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Coptic Dictionary Online Coptic keyboard

Coptic dictionary by Walter Crum (1939) (+ other edition online)

Compléments au dictionnaire copte de Crum, by Rodolphe Kasser (1964) online

A concise Coptic-English lexicon by Richard Smith (1982) online

Coptic etymological dictionary by Jaroslav Černý (1976) online

Dictionnaire étymologique de la langue copte: etymological dictionary of the Coptic language, by Werner Vycichl (1983) online

Vocabularium coptico-latinum: Coptic-Latin dictionary, by Gustav Parthey (1844)


Peyronis lexicon copticum, Lexikon linguæ copticæ: Coptic-Latin dictionary, by Amedeo Peyron (1896)

Lexicon ægyptiaco-latinum: Coptic-Latin dictionary, by Mathurin Veyssière de Lacroze & Charles Godfrey Woide (1775)

Lingua ægyptiaca restituta: Coptic-Latin-Arabic dictionary, by Athanasius Kircher (1643)

Coptic loanwords of Egyptian Arabic by Federico Corriente, in Collectanea Christiana Orientalia (2008)

Coptic lexical influence on Egyptian Arabic by Wilson Bishai, in Journal of Near Eastern studies (1964)

Coptic language

Coptic keyboard

Coptic language: a course of lessons, by Nabil Isshak (2006)

The Egyptian-Coptic language, by Eitan Grossman & Tonio Sebastian Richter (2014)

studies about the Coptic language, by Tonio Sebastian Richter

Egyptian-Coptic and comparative linguistics in the century from Schlegel to Fink, early encounters (2015)

Coptic noun phrases by Egedi Barbara, thesis (2012)

The origins and development of the definite article in Egyptian-Coptic, by Maxim Kupreyev, in Studies in ancient art and civilization (2014)

The modern pronunciation of Coptic in the mass by John Dyneley Prince, in Journal of the American Oriental Society (1902)

Introductory Coptic grammar (Sahidic dialect) by John Martin Plumley (1948)

Compendious grammar of the Egyptian language by Henry Tattam (1830)

Grammaire copte: Coptic grammar by Alexis Mallon (1907)

Koptische Grammatik: Coptic grammar by Ludwig Stern (1880)

Koptische Grammatik: Coptic grammar by Möritz Gotthilf Schwartze & Heymann Steinthal (1850)

Grammatica linguæ Copticæ: Coptic grammar by Amedeo Peyron (1841)

Rudimenta linguæ Coptæ sive Ægyptiacæ by Raphael Tuki (1778)

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Texts & Literature

Coptica: Coptic texts: Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Judas, Coptic apocryphs & documents

Miscellaneous Coptic texts in the dialect of Upper Egypt, by Wallis Budge (1915) with English translation

Coptic Apocrypha in the dialect of Upper Egypt, by Wallis Budge (1913) with English translation

The Coptic version of the New Testament in the Northern dialect, otherwise called Memphitic and Bohairic, with a literal English translation, by George Horner (1898): Matthew & Mark & Luke & John - Paul - other books

The Coptic version of the New Testament in the Southern dialect, otherwise called Sahidic and Thebaic, with a literal English translation by George Horner (1911): Luke & John - Paul (1 & 2) - Acts of the Apostles - Catholic Epistles & Apocalypse

The new biblical papyrus, a Sahidic version of Deuteronomy, Jonah, and Acts of the Apostles, by Herbert Thompson (1913)

The Apostolical Constitutions or Canons of the Apostles, by Henry Tattam (1848) with English translation

Acta apostolorum coptice: the Coptic version of the Acts of the Apostles, by Paul de Lagarde (1852)

The Coptic Psalter in the Freer collection, by William Worrell (1916)

The Ancient Coptic version of the Book of Job the Just by Henry Tattam (1846)

The Coptic (Sahidic) version of certain Books of the Old Testament by Herbert Thompson (1908)

Der Pentateuch koptisch: the Coptic Pentateuch, by Paul de Lagarde (1867)

The martyrdom and miracles of Saint George of Cappadocia by Wallis Budge (1888) with English translation

Short texts from Coptic ostraca and papyri by Walter Ewing Crum (1921)

Le martyre de Saint Hélias: The Martyrdom of St. Helias, by Georgy Sobhy (1919) with French translation

Histoire du patriarche copte Isaac: The life of the Coptic patriarch Isaac, critical study, text and translation (in French) by Émile Amélineau (1890)

Études sur les fragments coptes des Conciles de Nicée et d'Éphèse by Charles Lenormant (1852)

Internet archive: Coptic texts

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Arabic Bible by the Coptic church

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