Ancien Egyptian dictionary

Ancient Egyptian
Dictionary Egyptian-English dictionary, by Paul Sciortino

Hierogl: Egyptian-French dictionary, after the Raymond Faulkner's Concise dictionary of Middle Egyptian (1962)

Projet Rosette: Egyptian-French dictionary, after the Raymond Faulkner's dictionary

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian by Paul Dickson (2006) (Gardiner list)

Concise dictionary of Middle Egyptian by Raymond Faulkner (1988)

Egyptian hieroglyphic dictionary by Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge (1920)

A-Sun & Sur-T

Hieroglyphic vocabulary to the Theban recension of the Book of the Dead, by Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge (1911)

Egyptian hieroglyphics, being an attempt to explain their nature, origin and meaning, by Samuel Sharpe (1861) NEW

Lexique hiéroglyphique: Hieroglyphic Egyptian-French dictionary, by Roger Lambert (1925)

Dictionnaire égyptien en écriture hiéroglyphique: Egyptian dictionary in Hieroglyphic script, by Jean-François Champollion (1843)

Wörterbuch der Ägyptischen Sprache: Hieroglyphic Egyptian-German dictionary, by Adolf Erman & Hermann Grapow (1921): I & II - III - IV - V - VI - VII

Ägyptisches Handwörterbuch (1921)

Hieroglyphisch-demotisches Wörterbuch: Hieroglyphic-demotic dictionary, by Henrich Brugsch (1882): I & II - III - IV - V - VI - VII

The Demotic dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago (2001)

Demotische Wortliste: Demotic Egyptian-German dictionary

Egyptian language

Egyptian Hieroglyphs keyboard (more than 5000)

Egyptian keyboard (Latin alphabet) for transliteration

WikiHiero: online keyboard to type the Hieroglyphs (in several images)

EgyptianHieroglyphs: Middle Egyptian lessons

Gardiner's sign list

Hieroglyphs lessons by Jacques Kinnaer

Friesian school: pronunciation of the Egyptian language

Hieroglyphs classified by category (Gardiner's sign list)

Hieroglyphs classified by family, in colour (Gardiner list)

Projet Rosette: hieroglyphs classified by family (Gardiner list) or transliteration

Middle Egyptian grammar by Gabor Toth

Thus wrote ʿOnchsheshonqy, Introductory grammar of demotic, by Janet Johnson (2000)

Short Egyptian grammar by Günther Röder (1920)

Egyptian grammar & table of signs, glossary, by Adolf Erman (1894)

Egyptian language: easy lessons in Egyptian hieroglyphics with sign list, by Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge (1910)

Grammaire égyptienne: Egyptian grammar by Jean-François Champollion (1836) (or another version)

Précis du système hiéroglyphique des anciens Égyptiens: the hieroglyphic system of the Ancient Egyptians, by Jean-François Champollion (1828)

Lettre à M. Dacier: the famous letter to Mr Dacier, by Jean-François Champollion (1822)

books about the Egyptian language: Google books & Internet archive


eGlyphica: names of the Pharaons in hieroglyphs (in German) online hieroglyphic typewriter to type the alphabet symbols & numbers names in hieroglyphs (alphabet)

Qenherkhopeshef: names in hieroglyphs (alphabet)

type a name phonetically:

Texts & Literature

First steps in Egyptian hieroglyphics by Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge (1895)

Egyptian reading book for beginners (1888)

Tutankhamen, Amenism, Atenism and Egyptian monotheism, by Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge (1923)

The Book of the Dead

The papyrus of Ani on one image

The papyrus of Ani: a reproduction in facsimile, by Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge (1913): I & II

Hieroglyphic texts from Egyptian stelae, British Museum (1911)

I - II - III - IV - V - VI

Thesaurus inscriptionum aegyptiaerum: Egyptian inscriptions, by Heinrich Brugsch (1883) (manuscript in German)


Traduction complète des inscriptions hiéroglyphiques de l'obélisque de Louqsor, place de la Concorde à Paris, by François Chabas (1868)

Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone
The Rosetta Stone is a bilingual stele written in Egyptian (Hieroglyphs and Demotic script) and in Greek, in -196.

The stone was discovered in 1799 at Rosetta رشيد Rachid, in Arabic), village located on the estuary of the Nil (see map of Nicolas Belin, 1764).

The Rosetta Stone has been exhibited in the British Museum since 1802.

British Museum: the Rosetta Stone

Interactive Rosetta Stone Explorer with the Samuel Sharpe's translation (1871) NEW

Rosetta Stone: hieroglyphs of the Rosetta stone & translation into English, by Jim Loy

The Rosetta Stone by Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge, British Museum (1913)

The decrees of Memphis and Canopus: The Rosetta Stone (1912): I & II - III (The decrees of Canopus)

Inscriptio Rosettana hieroglyphica: interlinear translation into Latin, by Heinrich Brugsch (1851)

The Rosetta Stone in Hieroglyphics and Greek, with translations and an explanation of the hieroglyphical characters, by Samuel Sharpe (1871) NEW

Egypt: maps, heritage & documents

manuscripts & papyrus

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