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Lao-English dictionary with phonetics

Lao-English dictionary

Lao-French dictionary

Wikitravel: Lao phrasebook

usual phrases Lao-French (Lao & Latin characters)

Short dictionary of religious and Buddhist terms Lao-English (2005)

Lexique français laocien by Marie-Joseph Cuaz (1904) (Lao & Latin characters)

Dictionnaire français-laotien by Guy Cheminaud (1906) (Latin characters)

Dictionnaire français-laotien, Mission Pavie, exploration de l'Indo-Chine, by Victor-Alphonse Massie (1894) (Latin characters)

Manuel de conversation franco-laotien by Estrade (1895) (Latin characters)

Lao language

Lao keyboard to type a text with the Lao characters

Northern Illinois university: Lao course

texts in Lao with translation in English

Lao basic course, Foreign service institute (2014) (+ audio)

Grammar of Lao by Nick Enfield (2007)

papers about the Lao language, by Nick Enfield (2007)

Questions and responses in Lao (2010)

Description of reciprocal situations in Lao (2011)

Lao linguistics in the 20th century and since (2008)

Lao as a national language (1999)

Scripts and history, the case of Laos by Michel Lorrillard (2009)

books about the lao language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia

The Lao is the official language of the Laos, it's closed to the Thai.

RFI - VOA - RFA: news in Lao

Texts & Literature

LaoBible: the Bible in Lao

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

ມະນຸດເກີດມາມີສິດເສລີພາບ ແລະ ສະເໝີໜ້າກັນໃນທາງກຽດຕິສັກ ແລະ

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Lao [PDF]


Laos: maps, heritage & documents

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