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Chinese tools: Chinese-English dictionary, French & other languages, Chinese (meanings)

Reverso-Collins: Chinese-English dictionary

Lin Yutang: Chinese-English dictionary of modern usage (1972)

Naver: Chinese-English dictionary (+ audio) Chinese-English dictionary

Mdbg: Chinese-English dictionary: simplified & traditional (+ audio)

Xiaoma: Chinese-English dictionary

Mandarin tools: Chinese-English dictionary simplified & traditional (+ audio)

HanziYuan: Chinese etymology, by Richard Sears English-Chinese dictionary etymology

Shtooka: Chinese words, with translation (audio)

Tatoeba: sentences in Chinese, with translation (audio)

教育部重編國語辭典修訂本 : Revised Mandarin Chinese dictionary, edited by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan (1994)

Xiàndài Hànyǔ Cídiǎn 现代汉语词典 Contemporary Chinese dictionary (2002) online

Collins Chinese dictionary (2012) online

Tuttle Chinese dictionary (2011) online

Oxford Chinese dictionary (2003) online

Chinese Bible words: vocabulary of the biblical terms

The Chinese names of the four directions by Laurent Sagart, in Journal of the American Oriental Society (2004)

English and Chinese standard dictionary edited by 颜惠庆 (Yan Huiqing) (1920)

Mandarin romanised dictionary of Chinese by Donald MacGillivray (1918) (Latin & Chinese characters)

A Chinese-English dictionary by Herbert Giles (1912) NEW

Analytical Chinese-English dictionary by Frederick William Baller (1900)

Analytical vocabulary of the New Testament (1907)

English and Chinese dictionary by William Lobscheids (1884)

Vocabulary and hand-book of the Chinese language romanized in the Mandarin dialect, by Justus Doolittle (1872): I & II

Dictionary of the Chinese language by Robert Morrison (1865)

Dictionary of idiomatic English phrases by James Main Dixon, translated by Chan Chi Lan (1909)

Dictionary of colloquial idioms in the Mandarin dialect, by Herbert Giles (1873)

Guide to conversation in the English and Chinese languages by Stanislas Hernisz (1854)

Fragments of Confucian lore: a selection of short quotations with the original text, by Thomas Ferguson (1920)

online translation: Chinese-English & other languages & web page


Loecsen: Chinese-English common phrases (+ audio)

Goethe-Verlag: Chinese-English common phrases & illustrated vocabulary (+ audio)

LingoHut: Chinese-English vocabulary by topics (+ audio)

BBC: useful expressions (+ audio)

Defense language institute: basic vocabulary (+ audio) - civil affairs - medical

LanguageGuide: Chinese-English vocabulary by topics, for beginners

Chinese-tools: chengyu dictionary 成语 expressions composed with 4 characters in wényán (literary Chinese)

A typology of lexical borrowing in Modern Standard Chinese, by Angela Cook, in Lingua sinica (2018)

L'évolution de la terminologie chinoise, appliquée au domaine du vin (Chinese terminology evolution under the influence of English and French, case study of the wine field) by Meng Pan, thesis (2022)

Chinese characters

Chinese keyboard to type 3 700 Chinese characters with the Latin script (pinyin)

Chinese keyboard to type 20 000 Chinese characters, classified by key

Traditional <> Simplified Chinese conversion

Pinyin keyboard to type the tone marks

Pinyin conversion numerals <> tone marks Pinyin table & conversion Pinyin > Chinese characters

PopupChinese: Chinese-Pinyin conversion, annotator & translation into English

MandarinSpot: Chinese-Pinyin conversion, annotator & translation into English

MandarinTools: Chinese numerals & conversion

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Chinese-Tools: conversion of a first name in Chinese character

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Pīnyī to write Chinese in romanization

Chinese Characters by Alan Hoenig (2009)

Analysis of Chinese characters by George Wilder & James Ingram (1922)

Introduction to the study of the Chinese characters by Joseph Edkins (1876)

Chinese language

Chinese-tools: Chinese course

Chinese-English vocabulary by topics

ThoughtCo: Chinese course

Chinese Multimedia: Chinese course

Standard Chinese, Foreign service institute (1979) (+ audio)

