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Ingush lexical database: Ingush-English dictionary, by Johanna Nichols (Latin script)

Doshlorg: Ingush-Russian dictionary

Ingush language

Ingush keyboard to type a text with the Cyrillic script

University of Berkeley: Ingush language

Ingush grammar by Johanna Nichols (2011)

Ingush inflectional verb morphology, a synchronic classification and historical analysis with comparison to Chechen, by Zev Handel (2003)

Mouvements de populations et changements linguistiques : l'exemple du tchétchène, de l'ingouche et du bats, by Françoise Guérin (2010)

L'expression spatiale en ingouche (2008)

Les différentes structures syntaxiques de l'ingouche, by Françoise Guérin, in La linguistique (2003)

La personne grammaticale en ingouche (2004)

Texts & Literature

Са дошо гӏалгӏайче: anthology of Ingush poems (2015)

Institute of Bible translation: translation of the Bible into Ingush: the Gospel of Luke & the Books of Ruth, Esther, Jonah

Chechen - Ossetian - Abkhaz


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