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September 2021


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October 14 Italian dictionary + study about the foreign names in Italian
  Ancient Hebrew: collection of online Hebrew books
  Czech translation + phrase book
October 10 days and months: etymology of the days of the week in Europe (maps)
  Russian phrase book
  Chinese dictionary
October 8 Celtic languages: the origins of tree names in Celtic + geographies of identity, Celtic philology
  Germanic languages: the morphology of Germanic
October 6 Basque onomastics + astronomy and Basque language
  Luxembourgish: the Codex mariendalensis, first Luxembourgish text + grammar
September 24 Mycenaean Greek (new page)
  Mycenaean Greek keyboard to type a text with the alphabet and the ideograms of the B Linear (used from du -14th to -12th century)
  Cypriot Greek keyboard to type a text with the Cypriot alphabet (used from -11th to -3th century)
September 21 Swahili: online Swahili-English dictionary
September 20 Hebrew: new perspectives in Biblical and Rabbinic Hebrew + The Tiberian pronunciation tradition of Biblical Hebrew + Studies in Semitic vocalisation and reading traditions
  Hebrew Bible: manuscripts
September 11 United States: 9/11 Memorial & Museum
  Georgian dictionary + Georgian course + slang lexical borrowings in Georgian-Russian relations
September 10 Ossetian (new page)
  Ossetian keyboard
  Abkhaz (new page)
  Abkhaz keyboard
September 9 Chechen text corpus
  Khmer keyboard updated
September 7 Basque: the first Basque printed books
August 31 Tibetan-English online dictionaries
August 21 Arabic: online search in several Arabic dictionaries + Corpus of Arabic texts
August 20 Kurdish Sorani keyboard updated (characters h and e)
  Faroese: language course for beginners 
August 19 Nahuatl loan words in English
July 15 Polish: online dictionary + historical overview of Polish lexicography
  Ottoman Turkish: the rise of the novel in the late Ottoman empire
  Homer: translations of the Iliad and Odyssey into English + dictionary + grammar
June 19 Coptic keyboard updated
June 1 Old English course
May 26 Byelorussian grammar
May 21 Hebrew keyboard: cantillation marks added
May 8 Macedonian dictionary (meanings in Macedonian)
May 4 Kabyle: English-Kabyle dictionary
April 30 Italian: online dictionary (meanings in Italian)
April 22 Modern Hebrew: course for advanced learners
April 21 Tibetan keyboard updated
  Denis Diderot: the Atheist's Bible + Diderot and the encyclopaedists
April 9 Turkic languages (new page) dictionary of the Turkic languages + toponyms of Central Asia + the oldest map of the world in Turkish
March 31 Yoruba keyboard updated
March 28 Brazilian: social history of the national language
March 16 Portuguese: collection of texts about the culture and ethnography of Portugal (folk tales…)
March 11 languages of Morocco
March 9 Hieroglyphs: interactive translation of the Rosetta Stone
  Ottoman Turkish: etymological dictionary
March 8 Turkmen: online Turkmen-English dictionary and translation tool + study of the Turkmen dialects of Afghanistan
March 6 Telugu keyboard: new font
March 4 Swahili: the poetics and sociology of a young urban style, with dictionary
  Hebrew keyboard: new cursive font
March 3 English Bible: The Bible of Jerusalem
  Welsh: translation of the New Testament (+ audio)
March 2 Icelandic: myth of linguistic purism + Jónas Hallgrímsson, poetry and prose in Icelandic and translated into English
  Spanish: online course (video) + Spanish records (audio)
  Portuguese records (audio)
  German records (audio)
  Russian records (audio)
  Chinese records (audio)
March 1 Ukrainian: studies about suržyk (mixed sociolects of Ukrainian and Russian languages)
February 24 Phoenician (new page)
  Phoenician keyboard (Phoenician alphabet)
  Transliterated Phoenician keyboard (to type with the Latin script)
February 23 Low German: dictionary of the dialect of Westphalia + the dialect of Lippe: dictionary, course, grammar + Low German grammar
