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Mœso-Gothic Glossary & List of Anglo-Saxon and Old and Modern English words etymologically connected with Mœso-Gothic, by Walter William Skeat (1868)

Gotisch-Griechisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch: Gothic-Greek-German dictionary by Wilhelm Streitberg (1910)

Deutsch-Gotisches Wörterbuch: German-Gothic dictionary by Oskar Priese (1890)

Gothisches Wörterbuch nebst Flexionslehre: Gothic glossary by Ernst Schulze (1867)

Glossarium der gothischen Sprache: Glossary of the Gothic language, by Hans Conon von der Gabelentz & Julius Loebe (1843)

Comparative glossary of the Gothic language by Gerhard Hubert Balg (1887)

Vergleichendes Wörterbuch der gothischen Sprache: Comparative dictionary of the Gothic language, by Lorenz Diefenbach (1851)

Kurzgefasstes etymologisches Wörterbuch der gotischen Sprache: etymological dictionary of the Gothic language, by Christianus Cornelius Uhlenbeck (1900)

Grundriss der gotischen Etymologie: Gothic etymology, by Sigmund Feist (1888)

Gothic dictionary with etymologies, by András Rajki (2004)

Gothic language

University of Texas: Gothic grammar

Grammar of the Gothic language & Gospel of St. Mark, with notes and glossary, by Joseph Wright (1910) or other version

Gothic grammar by Wilhelm Braune & Gerhard Hubert Balg (1895)

Gotische Grammatik: Gothic grammar by Wilhelm Braune (1895)

Gotisches Elementarbuch: Gothic grammar by Wilhelm Streitberg (1920)

An introduction, phonological, morphological, syntactic to the Gothic of Ulfilas by Thomas Le Marchant Douse (1886)

Texts & Literature

Wulfila Bible: in Gothic, Greek & English

manuscripts of the Gothic Bible

Codex Argenteus: manuscript

Codex Argenteus and its printed editions, by Lars Munkhammar (2010)

Die gotische Bibel: The Gothic Bible, bilingual text Gothic-Greek, by Wilhelm Streitberg (1908)

Gotisch-Griechisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch: Gothic-Greek-German dictionary & other version

Vulfila, oder die gotische Bibel: The Gothic Bible, bilingual text Gothic-Greek, by Ernst Bernhard (1875)

Ulfilas, Die Heiligen Schriften alten und neuen Bundes in gothischer Sprache: Gothic-Greek-Latin text, by Hans Ferdinand Massmann (1857)

Ulfilas, Veteris et Novi Testamenti, Versionis Gothicæ: Gothic-Latin text, by Hans Conon von der Gabelentz & Julius Loebe (1843)

Codex Argenteus, sive Sacrorum Evangeliorum versionis gothicæ fragmenta, by Andreas Uppström (1854)

The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels in parallel columns with the versions of Wycliffe and Tyndale, by Joseph Bosworth (1888)

The first Germanic Bible translated from the Greek and the other remains of the Gothic language, with glossary, by Gerhard Hubert Balg (1891)

The Gospel of Saint Mark in Gothic, with grammar & glossary, by Walter Skeat (1882)

Sacrorum Evangeliorum versio Gothica ex Codice Argento: Gothic-Latin text, by Erik Benzelius & Edward Lye (1750)

Lord's Prayer in Gothic with transliteration & translation into English

Wulfila Bible
Gothic alphabet

Gothic alphabet
Gothic Bible

unte boka usqimiþ, iþ ahma gaqiujiþ
the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life

Gothic Bible

frijos nehvundjan þeinana swe þuk silban
you shall love your neighbor as yourself

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