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May 2017

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  links update: 15 January 2017

22 MayAfrikaans: Afrikaans-Dutch vocabulary + early Afrikaans wordlists (19th) + online books about the Afrikaans language
20 MayFinnish: Online Finish-English dictionary
12 MayKyrgyz: Kyrgyz epic + the Quran in Kyrgyz
7 MayMaltese: Studies about the Maltese language: the Italian influence
5 MayPashto (Afghan): Pashto-English dictionary + etymological dictionary + proverbs + profile of the Pashto language + grammars + the Quran in Pashto
3 MayIrish dictionary: Irish-English dictionaries
1 MayOttoman Turkish dictionary: Turkish-English dictionary
1 MayKurdish language: Kurdish grammar
1 MayGeorgian dictionary: Georgian dictionary of idioms
11 AprLatvian dictionary: Introduction of an old multilingual dictionary + influence of Latvian on German in the Baltic area
11 AprBosnian dictionary: Online Bosnian dictionaries + grammars
11 AprBosnian keyboard: Online keyboard to type a text with the Bosnian alphabet
11 AprCatalan dictionary: Usual phrases (with the sound)
4 AprAzeri language: Azerbaijani course
1 AprIrish English: Studies about varieties of the Irish English (linguistics + literature)
31 MarGerman dictionary: Online German-English dictionary + Profile of the German language
26 MarLao dictionary: Lao-English dictionary of religious and Buddhist terms
26 MarLao keyboard: updated: to type a text with the computer keyboard
25 MarThai keyboard: updated: to type a text with the computer keyboard
24 MarThai dictionary: Online Thai-English dictionary
24 MarUkrainian dictionary: Online Ukrainian-English dictionary
24 MarHungarian dictionary: Online Hungarian-English dictionary
18 MarSomali language: collection of Somali literature + linguitics study
8 MarAlbanian language: Profile of the Albanian language and dialects (with audio files)
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