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August 2020

Lexilogos is a comprehensive set of resources for the study of the languages of the world

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August 30 Albanian: phonology + English loanwords
August 22 Zulu-English dictionary + Zulu-Kafir grammar
August 20 French: online dictionary Le Robert (meanings)
July 31 German: verb conjugation & noun declension (online tool)
July 28 Indo-European languages + personal pronouns
July 23 Vanuatu languages (new page)
July 6 Turkish: dictionary of the Contemporary and Ottoman Turkish
  Ottoman Turkish: collection of Turkish manuscripts
July 4 Lappish (new): dictionary, grammar, texts
July 3 Lingala: studies about the Lingala language
June 30 Yoruba: study about the Yoruba writing
  Yoruba keyboard updated (the letter n with a diacritic)
June 29 Kurdish-English, German, Turkish & Kurmanji-Sorani dictionaries
June 25 International phonetic alphabet: updated keyboard
June 19 Ancient Egyptian Keyboard to type the Latin characters (transliteration) updated
June 17 Ancient Greek: online search in the Greek-English, French, German dictionaries
June 13 Marathi course + grammar
June 5 Wolof manual
June 4 Chinese: linguistic studies
June 3 London: old maps of London + the Tower of London + Dictionary of Victorian London + The London picture archive
May 26 Arabic keyboard updated to type directly the short vowel marks
  Cyrillic Kurdish keyboard + Cyrillic-Latin Kurdish conversion (for the Kurdish texts of the Soviet Union)
May 23 Bislama (new) the language of Vanuatu
May 20 Dutch: dictionary of the Dutch loanwords from other languages
  Dutch Bible: Bible translations into Dutch
May 17 Danish: online Danish-English dictionary
May 7 Middle English: anthology of Medieval English popular literature
May 6 Hittite: Hittitology today, studies on Hittite Anatolia
May 1 Early Modern English: Lexicons of Early Modern English
April 13 Arabic-Latin conversion (Beta)
April 10 George Sand: works in French & translation in English
April 7 Fraktur German keyboard to type a German text with the Ancient Fraktur shift
March 26 Ancient Greek: Greek number convertor
March 20 Sanskrit: history of the Sanskrit literature + Sanskrit texts
  Bengali grammar
March 3 Serbian keyboard + Latin-Cyrillic conversion updated
February 26 Persian: Basic course, vocabulary (+ audio)
February 10 Dutch: dictionary of old, forgotten, regional words, with etymology + contrastive grammar of English and Dutch
  Russian: the 1000 most common Russian words (+ audio)
February 9 Latin Russian keyboard to type a Russian text with the latin alphabet
February 6 Basque: history of the Modern Basque language
January 19 Indo-European: rock art and Celto-Germanic vocabulary
January 13 Egyptian Arabic (new page)
  Arabic grammar + Arabic Latin dictionary (17th century)
January 8 Bosnian: grammatical study
January 5 Slovenian: linguistic study
January 3 French: Francophone dictionary + synonyms dictionary + analogical dictionary