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Malagasy-Word: Englsish-Malagasy dictionary, French & vocabulary by topics

17 minute languages: phrases usuelles malgache-français (+ audio)

Dominicweb pronunciation of Malagasy words (audio)

Diksionary englisy sy malagasy by Joseph Stewell (1875)

Malagasy-English dictionary by James Richardson (1885)

English and Malagasy vocabulary by Rabearana, Rabezandrina, Ralaitafikia (1863)

Dictionary of the Malagasy language by Joseph John Freeman (1835)

Dictionnaire malgache-français by Antoine Abinal & Victorin Malzac (1899)

Dictionnaire français-malgache by Victorin Malzac (1926)

Vocabulaire français-malgache by Aristide Marre (1895)

Vocabulaire français-malgache rédigé par les missionnaires catholiques à l'usage de leurs élèves qui apprennent le français (1880)

Dictionnaire français-malgache adapté aux dialectes de toutes les provinces, by Joseph Webber (1855)

Dictionnaire de la langue de Madagascar d'après l'édition de 1658 & Histoire de la grande isle Madagascar de 1661, by Étienne de Flacourt, publié by Gabriel Ferrand (1905)

Petit interprète du soldat français à Madagascar by Louis-Léon Dubois (1895)

On loanwords in Malagasy by Alexander Adelaar, in Loanwords in the world's languages (2010)

Arabic in Madagascar by Kees Versteegh, in Bulletin of the school of Oriental and African studies (2001)

Malagasy language

Dico-malgache: introduction to Malagasy

pronunciation & grammar

studies about the Malagasy language & relations with other Austronesian languages, by Alexander Adelaar

Malagasy dialect history (2013)

Who were the first Malagasy, and what did they speak? (2013)

Malagasy phonological history and Bantu influence, in Oceanic linguistics (2012)

Introduction to the language and literature of Madagascar by Julius Kessler (1870)

Malagasy for beginners by James Richardson (1884)

Concise grammar of the Malagasy language by G.W. Parker (1883)

Concise introduction to the study of the Malagasy language as spoken in Imerina, by William Edward Cousins (1894)

Grammar of the Malagasy language by David Griffiths (1854)

Gramara lehibe sy analysisa: Malagasy grammar, by G. Cousins (1887) (in Malagasy)

Précis théorique et pratique de langue malgache pour faciliter l'usage rapide du hova, clef des autres dialectes, by Gustave Julien (1904)

Essai de grammaire malgache by Gabriel Ferrand (1903)

Grammaire malgache by Aristide Marre (1894)

Manuel des dialectes malgaches : hova, betsiléo, tankarana, betsimisaraka, taimorona, tanosy, sakalava, soahély, by Antony Jully (1901)

Grammaire malgache by Pierre Caussèque (1886)

Grammaire malgache hova by Laurent Ailloud (1872)

books & papers about the Malagasy language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia

MadaRevues: Malagasy scientific journals


Lakroan'i Madagasikara: bilingual Malagasy-French newspaper


Archives de la parole: Malagasy accounts & songs (1927)

Texts & Literature

How to read a folktale: the Ibonia epic from Madagascar, by Lee Haring (2013)

Malagasy customs, native accounts about the circumcision, the tangena, the fandroana, marriage & burial ceremonies, collected William Edward Cousins (1896)

Tantara ny andriana eto Madagascar (history of the kings of Madagascar): historical documents collected by François Callet (1908)

Baiboly: bilingual Malagasy-French Bible (1865) & Malagasy hymns

Ny Teny n'Andriamanitra, atao hoe, Testamenta ny Jesosy Kraisty: first translation of the New Testament into Malagasy (1830)

Andriamanitra refers to God, the Divinity.

Ny Baiboly: The Bible translated into Malagasy, revised by David Griffiths (1865)

Ny diksionary amin' ny Baiboly: biblical dictionary, by James Sibree (1899)

Ny filazana ny zavatra nataony sy nambara ny i Jeso-Kristy (The life of Our Savour Jesus Christ) (1860)

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Teraka afaka sy mitovy zo sy fahamendrehana ny olombelona rehetra.
Samy manan-tsaina sy fieritreretana ka tokony hifampitondra am-pirahalahiana.

First article in different languages

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: in Malagasy, English & other languages

Some Malagasy words
manao ahoana ! Hello! (or salàma !)
tonga soa ! welcome!
veloma ! good bye!
ekena ! ok!
tanà na town
ranomasina sea
nosy island
moka fohy mosquito
voay crocodile

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