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Lietuvių kalbos žodynas: Dictionary of the Lithuanian language

Dabartinės lietuvių kalbos žodynas: Dictionary of contemporary Lithuanian

Lingea: Lithuanian-English dictionary & multilingual

Ž Lithuanian dictionary & Lithuanian-English

Iate: multilingual terminological dictionary (European Union)

online translation: Lithuanian-English & other languages & web page

Morphologic: Lithuanian-Hungarian dictionary

Letonika: Lithuanian-Latvian dictionary

Lietuvių-rusų kalbų žodynas [PDF] Lithuanian-Russian dictionary (2005)

Loecsen: Lithuanian-English common phrases (+ audio)

Lithuanian out loud: Lithuanian-English common phrases (+ audio)

YouTube: Lithuanian video course: common phrases

Dictionary of the Lithuanian and English languages: Lithuanian-English & English-Lithuanian, by Anthony Lalis (1915)

Lithuanian self-instruction: vocabulary by topics, by Joseph Laukis (1908)

Wörterbuch der littauischen Sprache: Lithuanian-German dictionary, by Georg Nesselmann (1851)

Littauisch-deutsches und deutsch-littauisches Lexikon: Lithuanian-German dictionary, by Philipp Ruhig (1747)

Vocabularium litthuanico-germanicum: Lithuanian-German & German-Lithuanian dictionary, by Friederich Wilhelm Haack (1730)

Etymological database project: Baltic etymology (Lithuanian, Latvian)

English loanwords in Lithuanian by Irma Lekaviciute (2010)

Lithuanian etymological index by Harold Bender (1921)

Die slavischen Fremdwörter im litauischen: The Slavic words in Lithuanian, by Aleksander Brückner (1877)

The earliest known Lithuanian glosses (~1520-1530) by Giedrius Subačius, Mariusz Leńczuk, Wiesław Wydra, in Archivum Lithuanicum (2010)

Lithuanian language

Lithuanian keyboard to type special characters of the Lithuanian alphabet

Cooljugator: Lithuanian verb conjugator

Lietuvių kalbos institutas, Institute of the Lithuanian language

Terminologija: publication

Archivum Lithuanicum: publication

Oneness city: Lithuanian course (+ audio)

Lithuanian alphabet: pronunciation

Debesélis: Lithuanian grammar

Lithuanian alphabet: pronunciation (+ audio)

Slic: Lithuanian course (+ audio)

University of Texas: grammar of the Baltic languages: Lithuanian & Latvian

Lithuanian by Bonifacas Stundžia, in Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire (2010)

Litauisch by Rainer Eckert, in Wieser Enzyklopädie des europäischen Ostens (2002)

Lithuanian language in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, between function and status, by Alieh Dziarnovič, in Belarusian political science review (2013) new

Lithuanian grammar [PDF] (1997)

Short grammar of Lithuanian [PDF] (1996)

studies about the history of the Lithuanian language, by Giedrius Subačius

The Lithuanian language, traditions and trends (2005)

Notes on the use of Lithuanian indefinite pronouns by Kirill Kozhanov, in Baltic linguistics (2011)

studies about the Lithuanian language, by Peter Arkadiev

Lituanus (English language journal about Lithuanian culture): papers about linguistics

Litauisches Lesebuch mit Grammatik und Wörterbuch: texts, grammar & Lithuanian-German dictionary, by August Leskien (1919)

Litauisches Elementarbuch: elementary Lithuanian grammar, by Maxim Vælkel (1900)

Grammatik der littauischen Sprache: Lithuanian grammar, by Friedrich Kurschat (1876)

Handbuch der Litauischen Sprache: Lithuanian grammar, by Ausgust Schleicher (1856)

Die Wortfolge im Litauischen: the order of the words in Lithuanian, by Ernst Schwentner (1922)

Grammatica Litvanica by Danielius Kleinas (1653) the first Lithuanian grammar, in Latin

Le parler de Buividze: description of an eastern Lithuanian dialect, by Robert Gauthiot (1903) (present name: Buivydžiai)

Beiträge zur litauischen Dialektologie: Lithuanian dialectology, by Alexander Doritsch (1911)

books & papers about the Lithuanian language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia


Lietuvos Rytas (newspaper)

LRT (Lietuvos nacionalinis radijas ir televizija): online radio & television

Texts & Literature

Lyrikline: Lithuanian poems, with translation (+ audio)

e-Palvedas: online books & Lithuanian cultural heritage

National library of Lithuania

thematic exhibitions

Intratext: Lithuanian literature, texts with concordances

Litauische Dichtungen: Lithuanian poems by Christian Donaleitis, 18th century (1865)

glossary Lithuanian-German

Litanuistica: Old Lithuanian texts

Catechismusa prasty szadei (Katechismusa prasty žadei, The simple words of catechism) by Martynas Mažvydas (1547)

The Martynas Mažvydas Catechism of 1547, the first Lithuanian book in the light of new research, by Alfonsas Šešplaukis, in Lituanus (1973)

Biblija: the Bible in Lithuanian, ecumenical translation (1998)

Karaliaus Jokūbo Biblijos vertimas: the King James Bible translated in Lithuanian (2012)

Evangėlia švento Markošiaus: The Gospel according to St Mark (1911) bilingual text, Lithuanian-English

Evangėlia švento Lukošiaus: The Gospel according to St Luke (1914) bilingual text, Lithuanian-English

bilingual Bible in Lithuanian, English & other languages

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Visi žmonės gimsta laisvi ir lygūs savo orumu ir teisėmis.
Jiems suteiktas protas ir sąžinė ir jie turi elgtis vienas kito atžvilgiu kaip broliai.

Visuotinė žmogaus teisių deklaracija: translation in Lithuanian (+ audio)

First article in different languages

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: bilingual text, in Lithuanian, Latvian, English & other languages

Lithuanian words

Lietuva Lithuania
lietuvis Lithuanian
lietuviškai in Lithuanian
Latvija Latvia
latvis Latvian (language)
labas rytas! good morning!
laba diena! good afternoon!
labas vakaras! good evening!
labanakt! good night!
iki! good bye!
aš alkanas I'm hungry
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