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Webonary: Bhojpuri-Hindi dictionary, by Toby Anderson (Devanagari script)


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Wikipedia: Bhojpuri language

La guerre des langues et des cultures à Maurice: contribution à une réflexion sur le bhojpuri, by Kumari Issur, in Cahiers internationaux de sociolinguistique (2017)

A grammar of Bhojpuri by Gopal Thakur, thesis (2020)

Grammatical sketch of Banarasi, a dialect of Bhojpuri, by Srishti Singh, in Research Review International Journal of Multidiscilinary (2018)

Pluralization in Bhojpuri and English by Gajendra Prasad Yadav, dissertation (2016)

Contrastive study of English and Bhojpuri as spoken in Maunath Bhanjan: grammatical systems, by Nehal Ahmad, dissertation (1993)

Seven grammars of the dialects and subdialects of the Bihárí language: Bhojpúrí dialect, by George Abraham Grierson (1883)

Bhojpuri, in Linguistic Survey of India (1903)

The Bhojpuri language is spoken in the border area between the states of Bihar and Utra Pradesh, in North-Eastern India. The name comes from the district of Bhojpur, whose capital is Arrah, recalled by Babur, founder of the Moghol empire, in 1529 Shahabad (city of the king).

Archives de la parole: recordings in Bhojpuri, made by George Grierson, Linguistic Survey of India (1920)

Parable of the prodigal son

The monkey and the cats, story

Fortune favours the brave, story

Bhajan song, devotional song

Texts & Literature

The Gospel according to St. John in Bhojpuri, translated by C. Robertson, revised by P. Wynd (1913) translation of the New Testament into Bhojpuri (audio)

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

𑂮𑂥𑂯𑂱 𑂪𑂷𑂍𑂰𑂢𑂱 𑂄𑂔𑂰𑂠𑂵 𑂔𑂢𑂹𑂧𑂵𑂪𑂰 𑂄𑂇𑂩 𑂋𑂎𑂱𑂢𑂱𑂨𑂷 𑂍𑂵 𑂥𑂩𑂰𑂥𑂩 𑂮𑂧𑂹𑂧𑂰𑂢 𑂄𑂋𑂩 𑂃𑂡𑂱𑂍𑂰𑂩 𑂣𑂹𑂩𑂰𑂣𑂹𑂞 𑂯𑂫𑂵𑂾
𑂋𑂎𑂱𑂢𑂱𑂨𑂷 𑂍𑂵 𑂣𑂰𑂮 𑂮𑂧𑂕-𑂥𑂴𑂕 𑂄𑂇𑂩 𑂃𑂁𑂞:𑂍𑂩𑂝 𑂍𑂵 𑂄𑂫𑂰𑂔 𑂯𑂷𑂎𑂞𑂰 𑂄𑂋𑂩 𑂯𑂳𑂢𑂍𑂷 𑂍𑂵 𑂠𑂷𑂮𑂩𑂰 𑂍𑂵 𑂮𑂰𑂟 𑂦𑂰𑂆𑂒𑂰𑂩𑂵 𑂍𑂵 𑂥𑂵𑂫𑂯𑂰𑂩 𑂍𑂩𑂵 𑂍𑂵 𑂯𑂷𑂎𑂪𑂰𑂿


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