Torwali dictionary


Torwālī توروالی

Torwali-English dictionary by Inam Ullah (2005) (+audio)

Center for language engineering: Torwali-English dictionary

Torwali language

Torwali keyboard to type the Arabic characters

An overview of linguistic structures in Torwali by Wayne Lunsford (2001)

Torwali, an account of a Dardic language of the Swat Kohistan, by George Grierson (1929)

The Torwali, language of Pakistan

The Torwali is an endangered language spoken in the Swat valley. It's a Dardic language.

Torwali language & people

studies about the Torwali language & culture, by Zubair Torwali

Vestiges of Torwali culture (2006)

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