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Sealang: Burmese > English dictionary

Ornagai: Burmese-English dictionary

MyOrdbok: Burmese-Norwegian-English dictionary

Online Burmese-English dictionary

Burmese-French dictionary by Dhamma Sāmi (2004)

Loecsen: Burmese-English common phrases (+ audio)

L-lingo: Burmese-English vocabulary, by topics (+ audio)

Defense language institute: basic vocabulary (+ audio) - civil affairs - medical

Burmese-English dictionary by Adoniram Judson, revised and enlarged by Robert Stevenson (1921) or other version : I & II

Burmese pocket dictionary English-Burmese & Burmese-English, by Adoniram Judson (1887) or other version

Burmese-English dictionary & English-Burmese, by Adoniram Judson (shortened form) (1887)

Dictionary English and Burmese‎ by Charles Lane (1841)

Anglo-Burmese dictionary by George Hough (1845) or other version

Vocabulary and phrase book in English and Burmese, by Cephas Bennett (1886)

Burmese language

Burmese keyboard to type a text with the Burmese characters

YouTube: Burmese alphabet (video)

Northern Illinois university: Burmese course (font to download)

Colloquial Burmese lessons: Burmese course, by Naing Tinnyuntpu

Burmese by ear: Burmese grammar, by John Okell (2003) (+ audio)

Evolution of the Burmese vowel system by Nathan Hill, in Transactions of the Philological Society (2012)

Changes in Burmese phonology and orthography by David Bradley (2011)

Burmese historical phonology by Graham Thurgood (1977)

English loanword adaptation in Burmese by Charles Chang, in Journal of the Southeast Asian linguistics society (2009)

The phonology of English loanword adaptation in Burmese (thesis) (2003)

Phonetics vs. phonology in loanword adaptation, revisiting the role of the bilingual (2008)

The orthographic standardization of Burmese, linguistic and sociolinguistic speculations [PDF] by Yoshio Nishi (1998)

Psycho-collocational expressives in Burmese by Alice Vittrant, in The aesthetics of grammar, sound and meaning in the languages of mainland Southeast Asia (2014)

How typology allows for a new analysis of the verb phrase in Burmese, in Revue de linguistique et de didactique des langues (2012)

Old Burmese, toward the history of Burmese [PDF] by Yoshio Nishi (1998)

Burmese self-taught by Richard St. John (1911)

Elementary hand-book of the Burmese language by Taw Sein Ko (1898)

Grammar of the Burmese language by Adoniram Judson (1883)

Grammatical notices of the Burmese language by Adoniram Judson (1842)

Burmese reader being an easy introduction to the written language and companion to Judson's grammar, by Richard St. John (1894)

Anglo-Burmese student's assistant: grammatical notes with examples and analysis of sentences, by E. V. Wright (1877)

Grammar of the language of Burmah by Thomas Latter (1845)

Grammar of the Burman language by Felix Carey (1814)

books about the Burmese language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia


Irrawady (in Burmese or in English)

Democratic voice of Burma: online radio (in Burmese or in English)

BBC - VOA - RFA: news in Burmese


Archives de la parole: Parable of the Prodigal Son in Burmese (~1910)

Texts & Literature

Lyrikline: Burmese poems, with translation (+ audio)

Northern Illinois university: Burmese texts & poems, with translation into English

Burmese classical poems selected and translated by Friedrich Lustig (1966)

the New Testament in Burmese by Adoniram Judson (1832)

Catechism of scripture history translated into Burmese, by Sarah Comstock (1842)

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

လူတိုင်းသည် တူညီ လွတ်လပ်သော ဂုဏ်သိက္ခါဖြင့် လည်းကောင်း၊ တူညီလွတ်လပ်သော အခွင့်အရေးများဖြင့် လည်းကောင်း၊ မွေးဖွားလာသူများ ဖြစ်သည်။
ထိုသူတို့၌ ပိုင်းခြား ဝေဖန်တတ်သော ဉာဏ်နှင့် ကျင့်ဝတ် သိတတ်သော စိတ်တို့ရှိကြ၍ ထိုသူတို့သည် အချင်းချင်း မေတ္တာထား၍ ဆက်ဆံကျင့်သုံးသင့်၏။

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: translation into Burmese (+ audio)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: bilingual text, in Burmese, English & other languages (or PDF version)


Burma: maps, heritage & documents

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