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March 2023


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  No War
  Peace and Brotherhood now!
March 31 Scots: glossary of the Shetland dialect + Writings on the Scots language + Scots poetic translation
  Scotland: Scottish place-names + The production and dissemination of Knowledge in Scotland + Land, Sea and Communities in 18th-century Shetland Islands + Celtic Scotland
  United Kingdom: Painting the Mountain in Britain (18th-19th centuries)
March 29 Friulian: Study about the vitality of the Friulian + Friulian songs with sheets and translation into Italian + Stelutis alpinis (Edelweiss), the most famous Friulian song
March 28 Irish English: Influence of French upon the Anglo-Irish accent
March 27 Ogham keyboard (new)
  Kashubian-Polish dictionary
  Dietrich Bonhoeffer: German theologian, opposed to the Nazi power, executed in 1945
March 23 Bavarian (new page) online dictionaries, speaking atlas, grammar, linguistic studies
March 14 Dogon (Mali)
March 11 Spanish etymologies
March 6 Korean alphabet
February 28 Ukrainian: Taras Ševčenko's life and works
February 27 Ernest Renan: English biographies + philosophy of Ernest Renan
  Armenian: linguistic study + the first printed Bible
February 23 Ukrainian: online English-Ukrainian dictionary
February 18 Denis Diderot: Rameau's Nephew - Le neveu de Rameau, a multi-media bilingual edition
  Grantha keyboard updated
February 11 Catalan: vocabulary of the Medieval Catalan language
February 10 Ancient Egyptian: the Book of the Dead
February 9 Amharic keyboard (updated)
  Latin Amharic keyboard (new)
  Amharic-Latin conversion (new)
  Tigrinya keyboard (updated)
February 7 Aramaic keyboard (new)
  Nabataean keyboard (new)
February 1 Tamil keyboard updated
January 31 Punjabi-English dictionaries + grammar + aspects of the Punjabi literature
  Kazakh: lexical means of nomination of the emotional concept "fear" + lexemes with the camel component
  Kazakh keyboard in Arabic script, used in China (new)
January 30 Sindhi: online dictionaries
January 28 Samaritan language (new page)
  Samaritan keyboard (new)
January 27 Hebrew: history of the Hebrew language (new page)
January 26 Latin Ukrainian keyboard (new)
January 24 Languages of India (new page)
January 20 Basque: linguistic maps
January 19 Sinhala keyboard updated
January 18 Lao keyboard updated
January 4 Swiss German: The Zurich German and the International Phonetic Alphabet
  Telugu: making of Telugu language and literature + etymology of Sanskrit Āndhra
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