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July 2024


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July 3 Colognian (new page), a Franconian dialect, Cologne
  Hessian (new page), a Franconian Rhine dialect, Frankfurt
  Palatine (new page), a Franconian Rhine dialect
  Moselle Franconian (new page)
  East Franconian (new page), dialect of North Bavaria
July 2 Albanian: neuter nouns to the old authors + rebellion of memory in Albanian literature after the fall of communism
June 30 Hmong: French–Miao-Tseu dictionary (Tonkin)
  Gothic grammar and compared vocabulary (19th-century Italian book)
June 28 Friulan: study about Friulan folk songs
June 22 Scots: The Arabic element in Scots lexis
  Scottish Gaelic loanwords in English
June 15 Old Uyghur keyboard (new keyboard)
June 11 Telugu grammar
  Uganda: traditional thatching of the Buganda community
June 3 Hungarian runes (new keyboard)
May 30 Pashto: Turkish and Mongolian loanwords + etymological studies
May 29 Avestan, the language of the Avesta (new page)
  Avestan keyboard (new)
  Latin Avestan keyboard
  Avestan-Latin conversion
  Zoroastrianism & Avesta
May 28 Lithuanian: study about the Lithuanian dictionaries in the 17th-19th centuries
  Swedish: common Swedish nouns with pronunciation (video)
May 27 Anglo-Norman: the legend of Saint Margaret
May 25 Ireland: the Great Irish Famine in songs + visual representations
May 22 Fribourg (Switzerland): new page
May 17 Romansh poems + vocabulary of place names
  Kenya-Somalia: territorial appropriation, trade and politics in the Somalia-Kenya borderlands
May 14 Japanese dictionaries + grammars
  Sami keyboard (Lappish) (new)
May 13 Grisons (Switzerland) new page
  mountain: female mountaineers and exploration of the Alps (1850-1900)
  Vietnamese: study about the proper names
  Kazakh: the meaning of the heart, comparison with English and Russian
May 11 Modern Hebrew-English basic dictionary
  Hebrew keyboard updated (2 characters added)
May 6 Burmese-English dictionary + kinship and gender + Burmese grammar
  Burmese keyboard updated
May 2 Indo-European: several words for dense and their etymologies
May 1 Jewish languages: grammar of the Jewish Arabic dialect of Gabes
April 29 Macedonian: comparative analysis of Macedonian and French legal terms etymology
  Italian keyboard updated
April 28 Turkic languages: etymology and meaning of the word yourt
  Turkish: Turkish loanwords in the Balkans
  Albanian: etymological dictionary
April 26 Spanish: online dictionary of contemporary Spanish
April 25 Hmong dictionary (new page) languages spoken in Southwest China, Vietnam, Laos
April 23 Modern Hebrew: English-Hebrew proverbs
April 22 Old English texts with the eaning of the words
April 12 Indo-European: salt and one in Proto-Indo-European
  Armenian: studies about the aorist
  Albanian: the place of the Albanian in Indo-European studies
April 11 Friul: online journal of the Friulian Alpine Society
April 5 Yemen (new page)
  Oman (new page)
April 2 German: news in level for German learners
April 1 Jewish languages: the Slavic-Jewish language contacts + study about the Medieval Judeo-Slavic glosses
  sport: European cycling lexicon
  Breton onomastics (new page)
March 31 Sindhi-English dictionary
March 28 Egyptian Arabic: description of the 19th-century Cairo Arabic
March 13 Irish English: linguistic studies
March 12 Zulu names for insects + onomastics
  Ancient Hebrew: old studies about the sacred poetry of the Hebrews
March 11 Australian: 19th century slang dictionary
  Mont Saint-Michel: who built what at Mont Saint-Michel during the 10th century
March 10 Arabic: online dictionary
March 6 Australia: dictionary of Sydney + Australian dictionary of biography
  Wales: real and imaginary towns in medieval Wales
  first names: dictionary of medieval names from European sources
March 2 Welsh: onomastic dictionary of classical Welsh
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