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Dari > English dictionary & translation

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English Dari dictionary, Peace Corps (1979)

Concise English-Afghan Dari dictionary by S. Sakaria (1967) (Latin script)

Dictionnaire élémentaire français-dari-luxembourgeois: French-Dari-Luxembourgish elementary dictionary (2017)

17 minute languages: Dari-English common phrases (+ audio)

Defense language institute: basic vocabulary (+ audio) - civil affairs - medical

Dari language

Persian keyboard to type a text with the Arabic script

Encyclopædia Iranica: Darī, by Gilbert Lazard

Kāboli by Rawan Farhadi & John Perry

"The cradle of Dari": the question of "origins" in modern literary historiography in Afghanistan, by Wali Ahmadi, in Slovo (2020)

Persian, Dari, Tajik in Central Asia by William Beeman (2005)

Tense in Persian (Dari) spoken in Afghanistan by Gholam Payman

Kabul Persian verb phonology by Michael Henderson, in Journal of the American Oriental Society (1978)

Diglossa in Kabul Persian phonology (1975)

Beginner's Dari: Dari alphabet & Dari-English vocabulary, by Shaista Wahab (2004)

Dari grammar and phrase book by Ehsan Entezar (2010)

Persian, introduction to colloquial Kabul Persian (1966)

Intermediate Dari by Ehsen Enteser, Peace Corps (1966)

Le persan parlé en Afghanistan: grammar of the Kabul Persian, by Abd-ul-Ghafûr Farhâdi (1955)

The Dari language, spoken in Afghanistan, is a variation of the Persian language.

DW - VOA: news in Dari

Texts & Literature

Dari literature in Afghanistan by Hasan Javadi: I & II

The Bible translated into Dari (+ audio)

Afghanistan: maps & documents

Persian language & Tajik

Pashto language, also spoken in Afghanistan

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