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Macedonian dictionary Macedonian dictionary (meanings in Macedonian) Macedonian-English dictionary & French, Italian, German, Albanian, Greek, Turkish, Russian

Idividi: Macedonian-English dictionary & French, Italian, German, Albanian, Greek

English–Macedonian dialectal dictionary: extinct dialect of Oshchima (Ощима, today Τρίγωνον in Greece), by Chris Stefou (2007)

Речник од три јазика [PDF] Macedonian-Albanian-Turkish dictionary, by Ѓорѓи Пулевски (Ǵorǵi Pulevski) (1875)

Un lexique macédonien du XVIe siècle: A Macedonian lexikon of the 16th century, by Ciro Gianelli & André Vaillant (1958)

Goethe-Verlag: Macedonian-English usual expressions & illustrated vocabulary (+ audio)

Omniglot: usual phrases Macedonian-English (+ audio)

Macedonian language

Macedonian keyboard to type a text with the Cyrillic alphabet

Macedonian conversion: Cyrillic <> Latin characters

conjugation of the Macedonian verbs

Macedonian grammar [PDF]

linguistic map of the Macedonian Slavic dialects

Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts: books about the Macedonian language

Grammar of the Macedonian literary language by Horace Lunt (1952)

Македонска граматика: Macedonian grammar by Круме Кепески (1946)

Zur Laut- und Akzentlehre der macedoslavischen Dialekte by Leonhard Masing (1891)

Macedonian language is very similar to Bulgarian.

DW - VOA: news in Macedonian

Text & Literature

Macedonian language and nationalism during the 19th and early 20th centuries, by Victor Friedman, in Balkanistica (1975)

L'Évangéliaire de Kulakia: The Gospel Book of Kulakia, a Slavic dialect of the lower Vardar, by André Mazon & André Vaillant (1938)

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Ситe чoвeчки суштeствa сe рaѓaaт слoбoдни и eднaкви пo дoстoинствo и прaвa.
Tиe сe oбдaрeни сo рaзум и сoвeст и трeбa дa сe oднeсувaaт eдeн кoн друг вo дуxoт нa oпштo чoвeчкaтa припaднoст.

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-> Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Macedonian, Bulgaria, English & other languages

Macedonia - Македонија

Macedonia: maps, heritage & documents

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