Cantonese dictionary


Cantonese 粵語

Cantonese-English dictionary

Defense language institute: basic vocabulary - civil affairs - medical

English and Cantonese dictionary by John Chalmers & Thomas Dealy (1907)

The Cantonese made easy vocabulary: Cantonese-English dictionary, by James Dyer Ball (1908)

Chinese and English phrase book in the Canton dialect: Cantonese phrases and translation in English, by Thomas Lathrop Stedman & Kuei-pan Li (1888)

How to speak Cantonese: Cantonese phrases and translation in English, by James Dyer Ball (1902)

Cantonese language

Chinese keyboard to type 20 000 Chinese characters, classified by keys

Cantonese course

Cantonese course

Cantonese course [PDF] (Foreign Service Institute)

Cantonese for beginners

Cantonese made easy by James Dyer Ball (1907)

Gramatica elemental de la lengua China, dialecto cantonés: gramar of the Cantonese dialect, by Benjamin Castañeda (1869)

Le cantonais est-il du chinois ? Is Cantonese a Chinese language? by Alain Peyraube, in Perspectives chinoises (1996)

Mandarin and Cantonese, "There is practically one universal Chinese grammar": about xiān 先 in Mandarin and sīn in Cantonese, by Alain Lucas & Xie Honghua, in Cahiers de linguistique (1994)

books about the Cantonese language: Google books & Internet archive

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Cantonese HK: Cantonese phrases & translation in English (audio)

Cantonese ressources with music (videos)


VOA: news in Cantonese

Texts & Literature

Readings in Cantonese colloquial: Cantonese texts with translation in English, by James Dyer Ball (1894)

China   中國

China: maps & documents

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