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Candrakanta abhidhana: Assamese-English dictionary, University of Gauhati (1962)

Dictionary Assamese and English by Miles Bronson (1867)

Phrases in English and Assamese by Harriet Cutter, revised by Edward Clark (1877) + 1840 edition

Brief vocabulary in English and Assamese by Susan Ward (1864)

Some Assamese proverbs by Philip Richard Gurdon (1896)

A linguistic study of 24 place names of Assam by Sarat Kumar Phukan, in International Symposium on languages and linguistics (2000)

Assamese language

Assamese keyboard (Bengali script with some variants, like the characters r and w)

Wikipedia: Assamese language

Dialects or variety of the Assamese language by Manash Jyoti Nirmalia, in Journal of Acharaya Narendra Dev Research Institute (2019)

Fixing the Assamese language: "Tongue has no bone" (1800-1930), by Bodhisattva Kar, in Studies in History (2008)

Language and policies in 19th-century Assam: war of words, by Madhumita Sengupta, in Indian Historical Review (2012)

Representing Kamrupi: ideologies of grammar and the question of linguistic boundaries, in A multilingual nation translation and language dynamic in India (2017)

Translation in Assamese: a brief account, by Biswadip Gogoi, in History of Translation in India (2017)

Language and nationalism: comprehending the dynamics in 19th-century Assam (2016)

Linguistic nationalism in early-colonial Assam: the American Baptist Mission and Orunodoi, by Arnab Dasgupta, in Rupkatha journal on interdisciplinary studies in humanities (2021)

Derivational morphology of Assamese lexical word categories by Palash Das & Madhumita Barbora, in Indian Journal of Language and Linguistics (2020)

Assamese: its formation and development by Banikanta Kakati (1941)

Grammatical notices of the Asamese language by Nathan Brown (1848)

The Assamese language is spoken in the State of Assam, in Northeast India. It's written with the Bengali script.

Texts & Literature

Aspects of early Assamese literature by Banikanta Kakati (1953)

YouVersion: translation of the Bible into Assamese (2019) (+ audio)

Hymns in Assamese, edited by the Baptist Mission (1850)

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

জন্মগত ভাবে সকলো মানুহ মৰ্যদা আৰু অধিকাৰত সমান আৰু স্বতন্ত্র।
তেওঁলােকৰ বিবেক আছে, বুদ্ধি আছে। তেওঁলােকে প্রত্যেকে প্রত্যেকক ভাতৃ ভাবে ব্যৱহাৰ কৰা উচিত।


Ethnicity, identity and cartography: possession/dispossession, homecoming/homelessness in contemporary Assam, by Parag Moni Sarma, in Studies of transition states and societies (2011)

Becoming Hindu: the cultural politics of writing religion in colonial Assam, by Madhumita Sengupta, in Contributions to Indian Sociology (2021)

The Assam Mission: papers and discussions, American Baptist Missionary Union (1886)



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