  United States: San Francisco
February 22 Albanian: Faik Konitza, the modernizer of the Albanian language and nation
  Romanian: online Romanian-English dictionary (and context)
  Turkish: online Turkish-English dictionary (and context)
  Ukraine: The battle of Konotop 1659
February 14 Tigrinya: comparative review of some Tigrinya and Somali proverbs + morphology + aspects of Tigrinya literature
February 11 Latvian: the Baltic Sea and the Latvian language + word-formation pattern borrowing in Latvian + color names + development of the Latvian language 
  Fraktur Latvian keyboard (new) to type a text with the Fraktur script
February 10 Australian English: interactive introduction to phonetics (+ audio)
February 9 Turkish: online Turkish-English dictionary + basic vocabulary + Turkish words in English + Turkish course
  Ottoman Turkish: introduction to the first Turkish-Polish dictionary (17th century)
  Bulgarian: phraseological loan translations in Bulgarian and in French
  Lappish: online Lappish dictionaries + Lappish-Norwegian & Lappish-Swedish dictionaries
  Sign language: dictionary of the American Sign Language
February 8 Modern Greek: online Greek dictionary + online Greek-English dictionary & multilingual + Greek word formation + English loanwords in Modern Greek + formation of the nicknames + grammar for beginners
February 7 Malay-English dictionary + Malay-Dutch dictionary + Malay (and Javanese) loanwords in Chinese
  Malaysia: the transmission of colonial knowledge in British Malaya + Twentieth century impressions of British Malaya + books & documents about the history of the Malay peninsula
February 6 Ancient Greek: online dictionaries (search in Greek, Latin, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian) + Spanish-Greek dictionary + Greek etymological dictionary + declension and conjugation (online tools) + Ancient Greek course + pronunciation of the Greek alphabet
February 5 Serbo-Croatian (new page)
  Urdu: common vocabulary in Urdu and Turkish language 
February 4 Tamil course + Tamil handbooks + word order in Tamil and English + Tamil among the classical languages of the world + Sanskrit and Tamil in medieval India
February 3 Finnish: study about loanwords + Kalevala and Karelia
January 29 Confucianism: Confucian cosmology and ecological ethics
January 28 Sanskrit & Tibetan: Indo-Tibetan lexical ressources for the study of Buddhism
January 27 English: dictionary of rhymes with phonetic word search
  Romansh dictionary (new page): Rhaeto-Romance language of Switzerland
  Ladin dictionary (new page): Rhaeto-Romance language of Italy
  Friulian dictionary (new page): Rhaeto-Romance language of Friul, Eastern Italy
January 26 Croatia: Romance elements in Croatian hydronymy and coastal toponymy
January 25 Multilingual keyboard updated
  Cherokee: vocabulary by topics + the syllabary from script to print
January 18 Dari: the question of "origins"
  Talmud: translation into English, German, French
January 14 Cambodian: Sanskrit and Pali loanwords in Khmer + phonological study
  Cambodia: the world's oldest plan of Angkor Vat + study of the names of monuments in Angkor + World heritage Angkor + social organization and power structures in rural Cambodia
January 7 Lithuanian etymological dictionary + origin and history of the Lithuanian language
  Lithuania: the origin of the name of Lithuania + the conversion of Lithuanians
January 5 Irish Gaelic: Irish names and surnames + Historical Irish Corpus + Semantics + Irish grammar + Christian inscriptions in the Irish language
January 4 Manx-Irish-English phrasebook
  Italian: pronunciation & accents
  Portuguese: etymological dictionary
  Portuguese keyboard updated
January 3 Armenian: vocabulary of culinary terms + étymological dictionary and studies + Classical Armenian course (videos)
  Japanese-English translator
  George Sand: translations in English
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