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Macedonian dictionary Zoze Macedonian dictionary (meanings in Macedonian)

Zoze Murgoski: Macedonian dictionaries, by Зозе Мургоски

Толковен речник на македонскиот јазик: dictionary of the Macedonian language

Голем англиско-македонски речник: Great English-Macedonian dictionary

Македонско-англиски речник: Macedonian-English dictionary Macedonian dictionary Macedonian-English dictionary & French, Italian, German, Albanian, Greek, Turkish, Russian

Idividi: Macedonian-English dictionary & French, Italian, German, Albanian, Greek

Goethe-Verlag: Macedonian-English common phrases & illustrated vocabulary (+ audio)

LingoHut: Macedonian-English vocabulary by topics (+ audio)

Omniglot: common phrases Macedonian-English (+ audio)

English-Macedonian dialectal dictionary: extinct dialect of Oshchima, by Risto Stefov (2007)

Note: Ощима, in Greek Όστιμα, today Τρίγωνο (Trígono), near Φλώρινα (Flórina), in Macedonian Лерин (Lérin), is located in Western Macedonia.

Македонски правопис со правописен речник (Macedonian orthographic dictionary) by Блаже Конески & Крум Тошев (1950)

Речник од три јазика: Macedonian-Albanian-Turkish dictionary, by Ѓорѓи Пулевски (Ǵorǵi Pulevski) (1875)

Un lexique macédonien du XVIe siècle (A Macedonian lexikon of the 16th century) by Ciro Gianelli & André Vaillant (1958)

Comparative analysis of Macedonian and French legal terms etymology by Svetlana Jakimovska, in Balkan Social Science Review (2014) NEW

Macedonian language

Macedonian keyboard to type a text with the Cyrillic script

Macedonian conversion: Cyrillic <> Latin script

Fleximac: conjugation of the Macedonian verbs Macedonian course

Macedonian: grammar, by Victor Friedman (2001)

Makedonisch: Macedonian, by Peter Hill, in Wieser Enzyklopädie des europäischen Ostens (2002)

Histoire de la langue macédonienne: history of the Macedonian language, by Frosa Pejoska-Bouchereau, in Revue des études slaves (2008)

Macedonian language and nationalism during the 19th and early 20th centuries, by Victor Friedman, in Balkanistica (1975)

Les parlers de Nivica et de Turija by André Vaillant, in Revue des études slaves (1924)

Граматика на македонскиот стандарден jазик за странци: grammar of the Macedonian language for foreigners, by Лилjана Минова-Ѓуркова (2006)

Историја на македонскиот јазик: history of the Macedonian language, by Блаже Конески (1981)

Grammar of the Macedonian literary language by Horace Lunt (1952)

Македонска граматика: Macedonian grammar, by Круме Кепески (1946)

Zur Laut- und Akzentlehre der macedoslavischen Dialekte by Leonhard Masing, thesis (1891)

books & studies about the Macedonian language: Google books | Internet archive | Wikipedia

The Macedonian language is closed to the Bulgarian.

DW - VOA: news in Macedonian

Text & Literature

LyrikLine: Macedonian poems, with translation (+ audio)

La nouvelle littérature macédonienne (The new Macedonian literature, since 1945) by Milan Djurčinov, in Revue des études slaves (1984)

De l'oralité à l'écriture la poésie orale dans le théâtre macédonien « du quotidien » by Frosa Pejoska-Bouchereau, in Revue des études slaves (2013)

L'Évangéliaire de Kulakia: The Gospel Book of Kulakia, a Slavic dialect of the lower Vardar, by André Mazon & André Vaillant (1938)

Documents, contes et chansons slaves de l'Albanie du Sud (Slavic tales and songs from South Albania) by André Mazon (1936)

BibleGateway: translation of the New Testament into Macedonian (1999)

YouVersion: translation of the Bible into Macedonian (+ audio)

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Ситe чoвeчки суштeствa сe рaѓaaт слoбoдни и eднaкви пo дoстoинствo и прaвa.
Tиe сe oбдaрeни сo рaзум и сoвeст и трeбa дa сe oднeсувaaт eдeн кoн друг вo дуxoт нa oпштo чoвeчкaтa припaднoст.

First article in different languages

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Macedonian, Bulgaria, English & other languages

Albanian: also spoken in Macedonia

Bulgarian: language similar to Macedonian

Serbo-Croatian - Serbian

North Macedonia: maps, heritage & documents

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