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by Ernest Renan

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dedication To the pure Soul of my sister Henriette
introduction In which the sources of this history are principally treated
I Place of Jesus in the history of the world
II Infancy and youth of Jesus, his first impressions
III Education of Jesus
IV The order of thought which surrounded the development of Jesus
V The first sayings of Jesus. The ideas of a divine father and of a purer religion. First disciples
VI John the Baptist. Visit of Jesus to John, and his abode in the desert of Judea. Adoption of the baptism of John
VII Development of the ideas of Jesus respecting the Kingdom of God
VIII Jesus at Capernaum
IX The disciples of Jesus
X The preaching on the lake
XI The Kingdom of God conceived as the ingeritance of the Poor
XII Embassy from John in prison to Jesus. Death of John. Relation of his school with that of Jesus
XIII First attempts on Jerusalem
XIV Intercourse of Jesus with the Pagans and the Samaritans
XV Commencement of the legends concerning Jesus. His own idea of his supernatural character
XVI Miracles
XVII Definitive form of the ideas of Jesus respecting the Kingdom of God
XVIII Institutions of Jesus
XIX Increasing progression of enthusiasm and of exaltation
XX Opposition to Jesus
XI Last journey of Jesus to Jerusalem
XXII Machinations of the enemies of Jesus
XXIII Last week of Jesus
XXIV Arrest and trial of Jesus
XXV Death of Jesus
XXVI Jesus in the tomb
XXVII Fate of the enemies of Jesus
XXVIII Essential character of the work of Jesus

The Life of Jesus is the fist book of The History of the Origins of Christianity
the fist chapter of the second book, the Apostles, is about the ressurection of Jesus:

I Formation of beliefs relative to the ressurection of Jesus, the apparitions at Jerusalem

The history of the origins of Christianity : The life of Jesus (I)

The Apostles (II)

Saint Paul (III)

The Anti-Christ (IV)

The Gospels (V)

The Christian Church, The reigns of Hadrian and Antoninus Pius (117-161) (VI)

Marcus-Aurelius (VII)

Christian Classics Ethereal Library : The history of the origins of Christianity (text)

Vita di Gesù : traduction en italien

Жизнь Иисуса par Эрнест Ренан : traduction en russe (1906) ou version texte

Johann Herder and David Strauss sont deux auteurs qui ont inspiré Ernest Renan :

Vom Geist der ebräischen Poesie by Johann Herder (1825)

Histoire de la poésie des Hébreux by Johann Herder, translation into French by Aloïse de Carlowitz (1855)

Ideen zur Philosophie der Geschichte der Menschheit by Johann Herder (1785): I & II - III - IV

Idées sur la philosophie de l'histoire de l'humanité by Johann Herder, translation into French by Edgar Quinet (1827): I & II - III

Philosophie de l'histoire de l'humanité by Johann Herder, translation into French by Émile Tandel (1874): I & II - III

David Friedrich Strauss in his life and writings, by Eduard Zeller (1874)

David Friedrich Strauss and his theology, by Horton Harris (1973) online

David Friedrich Strauss (1808-1874) et son époque, by Jean-Marie Paul, thèse (1979)

David-Frédéric Strauss : la vie et l'œuvre, by Albert Lévy (1910)

Das Leben Jesu, kritisch bearbeitet, by David Strauss (1840) : I & II (+ version with text & images: I & II)

Vie de Jésus ou examen critique de son histoire, by David Strauss, translation into French by Émile Littré (1856): I & II

Das Leben Jesu, für das deutsche Volk bearbeitet, by David Strauss (1864, 2e edition): I & II

The Life of Jesus, critically examined, by David Strauss, translation into English by George Eliot (1892)

Nouvelle vie de Jésus by David Strauss, translation into French by Auguste Nefftzer & Charles Dollfus (1864): I & II

Ernest Renan: bibliography & biography

Vie de Jésus: original version (in French)

Das Leben Jesu: translation in German

Het leven van Jezus: translation in Dutch

Vida de Jesús: translation in Spanish

Prayer on the Acropolis

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