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Fundacja Kaszuby: Kashubian-Polish dictionary

Zawsze Pomorze: Polish-Kashubian glossary

Słownik języka pomorskiego czyli kaszubskiego: Kashubian-Polish dictionary, by Stefan Ramułt (1893) Kashubian-Polish geographical names (WaybackMachine)

Kashubian language

Kashubian keyboard to type a text with the special characters of the Kashubian alphabet

Instytut kaszubski, Kashubian Institute

Acta cassubiana: online journal

Dialekty i gwary polskie: Kaszubszczyzna (Kashubian)

Leksykon kaszubski: grammatical lexicon

The phonological structure of the Kashubian word by Paul Stanley Hopkins (2001)

Kaschubisch: the Kashubian, by Władysław Lubaś, in Wieser Enzyklopädie des europäischen Ostens (2002)

Polish, Kashubian and Sorbian by Sven Gustavsson

Situation du kachoube : langue ? dialecte ? ethnolecte ? by Alicja Kacprzak, in La linguistique (2008)

Les dialectes kachoubes by Hanna Popowska-Taborska, in Revue des études slaves (1992)

studies about the kashubian language, by Nicole Dołowy-Rybińska

Young Kashubs and language policy, between officialization and community, in Policy and planning for endangered language (2015)

Dilemmas of identity and language among young Kashubs in the light of 21st century cultural change, in Dominated languages in the 21st century (2015)

Kashubian and modern forms of media, new survival chances for endangered languages (2011)

L'autoportrait des jeunes Sorabes et Kachoubes, identité culturelle et choix linguistiques, in Mémoires, identités, marginalités dans le monde occidental contemporain (2015)

Piotr Preis, Izmail Sreznevskii and Kashubia (about the Russian interest in Kashubia) by Jerzy Treder, in Hokkaido university collection of scholarly and academic papers (2010)

A Kashubian idiolect in the United States by Jan Louis Perkowski (1969) online

Kaschubische dialectstudien: die Sprache der Bëlöcë by Gotthelf Bronisch (1896)

Slovinzische Grammatik: Slovincian grammar, by Friedrich Lorentz (1903)

The Kashubian language is spoken in the region of Gdańsk (Gduńsk in Kashubian, Gdańsk in Polish, Danzig in German) in Pomerania. It's closed to the Polish language.

The Slovincian language is closed to the Kashubian; it's today an extinct language.


Radio Kaszëbë: online radio

Texts & Literature

The most recent Kashubian literature: the situation today, achievements and tasks for the foreseeable future, by Grzegorz Schramke, in Perspectives on contemporary East European literature (2016)

Kile słów ò Kaszëbach by Florian Ceynowa (1850)

Rozmowa Pòlocha z Kaszëbą by Florian Ceynowa (1865)

Kashubian flag
Kashubia - Kaszëbë historical maps of Pomerania & Kashubia

The Kashubs today, culture, language, identity, by Cezary Obracht-Prondzyński (2007)

The long shadow of borders: the cases of Kashubian and Silesian in Poland, by Tomasz Kamusella & Motoki Nomachi, in Eurasia border review (2014)

Kaschuben Heute

Über Kaschuben: studies about the Kashub people, history and origin of the name, compiled by Klaus-Dieter Kreplin (2012) (WaybackMachine)

I-1 - I-2 (Geschichte & Quellen) - II-1 - II-2 (Historische Geographie) - III (Siedlungsgeschichte) - IV (Kirchen- & Sprachgeschichte) - V (Geschichte & Zeitgeschichte) - VI (Volkskunde)

Die kaschubische Minderheit in einer veränderten Umwelt, by Arkadiusz Modrzejewski, in Polen-Analysen (2011)

Le kachoube en Pologne, être ou ne pas être (une minorité) ? by Michael Hornsby & Tomasz Wicherkiewicz, in Droit et cultures (2012)

Les Kachoubes de la Poméranie polonaise : entre disparition et renaissance, by André-Louis Sanguin & Agnieszka Puk, in Espace populations sociétés (1994)

« Maladies populaires » et médecine complémentaire en Cachoubie, by Danuta Penkala-Gawęcka, in Ethnologie française (2010)

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