgish literature (online books)
  Persian Dari-English dictionary + Dari-French-Luxembourgish dictionary
October 1 Italian: Modern Italian grammar