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dictionnaire sherpa-anglais: basic vocabulary & usual phrases

Sherpa-English dictionary with literary Tibetan and Nepali equivalents, by Nicolas Tournadre, Guillaume Oisel, Gyurme Chodrak, Lhakpa Norbu Sherpa (2009)


Tibetan keyboard

Devanagari keyboard

The phonetics and phonology of the Sherpa language by Thomas Graves (2007)

Study of phonemes in Sherpa language, phonological study, by Gelu Sherpa (2007)

The language of the Sherpa people
The Sherpa is a Tibetic language, closed to the Tibetan. This language is written with the Tibetan or the Devanagari alphabet, like the Nepali.

The meanings of sherpa, an evolving social category, by Anne Parker, in Himalaya (1989)
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