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Amharic-English dictionary

Amharic-English dictionary by Ahmed Zekaria (1997) online

17 minute languages: Amharic-English common phrases (+ audio)

Defense Language Institute: basic vocabulary (+ audio) - civil affairs - medical

Dictionary of the Amharic Language by Charles William Isenberg (1841)

English > Amharic dictionary

Outlines of Amharic, containing an English, Oordoo and Amharic Vocabulary, by Carolus Henricus Blumhardt (1867) (Latin script)

La clé de la conversation abyssine: French-Amharic vocabulary, phrases, conversations, by A. Raad & B. Ghaleb (1910)

Lexicon linguae aethiopicae: Ethiopian-Latin dictionary, with an index of Latin words, by August Dillmann (1865)

Amharic language

Amharic keyboard to type a text with the Geez script

Transliterated Amharic keyboard to type a text with the Latin script

Amharic-Latin conversion

Metaappz: Amharic spell checker (correction of spelling and grammar errors) & other tools

YouTube: Amharic alphabet & basic vocabulary (video)

Amharic basic course, Foreign service institute (1964) (+ audio)

Initia Amharica, Introduction to spoken Amharic, by Carl Hubert Armbruster (1908)

Traité de langue amharique: the Amharic language, by Marcel Cohen (1884)

Praktische Grammatik der amharischen (abessinischen) Sprache: practical Amharic grammar, by Ludwig Mahler (1906)

Grammaire éthiopienne: Ethiopian grammar & Ethiopian-French vocabulary, by Marius Chaîne (1907)

Ethiopic grammar by August Dillmann & Carl Bezold (1907)

Grammatik der äthiopischen Sprache by August Dillmann (1899)

Piccolo dizionario eritreo (italiano-arabo-amarico) by Alessandro Allori (1895)

Grammatica linguæ Amharicæ quæ vernacula est Habessinorum, by Hiob Ludolf (1698) first Ethiopian grammar

books about the Amharic language: Google books | Internet Archive | Academia | Wikipedia


Finote: radio en ligne (live)

DW - VOA: news in Amharic

Texts & Literature

LyrikLine: poems in Hindi, with translation (+ audio)

WordProject: translation of the Bible into Amharic (+ audio)

The Royal Chronicle of Abbysinia, 1769-1840, with an English translation, by Herbert Weld Blundell (1922)

A poesia etiopica: Ethiopic poetry, with translation into Portuguese, by Francisco Maria Esteves Pereira (1915)

Historia dos Martyres de Nagran: History of the Martyrs of Najrān, with translation into Portuguese, by Francisco Maria Esteves Pereira (1899)

Historia de Minás, with translation into Portuguese, by Francisco Maria Esteves Pereira (1888)

Dottrina cristiana by Roberto Bellarmino (1786) with texts in Arabic, Italian

Historia Æthiopica by Hiob Ludolf (1681): description of Ethiopia, in Latin language with Amharic terms

Chrestomathia æthiopica by August Dillmann (1866) texts & Ethiopic-Latin dictionary

Tĕʼĕzâza Sanbat ትእዛዘ ሰንበት (Commandements du sabbat) by Joseph Halévy (1902)

Biblica : the Bible translated into Amharic + PDF

Novum Testamentum Domini Nostri et Servatoris Jesu Christi æthiopice, by Thomas Pell Platt (1830)

Biblia Veteris Testamenti æthiopica by August Dillmann (1853)

The Ethiopic version of the book of Enoch by Robert Henry Charles (1906)

Liber Henoch æthiopice by August Dillmann (1851)

The Contendings of the Apostles, the Ethiopic texts with an English translation, by Wallis Budge (1899)

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

የሰው፡ ልጅ፡ ሁሉ፡ ሲወለድ፡ ነጻና፡ በክብርና፡ በመብትም፡ እኩልነት፡ ያለው፡ ነው። ፡
የተፈጥሮ፡ ማስተዋልና፡ ሕሊና፡ ስላለው፡ አንዱ፡ ሌላውን፡ በወንድማማችነት፡ መንፈስ፡ መመልከት፡ ይገባዋል።

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: translation into Amharic (+ audio)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Amharic (+ PDF format)

Ethiopia: maps & documents

Tigrinya language

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