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Scottish words illustrated (for fun)

Scottish words glossary

550 Scots phrases: ye jist canna dae wi'oot, by Clive Young (2022)

Scottish corpus of texts & speech (University of Glascow)

Jamieson's dictionary of the Scottish language by John Jamieson & John Johnston, John Longmuir (1867)

Supplement to Jamieson's Scottish dictionary with memoir & introduction (1887)

Desultory notes on Jamieson's Scottish dictionary by James Montgomerie-Fleming (1899)

Etymological dictionary of the Scottish language by John Jamieson & John Longmuir, David Donaldson (1879)

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Scot's dialect dictionary by Alexander Warrack & William Grant (1911)

Dictionary of Lowland Scotch & introduction on the poetry, humour, and literary history of the Scottish language & Scottish proverbs, by Charles Mackay (1888)

Dictionary of the Scottish language by Thomas Brown (1845)

Dictionary of the Scottish idiom in which the significance of the words is given in English and German, by Robert Motherby (1826)

Observations on the Scottish dialect by John Sinclair (1782)

Lowland Scotch as spoken in the lower Strathearn, district of Perthshire, by James Wilson (1915) vocabulary by topics

The dialect of Banffshire with a glossary of words not in Jamieson's Scottish dictionary, by Walter Gregor (1866)

The origin and signification of Scottish surnames with a vocabulary of Christian names, by Clifford Stanley Sims (1862)

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Center for the Scots Leid / Scots language center

The main dialects of Scots (+ audio)

Scots-online: profile of the Scots language

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An introduction to Modern Scots by Andy Eagle (2022)

SLD: Scots grammar

The Scots learners' grammar by Clive Young (2022)

An overview of Scotland's linguistic situation by Maxime Bailly, thesis (2012)

Investigation sociophonétique de l'anglais en Écosse: the case of Ayr, thesis (2006)

A sociophonetic study of Aberdeen English: innovation and conservatism, by Thorsten Brato, thesis (2012)

Rhotiques et rhoticité en Écosse : une étude sociophonétique de l'anglais écossais standard, by Thomas Jauriberry, thesis (2016)

Scottish English and varieties of Scots by Jennifer Smith, in The Mouton Atlas of variation in English (2012)

An examination of the historical development of Scottish English: evolution and devolution, by John Ford, in Tribune internationale des langues vivantes (2004)

The Scots language and its cultural and social capital in Scottish schools: a case study of Scots in Scottish secondary classrooms, by Karen Lowing, in Scottish Language (2017) NEW

Ane instructioun for bairnis to be learnit in Scottis', a study of Scots language in the Scottish secondary classroom, thesis (2014)

The establishment of the Scots language in Orkney by Ragnhild Ljosland, in The new Orkney antiquarian journal (2012)

Scotland and Austria: a critical discussion of language status and perceptions of Scots and Austrian German, by Elisabeth Barakos, in Vienna English working papers (2008)

Manual of modern Scots by William Grant & James Main Dixon (1921)

The pronunciation of English in Scotland by William Grant (1913)

The dialect of Robert Burns as spoken in central Ayrshire, by James Wilson (1923)

Scandinavian influence on Southern Lowland Scotch by George Tobias (1966)

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Texts & Literature

Scotstexts: texts & translation into Scots

texts written by Robert Louis Stevenson

traditional songs

Psalms & Book of Proverbs (Bible)

translation of French poems

Rampant Scotland: traditional songs & poems

Robert Burns Country: Robert Burns' poems with a dictionary of Scots words

The complete works of Robert Burns (1865)

Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect (1824)

Specimens of Middle Scots (15th-17th) with introduction, notes & glossary, by George Gregory Smith (1902)

Two ancient Scottish poems: The Gaberlunzie-man & Christ's kirk on the green (15th) with notes by John Callander (1782)

The history and chronicles of Scotland, written in Latin by Hector Boece, translated into Scots by John Bellenden (1821): I & II

Scotorum historia (1575 version) in Latin & translation into English, introduction by Dana Suton

Scotorum historiæ by Hector Boece (1526)

The Bible in Scots literature by James Moffatt (1924)

The New Testament in braid Scots by William Wye Smith (1904)

The New Testament in Scots, being Purvey's revision of Wycliffe's version turned into Scots by Murfoch Nisbet (16th) (1901): I & II - III

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Aw human sowels is born free and equal in dignity and richts.
They are tochered wi mense and conscience and shuld guide theirsels ane til ither in a speirit o britherheid.

First article in different languages

Universal Declaration o Human Richts: text translated into Scots

Some Scots words
guid mornin! good morning!
guid tae see ye! glad to see you!
whit like? how are you?
jist rare very good
guid bye! good bye!
see ye efter! see you later!
A'm sorry I'm sorry
whit a bonnie day! what a beautiful day!
that's richt! that's right!
ay / naw yes / no
the day today
the morn tomorow
the noo now
the nicht this night
hoose house
wean child
dreich bleak, dreary, tedious
stramash uproar, disturbance
scunner feeling of disgust
scunnert disgusted, bored
glaik silly person
glaikit stupide (adjective)
Holidays in Scotland
Ne'er day New Year's Day
Burns' Nicht Burns Supper: Robert Burns' birthday, the 25th of January, 1759
Cannlemas Candlemas
Fastern's een Shrove Tuesday
Pace Easter
Beltane Mayday
Whissunday Whitsun
Lammas August, 1st
Hallae een Hallowe'en
Yuil Een Christmas Eve
Yuil Christmas, Yule
Hogmanay New Year's Eve

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