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April 2024


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April 23 Modern Hebrew: English-Hebrew proverbs
April 22 Old English texts with the eaning of the words
April 12 Indo-European: salt and one in Proto-Indo-European
  Armenian: studies about the aorist
  Albanian: the place of the Albanian in Indo-European studies
April 11 Friul: online journal of the Friulian Alpine Society
April 5 Yemen (new page)
  Oman (new page)
April 2 German: news in level for German learners
April 1 Jewish languages: the Slavic-Jewish language contacts + study about the Medieval Judeo-Slavic glosses
  sport: European cycling lexicon
  Breton onomastics (new page)
March 31 Sindhi-English dictionary
March 28 Egyptian Arabic: description of the 19th-century Cairo Arabic
March 13 Irish English: linguistic studies
March 12 Zulu names for insects + onomastics
  Ancient Hebrew: old studies about the sacred poetry of the Hebrews
March 11 Australian: 19th century slang dictionary
  Mont Saint-Michel: who built what at Mont Saint-Michel during the 10th century
March 10 Arabic: online dictionary
March 6 Australia: dictionary of Sydney + Australian dictionary of biography
  Wales: real and imaginary towns in medieval Wales
  first names: dictionary of medieval names from European sources
March 2 Welsh: onomastic dictionary of classical Welsh
February 29 English: dictionary of rhymes
February 26 Gaulish: studies about the calendar of Coligny + reconstruction with modern dates
  Syriac keyboard (Latin) updated (characters added)
February 20 Greek keyboard: lunate sigma added
February 8 Spanish: the cultural linguistic image of the dog in Spanish lexicography
  Slovak: Hungarian loanwords in the Slovak language
  Azeri: classification of the origin of international terms
February 5 Arabic: a new online translator added
  Korean: a new online translator added
  Bulgarian: a new online translator added
February 4 Kashmiri keyboard updated (the letter h)
February 2 Hausa Ajami keyboard (Arabic script)
  Swahili Ajami keyboard (Arabic script)
January 28 Hausa: French loanwords
  United States: the image of the Western United States at the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1867
January 25 Macedonian: dictionary of the Macedonian language + Macedonian-English dictionary
  Egypt: the representation of women in language textbooks (Arabic, English and French)
January 23 Tibetan: old book about the Tibetan alphabet
  Tibetan keyboard updated: change of the font
  Kawi keyboard (Javanese) updated: the character repha added
January 17 Manx: translation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  Israeli anthem: various adaptations of La Mantovana (the Mantuan), the Italian music behind several European folk songs, symphonies and the Israeli anthem (audio)
January 10 Macedonian keyboard updated (to type the diacritics)
January 8 Indo-European: Indo-European comparative dictionary + history of the Indo-European languages
January 6 Luxembourgish: short communication guide + phonetic study
January 5 Modern Greek: clitics in four dialects
December 28 Finnish: introduction to the Finnish language
  Moroccan Arabic: grammar + the Amazigh influence on Moroccan Arabic 
December 27 Bosnian: history of the Arabic alphabet in Bosnia + origins of the Bosnian language
  Bosnian Arebica keyboard (new) to type a Bosnian text with the Arabic script
December 23 Manx: syntax of the verb + the Manx traditionary ballad
  Gaulish: study about the calendar of Coligny
December 22 Sudan - South Sudan - Eritrea - Uganda - Rwanda - Burundi (new pages)
December 18 Urdu: old grammar + the first complete Urdu Bible (in Latin script)
  Javanese: the New Testament in traditional Javanese script
Decemer 14 Urdu keyboard: the full stop added
December 9 Icelandic: comparison between German and Icelandic
December 8 Quechua: Quechua words in the Spanish dictionary + old grammar and vocabularies (17th) + sociolinguistic studies
December 7 Peru : presentation of the native languages
  Chinese Pinyin keyboard + Pinyin conversion updated (v for ü)
December 1 Guarani: study about the language described by the Jesuit Ruiz de Montoya
  Paraguay: ethnographic studies about the Guarani people
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