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Fjalor i gjuhës së sotme shqipe: dictionary of the contemporary Albanian

Albanian dictionary: meanings in Albanian & multilingual: English, Greek, Italian, Spanish

Albanian-English dictionary (Argjiro)

online translation: Albanian-English & other languages & web page

greeting words with sound (BBC)

thematic vocabulary Albanian-English [PDF]

Albanian, a guide to the spoken language, published by the U.S. War Departement (1943)

usual expressions French-Albanian with audio

Albanian etymological dictionary by Vladimir Orel (1998)

Historical Albanian-English dictionary by Stuart Mann (1948)

Etymologisches Wörterbuch der albanesischen Sprache: Etymological dictionary of the Albanian language, by Gustav Meyer (1891)

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Die slavische Elementen im Albanischen: Albanian words from Slavic origin, by Franz Miklosisch (1870)

The Albanian lexicon of Arnold von Harff (1497) by Robert Elsie, in Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Sprachforschung (1984)


The Albanian linguistic journey from Ancient Illyricum to European Union, lexical borrowings, by Ariola Kulla (2010)

Proto-Indo-European *e in Albanian by Michiel de Vaan, in Die Sprache (2004)

Old Albanian krautyrė and nautyrė by Michiel de Vaan, in Albanische Forschungen (2004)

Albanian language - Gjuha shqipe

Albanian keyboard to type the special characters of the Albanian alphabet

conjugation of the Albanian verbs

Albanian alphabet & usual expressions (video)

Albanian grammar [PDF] by Victor Friedman (2004)

Grammatical sketch of Albanian for students of Indo-European [PDF] by Ranko Matasović (2012)

Albanian verbs dictionary and manual [PDF] by Geoff Husić (2008)

Grammaire albanaise: Albanian grammar by Pashko Vasa (1887)

Manuel de la langue chkipe ou albanaise: Albanian grammar by Auguste Dozon (1879)

Analyse de la langue albanaise: Albanian grammar by Louis Benlœw (1879)

Grammatik der albanesischen Sprache: Albanian grammar (phonetics, morphology) by Georg Pekmezi (1908)

Kurzgefasste albanesische Grammatik: Albanian grammar by Gustav Meyer (1888)

Saggio di grammatologia comparata sulla lingua albanese & Appendice by Demetrio Camarda (1864)

Osservazioni grammaticali nella lingua albanese by Francesco Maria da Lecce (1716)

books about the Albanian language: Google books & Internet archive

Albanian language is spoken in Albania, in Kosovo and in a part of Macedonia.
Shekulli - Klan

DW - VOA: news in Albanian

Texts & Literature
Albanian studies by Robert Elsie

Albanian literature in Greek script: the eighteenth and early nineteenth century Orthodox tradition in Albanian writing, in Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies (1991)

Albanian poems

Albanian literature: texts with concordances

books about the Albanian literature: Google books & Internet archive

the Bible (Bibla) in Albanian (with audio)

Diata e Re: the New Testament (1872)

Dottrina cristiana, Dottrina e Kerscten: Italian text with translation in Albanian, by Roberto Bellarmino (1618, 1856 edition)

Meshari (Book of prayers) by Gjon Buzuku (1555): it's the first book published in Albanian

text version

-> bilingual Bible in Albanian & other languages

-> the Quran in Albanian

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Të gjithë njerëzit lindin të lirë dhe të barabartë në dinjitet dhe në të drejta.
Ata kanë arsye dhe ndërgjegje dhe duhet të sillen ndaj njëri tjetrit me frymë vëllazërimi.

-> First article in different languages

-> Declaration of Human Rights: in Albanian, English & other languages

Some Albanian words
Shqipëri Albania
shqiptar, -e Albanian
mirëmëngjes ! good morning!
mirëmbrëma ! good evening!
si jeni ? how are you?
natën e mirë ! good night!
faleminderit ! thank you!
mirupafshim ! good bye!
po / yo yes / no
të dua ! I love you!
mik friend
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