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Hooyo: Somali-French dictionary & French-Somali dictionary

Qaamuuska Af-Soomaaliga (Great omali dictionary), by Annarita Puglielli & Cabdalla Cumar Mansuur (2012)

English-Somali phrasebook by topics (2000)

Somali dictionary and phrasebook by Nicholas Awde (1989) online

Defense language institute: basic vocabulary (+ audio) - public affairs - medical

Somali-English dictionary by Évangéliste de Larajasse (1897)

A comparative review of some Tigrinya and Somali proverbs by Filip Busau, in Bildhaan, an international journal of Somali studies (2019)

Somali language

YouTube: Somali alphabet

Beginning English for Somali speakers

Somali evaluative morphology by Nicola Lampitelli, in Handbook of evaluative morphology (2015)

The decomposition of Somali nouns by Nicola Lampitelli, in Brill's annual of Afroasiatic languages and linguistics (2013)

Grammar of the Somali language by John William Carnegie Kirk (1905)

Notes on the Somali language with examples of phrases and conversational sentences, by John William Carnegie Kirk (1903)

Practical grammar of the Somali language by Évangéliste de Larajasse & Cyprien de Sampont (1897)

The Somali language is spoken by 10 million people in Somalia, and also in a part of Ethiopia and Kenya (see the linguistic map).

In the 1920's, a Somali alphabet was created by Osman Yusuf Kenadid. It was replaced in the 1970's by the Latin alphabet.

Osmanya keyboard to type a text with the Osmanya script

Short notes on Somali previous scripts by Mauro Tosco (2015)

Somali language and linguistics: a bibliography, by Morgan Nilsson (2016)


BBC - VOA: news in Somali

Texts & Literature

books in Somali

A collection of Somali literature mainly from Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, by Muuse Galaal (1964)

Die Somali-Sprache: Somali texts with translation into German, by Leo Reinisch (1900)

Somali-Texte: Somali texts with translation into German, by Adolf Walter Schleicher (1900)

L'oralité dans la littérature de la Corne de l'Afrique : traditions orales, formes et mythologies de la littérature pastorale, marques de l'oralité dans la littérature, by Moussa Souleiman Obsieh, thesis (2013)

Représentations d'un scandale dans le théâtre somali des années 1970-1990 : les femmes dans la rue, by Fatouma Mahamoud Hadji Ali, in Cahiers de littérature orale (2019)

Il teatro popolare somalo (1940-1990), by Cristina Ali Farah (2018)

Folk songs from Somalia, collected and translated by Axmed Cartan Xaange (2014)

Somali poetry: an introduction, by Bogumil Andrzejewski & Ioan Lewis (1964) online

Tanzil: translation of the Quran into Somali by Mahmud Muhammad Abduh

The Coran: translation into Somali Kitaabka Quduuska, translation of the Bible into Somali (2007) (+ audio)

WordProject: translation of the Bible into Somali (+ audio)

BibleGateway: translation of the Bible into Somali

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Aadanaha dhammaantiis wuxuu dhashaa isagoo xor ah kana siman xagga sharafta iyo xuquuqada
Waxaa Alle (Ilaah) siiyay aqoon iyo wacyi, waana in qof la arkaa qofka kale ula dhaqmaa si walaaltinimo ah.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: bilingual text in Somali and other languages

Some Somali words

The double vowels are long.

The Latin and Arabic conversion:

j x kh c

nin, niman man, men
naag, naago woman, women
af language, mouth
waryaa ! hello!
nabad gelyo ! good bye!
nabad ku bari ! good night!
nabad peace
bari day
mahadsanid ! thank you!
bad sea

Somali Osmanya keyboard

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