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French loans in Cypriot Greek by Jim Davy & Anna Panayotou, in Chypre et la Méditerranée orientale (1997)

The semantic adaptation of Turkish loanwords in Cypriot Greek by Pavlos Pavlou, in International conference on Greek linguistics (1993)

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Cypriot Greek by Pavlos Pavlou, in Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire (2012)

Quelques particularités du dialecte chypriote by Mondry Beaudouin, in Bulletin de correspondance hellénique (1879): I & II

studies about the Cypriot Greek, by Amalia Arvaniti

Linguistic practices in Cyprus and the emergence of Cypriot Standard Greek (2006)

Cypriot Greek, in Journal of the International Phonetic Association (1999)

The acoustic characteristics of geminate consonants in Cypriot Greek (2000)

Cypriot Greek and the phonetics and phonology of geminates (2001)

Comparing the phonetics of single and geminate consonants in Cypriot and Standard Greek (2001)

Phrase accents revisited: comparative evidence from Standard and Cypriot Greek (1998)

studies about the Cypriot Greek, by Σπύρος Αρμοστής (Spyros Armostis)

The perception of plosive gemination in Cypriot Greek (2010)

An articulatory study of word-initial stop gemination in Cypriot Greek

Fricative and sonorant super-geminates in Cypriot Greek, a perceptual study (2011)

The perception of Cypriot Greek "super-geminates" (2007)

The use of dialectal and foreign language elements in radio commercials and their function in the construction of contemporary Cypriot identity, by Pavlos Pavlou, in Méditerranée : ruptures et continuités (2001)

Cypriot Greek: its phonology and inflections, by Brian Newton (1972) online

Évolution des constrictives en chypriote ancien by Anna Panayotou, in L'Antiquité classique (2004)

papers about the Cypriot Greek: Academia | Wikipedia

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Texts & Literature

Panorama de la poésie chypriote by Ανδρέας Φυλακτού (Andreas Phylactou), in Cahiers du Centre d'études chypriotes (1992)

La poésie chypriote: The Cypriot poetry from the 19th century to the present days, by Anna Olvia Jacovides, in Cahiers du Centre d'études chypriotes (1984)

La réinvention de Rimbaud par la poésie chypriote by Yiannis Ioannou, in Transtext(e)s transcultures (2009)


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