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April 2019

Lexilogos is a comprehensive set of resources for the study of the languages of the world

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April 20 Kurdish Sorani keyboard updated
  Katakana keyboard updated
April 16 Notre-Dame de Paris (new): history + documents
April 13 Sanskrit Conversion Devanagari-Latin: updated
April 11 Japanese: translation of phrases
  Korean grammar
  Kyrgyz-French-English glossary on livestock-keeping and pastures
April 8 Uyghur-English dictionary + conversation guide + Uyghur proverbs + Uyghur grammar + poetry + studies about Xinjiang
April 5 Welsh: about the role of the language
April 3 Arabic: etymological dictionnary + Modern standard grammar
April 2 Italian: examples of translation errors, difficulties, misunderstandings
March 31 Cornish: history of the Cornish language + orthographe and ideologies
  Byelorussian: sociolinguistics + The Russian and Byelorussian languages + Polish and Byelorussian dialects in contact
  Cherokee keyboard to type a text with the Tsalagi alphabet
March 27 Cherokee (new page): online Cherokee dictionary, language, literature, culture, civilization
  Cherokee conversion to convert a text, Tsalagi-Latin alphabet
  Hittite (new page): online Hittite dictionary, language, literature, culture, civilization
March 26 Russian: online encyclopedia + history of the Russian literature + anthology of Russian literature
March 20 Scottish Gaelic: advent and expansion of the Gaelic language in Medieval Scotland + Gaelic poetry
March 19 Italian: online dictionary + proverbs
March 15 Egyptian hieroglyphs: online Egyptian-English dictionary + type a name in hierogyphs
March 7 Armenian dialects + the place of Armenian in the Indo-European language family
February 26 Catalan: esssential grammar
  Uttara Sanskrit keyboard to type the Ancient characters of the North (Calcutta)
  Ukrainian-English dictionary + studies about the Ukrainian language and literature
February 23 Diacritics: online keyboard to add the diacritic signs
  Bopomofo keyboard: transliteration system, used particularly for the Taiwanese Chinese
February 20 Russian: online Russian dictionary & declension, conjugation & translation
February 15 Marathi (new page)
February 10 Ukrainian: Taras Shevchenko, the making of the national poet
  Sanskrit Conversion Devanagari-Latin
February 8 Sanskrit: Online Sanskrit-English dictionary + Sanskrit grammar
  Latin Sanskrit keyboard updated
January 23 Frisian: Online Frisian-Dutch dictionary & translator + studies about the Old Frisian language
January 9 Kannada: Online English-Kannada dictionary + Kannada course + history of the Kannada dictionaries and grammars
January 1 Cypriot Greek (new page) Online dictionary + phonetics