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Type a code


1) Type a Gardiner code (1 consonant + number) example: A1

or a code from the Manuel de codage for hieroglyphic texts, example: zzmt

2) Type a space (or Enter)

3) Select the Egyptian hieroglyph (click with the mouse)

Download & install the font Aegyptus


This keyboard presents more than 5000 hieroglyphs, including the official unicodes & those from the book Hieroglyphica.

Copy [Ctrl]+[C] & Paste [Ctrl]+[V] on an image with a freeware like Paint (by selecting the font Aegyptus)
then possibly modify the place of the hieroglyphs (by presenting them, in certain cases, one on the other)

Latin Egyptian keyboard for transliteration

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Coptic language

Coptic keyboard

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