Old Persian dictionary

Old Persian

Ancient Persian lexicon & the texts of the Achaemenidan inscriptions transliterated and translated, by Herbert Cushing Tolman (1908)

Cuneiform supplement (1910)

Guide to the Old Persian inscriptions by Herbert Cushing Tolman (1893)

Some critical and supplementary notes to his guide to old Persian inscriptions

Die altpersischen Keilinschriften im Grundtexte mit Übersetzung, Grammatik und Glossar, by Friedrich von Spiegel (1862)

Die Keilinschriften der Achämeniden by Franz Heinrich Weissbach (1911)

Graeco-Persian names by Alvin Stonecipher (1918)

Old Persian language

Old Persian keyboard to type a text with the Old Persian cuneiforms

University of Texas: Old Iranian

Introduction to Old Persian by Prods Oktor Skjærvø (2002)

Old Persian, grammar, texts, lexicon, by Roland Kent (1950)

Historical grammar of the ancient Persian language by Edwin Lee Johnson (1917)

Grammar of the Old Persian with the inscriptions of the Achæmenian kings & vocabulary, by Herbert Cushing Tolman (1892)

Grammaire du vieux perse: Old Persian grammar, by Antoine Meillet & Émile Benveniste (1931)

Études iraniennes: studies about the historical grammar of the Persian language, by James Darmesteter (1883)

II (studies about the language, literature, beliefs in Ancient Persia)

Les langues perdues de la Perse: the lost languages of Persia, by Joachim Ménant (1885)

Handbuch der altiranischen Dialekte: compared grammar of Iranian dialects & glossary, by Christian Bartolomae (1883)

Books about Old Persian: Google books & Internet archive

The Old Persian language
The Old Persian is the language of the Achaemenid Empire (6th-4th century BC).
Texts & Inscriptions

Achaemenid royal inscriptions with translation

the Behistun inscription

Old Persian texts transliterated with translation

The Persian cuneiform inscription at Behistun decyphered and translated by Henry Creswicke Rawlinson (1846)

Memoir on cuneiform inscriptions, vocabulary of the Ancient Persian language

Iran & Persia: maps, heritage & documents

Modern Persian language

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