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Lingala-English dictionary by Felix Divuilu (2005)

Dictionnaire français-lingala-sango [PDF] French-Lingala-Sango dictionary, by Musanji Ngalasso-Mwatha (2013)

Súka-époque: Lingala-French dictionary

Premiers mots en lingala : First words in Lingala, Lingala-French dictionary, by Pascal Grouselle

French-Lingala dictionary Lingala-French dictionary


Memrise: Lingala phrases with translation in French

Ks ludotique: Lingala-French usual expressions

Grammaire et vocabulaire du lingala ou langue du Haut-Congo: Lingala vocabulary and grammar, by Égide De Boeck (1904)

Notions de lingala ou langue du Haut-Fleuve, vocabulaire et phrases pratiques, by Égide De Boeck (1904)

L'expression de la joie et de la peur en lingala et en anglais, by Régine Alende, thesis (2000)

Lingala language

Lingala keyboard to type diacritics & the special characters of the Lingala alphabet ɛ ɔ

A polylectal grammar of Lingála and its theoretical implications, by Eyamba Bokamba, in Annual conference on African linguistics (2012)

Lingala basic course, Foreign service institute (1963)

Grundkurs Lingala: Lingala course, by Nico Nassenstein (2010) (in German)

Tozóyékola Lingala: eine Einführung in die aktuelle Sprache von Kinshasa (2011)

Tokoyekola lingala: Lingala grammar, by the brothers of Saint-Gabriel (1937)

The Lingála-Kiswahili border in north-eastern Congo, its origins in Belgian colonial state formation of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, by Michael Meeuwis, in Africana linguistica (2006)

Non-situational functions of demonstrative noun phrases in Lingala by Michael Meeuwis & Koenraad Stroeken, in Pragmatics (2012)

The emergence of Langila in Kinshasa by Nico Nassenstein, in Youth language practices in Africa and beyond (2015)

Directionality in Lingala by Nico Nassenstein, in Directionality in grammar and discourse (2012)

studies about the Lingala language, by Bienvenu Sene Mongaba

Le lingála dans l'enseignement des sciences dans les écoles de Kinshasa, une approche socioterminologique, thesis (2013)

The Lingala is a Bantu language (like the Swahili) spoken in Congo (Brazzaville & Kinshasa)
Texts & Literature

Biblafrique: hymns in Lingala (+ sheet music)

Chansons et proverbes lingalas: Lingala-French bilingual songs and proverbs (1993)

Chansons populaires de Brazzaville, la femme est le rêve du citadin: popular songs, by Augustin-Marie Milandou, in Journal des anthropologues (1995)

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Bato nyonso na mbotama bazali nsomi pe bakokani na limemya pe makoki.
Bazali na mayele pe basengeli kofanda na bondeko okati na bango.

First article in different languages

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: bilingual text in Lingala, English & other languages

Some Lingala words
losáko ! hello!
mboté ! good morning, good evening!
butú elámu ! good night!
sángo níni ? how are you?
malámu ! well!
melesí ! thank you !
paladó ! please!
nayóki I understand
nayókité I don't understand
tata daddy
mama mummy
moasi woman
kitoko beautiful
moninga friend
libonza present
mokánda e-mail
zoba idiot
pili-pili piment
kipekapeka butterfly
monoko mouth
likata penis

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