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March 2018

Lexilogos is a comprehensive set of resources
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March 10 Albanian : linguistic study
February 20 Persian : Online Persian-English dictionary + Early new Persian language (after the Islamic conquest)
February 12 Malay: Online Malay-English dictionary and corpus + origins of the Malay language
February 2 Thai: profile of the Thai language + studies about the Thai script
February 1 Catalan: online Catalan-English dictionary
January 22 Indonesian: online Indonesian-English dictionary
January 16 Uyghur: Uyghur course
December 1 Tagalog: Online Tagalog-English dictionary (with audio files)
November 29 Thai: Online Thai-English dictionary + Thai course
November 15 Swedish: Online books (Swedish literature)
November 14 Hindi: Online Hindi-English dictionary + Hindi grammar
October 20 New Zealand English: new page: New Zealand English slang + profile of the English spoken in New Zealand
October 17 Canadian English: new page: dictionaries and linguistic studies about the English language in Canada
October 12 Luxembourgish: Luxembourgish first names + spelling and phonetics
October 9 Afrikaans: English-Cape Dutch vocabulary + Afrikaans grammar + comparative charts of English and Afrikaans sounds
October 7 Swahili: Online Latin-Arabic scripts conversion + online morphological analysis + Swahili grammar