Cantonese dictionary

Cantonese 粵語

Cantonese-English dictionary

Defense language institute: basic vocabulary - civil affairs - medical

English and Cantonese dictionary by John Chalmers & Thomas Dealy (1907)

The Cantonese made easy vocabulary: Cantonese-English dictionary, by James Dyer Ball (1908)

Chinese and English phrase book in the Canton dialect: Cantonese phrases and translation into English, by Thomas Lathrop Stedman & Kuei-pan Li (1888)

How to speak Cantonese: Cantonese phrases and translation into English, by James Dyer Ball (1902)

Dictionnaire cantonnais-français: Cantonese-French dictionary, by Louis Aubazac (1912)

Dictionnaire français-cantonnais: French-Cantonese dictionary

Cantonese language

Chinese keyboard to type 20 000 Chinese characters, classified by keys Cantonese course, by Adam Sheik Cantonese course

Cantonese basic course, Foreign Service Institute

Cantonese for beginners

Cantonese made easy by James Dyer Ball (1907)

Gramatica elemental de la lengua China, dialecto cantonés: gramar of the Cantonese dialect, by Benjamin Castañeda (1869)

Written Cantonese of Hong Kong by Robert Bauer, in Cahiers de linguistique, Asie orientale (1988)

The expanding syllabary of Hong Kong cantonese (1985)

The Hong Kong Cantonese speech community (1984)

Le cantonais est-il du chinois ? Is Cantonese a Chinese language? by Alain Peyraube, in Perspectives chinoises (1996)

Mandarin and Cantonese, "There is practically one universal Chinese grammar": about xiān 先 in Mandarin and sīn in Cantonese, by Alain Lucas & Xie Honghua, in Cahiers de linguistique (1994)

books about the Cantonese language: Google books & Internet archive

Blogs, Audio & Video

Cantonese HK: Cantonese phrases & translation into English (audio)

Cantonese ressources with music (videos)


VOA: news in Cantonese

Texts & Literature

Readings in Cantonese colloquial: Cantonese texts with translation into English, by James Dyer Ball (1894)

China - Hong Kong: maps & documents

Chinese language (Mandarin)

Chinese keyboard (Mandarin)

Chinese keyboard: all the Chinese characters, by keys

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