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Ossetic national corpus

Ironau: Ossetian-Russian dictionary

Iriston: Russian-Ossetian dictionary

dictionnaire Iron-Digor & Digor-Iron

Allingvo: Ossetian-Russian dictionary & Russian-Ossetian

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Trois étymologies ossètes: rasyg, ævzist, ærx°y, by Rémy Viredaz, in Studia iranica (2017)

Osetçe kuş adlari (the Ossetian & Latin names of the birds) by Ümüt Çınar (2020)

Ossetian language

Ossetian keyboard to type a text with the Cyrillic script

Ironau: studies about the Ossetian language

Краткий грамматический очерк осетинского языка: grammar of the Ossetian language (in Russian)

Grammatical sketch of Ossetic by Василий Абаев (Vasily Abaev) (1964)

Самоучитель осетинского языка: grammar of the Ossetian language, by Федар Таказов (2004) (in Russian)

Sulla categoria dell'aspetto verbale in osseto by Vittorio Tomelleri, in Anatolistica, indoeuropeistica e oltre (2011)

Ossetic language by Fridrik Thordarson, in Encyclopædia Iranica (2009)

Ossetic loanwords in Hungarian

Ossetisch: the Ossetian, by Wolfgang Schulze, in Wieser Enzyklopädie des europäischen Ostens (2002)

The sociolinguistic situation and state of research of the Ossetic language by Leila Dodykhudoeva

La situation de la langue ossète en Ossétie du Sud et le rôle des conflits de 1920, 1991-1992 et 2008, by Laurent Alibert, in Lengas (2016)

Etymologie und Lautlehre der ossetischen Sprache: etymology and phonology of the Ossetian language, by Heinrich Hübschmann (1887)

Die Sprache der Osseten: the language of the Ossetians, by Wsewolod Miller (1903)

Ossetische Sprachlehre: Ossetian grammar & treatise on the Mingrelian, Svan and Abkhazian, by Georg Rosen (1846)

Ossetische Sprachlehre (Ирон æвзагахур): Ossetian grammar & Ossetian-German dictionary, by Andreas Johan Sjögren (1844) the first published grammar

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Ossetian flag

Texts & Literature

Allingvo: into Ossetian texts

Ossetian songs: text (+ audio)

poetry & prose

Institute of Bible translation: translation of the New Testament into Ossetian (+ audio) (2004)

Gospels translated into Ossetian (1923)


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