The origin of Chinese tones by Laurent Sagart, in Cross-linguistic studies of tonal phenomena (1999)

Adverbiaux et compléments de lieu en chinois by Alain Peyraube, in Cahiers de linguistique (1977)

La notion d'adjectif dans les grammaires chinoises : quelques repères historiques, by Barbara Niederer, in Histoire épistémologie langage (1993)

Los símbolos en la lengua y la cultura chinas: aproximación a un estudio contrastivo en la fraseología china y española, by Junjun Duan, thesis (2023)

The Chinese language by Robert Forrest (1965)

Colloquial Chinese by Neville Whymant (1922)

Course of Mandarin lessons, based on idiom, by Calvin Wilson Mateer (1922)

The Chinese language and how to learn it, Manual for beginners, by Walter Hillier (1921)

Progressive course designed to assist the student of colloquial Chinese, by Thomas Francis Wade & Walter Caine Hillier (1886): I & II - III

Chinese manual, condensed grammar with idiomatic phrases and dialogues, by Robert Douglas (1904)

Chinese without a teacher, collection of easy and useful sentences in the Mandarin dialect & vocabulary, by Herbert Giles (1901)

Progressive lessons in the Chinese spoken language & lists of common words and phrases & appendix containing the laws of tones in the Peking dialect, by Joseph Edkins (1886)

Grammar of the Chinese colloquial language commonly called the Mandarin dialect, by Joseph Edkins (1864)

Handbook of the Chinese language by James Summers (1863)

The rudiments of the Chinese language with dialogues, exercises, and vocabulary, by James Summers (1864)

Grammar of the Chinese language by William Lobscheid (1864)

Grammar of the Chinese language by Robert Morrison (1815)

Elements of Chinese grammar by Joshua Marshman (1814)

The reconstruction of Ancient Chinese by Bernhard Karlgren, in T'oung pao (1922)

books & papers about the Chinese language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia

Lingua sinica: linguistic studies (2015-2018)

Cantonese language


Audio-Lingua: Chinese records


New Tang Dynasty Television: free television

BBC - VOA - RFI - DW: news in Chinese

Google news: China (资讯) & Hong Kong - Taiwan (新聞)

Texts & Literature

History of Chinese literature by Herbert Giles (1901)

Notes on Chinese literature with a list of translations from the Chinese into various European languages, by Alexander Wylie (1867)

LyrikLine: poems in Chinese, with translation (+ audio)

Chinese philosophy: texts of Confucianism, Taoism

Chine gratis: translation of the Bible 圣经 in Chinese characters & Pinyin, interlinear translation into English, Chinese Union Version (1919) (+ audio)

WordProject: translation of the Bible into simplified Chinese & traditional, Chinese Union Version (1919) (+ audio)

translation into Pinyin & Chinese characters with translation into English (+ audio)

Readings in Chinese communist documents, a manual for students of the Chinese language, by Wen-Shun Chi (1963) with Chinese-English vocabulary

books about the Chinese literature: Google books | Internet archive | Project Gutenberg | Chinese text project

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

人 人 生 而 自 由, 在 尊 严 和 权 利 上 一 律 平 等。
他 们 赋 有 理 性 和 良 心, 并 应 以 兄 弟 关 系 的 精 神 相 对 待。

Rénrén shēng ér zìyóu, zài zūnyán hé quánlì shàng yīlǜ píngděng.
Tāmen fùyǒu lǐxìng hé liángxīn, bìng yīng yǐ xiōngdì guānxì de jīngshén hùxiāng duìdài.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 世界人权宣言 translation into Chinese (+ audio)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Chinese, English & other languages


East Asian scroll paintings: Chinese manuscripts

Chinese calligraphy

Lan Ying

Diamond Sūtra: the oldest printed book (868), a Buddhist text writen in Chinese, British Library

La calligraphie chinoise, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Les essentiels


Pekin - Hong Kong

names of the provinces & regions of China with their capital


Chinese calendar: New year & Chinese zodiac

Chinese philosophy

Cantonese language

Japanese language and its Chinese characters

Vietnamese language: closed to Chinese, written in Latin characters

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