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Bolor: Mongolian-English Dictionary (+ audio)

Монгол хэлний их тайлбар толь: dictionary of the Mongolian language

English-Mongolian phrasebook, Peace Corps (1992)

LinguaMongolia: Mongolian-English dictionary, Mongolian alphabet & transliteration in Latin (font to download)

Universität Wien: lexicographical resources of the Mongolian language

Mongolian etymological dictionary by András Rajki (2009) (Latin alphabet)

Mongolian-English Dictionary by Mattai Haltod, John Gombojab Hangin, Serge Kassatkin, Ferdinand Lessing (1960)

Dictionnaire mongol-russe-français: Mongolian-Russian-French dictionary by Joseph Kowalewski (1844) (Mongolian characters)

I - II - III

Mongolisch-deutsch-russisches Wörterbuch: Mongolian-German-Russian dictionary by Isaak Jakob Schmidt (1835) (Mongolian characters)

Dictionnaire monguor-français : le dialecte monguor parlé par les Mongols du Kansou occidental, by Albrecht de Smedt & Antoine Mostaert (1933) (Latin characters)

Mongolian language

Mongolian keyboard: to type a text with the Cyrillic alphabet

conversion Cyrillic-Latin alphabet

Bichig keyboard: to type a text with the traditional script NEW

LinguaMongolia: Mongolian grammar

The Mongolian script (traditional)

Graphemes of the Mongolian script

linguistic map of the Mongolian

Modern Mongolian, a course book, by John Gaunt (2004)

Colloquial Mongolian, course for beginners, by Alan Sanders (1999)

Modern Mongolian, a primer and reader, by James Bossom (1964)

A grammar of the Mongol language by Chinggaltai (Mongolian characters)

Introduzione alla lingua mongola by Jargal Molomjamts & Andrea Csillaghy (1998)

studies about the Mongolian language, by Louis Ligeti

Éléments de grammaire mongole: Mongolian grammar (Ordos dialect, Inner Mongolia) by Georges Soulié (1903)

Grammaire de la langue mongole écrite: Written Mongolian grammar by Louis Hambis (1945)

Grammatik der mongolischen Sprache: Mongolian grammar by Isaak Jakob Schmidt (1831)

books & papers about the Mongolian language: Monumenta altaica | Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia

The traditional script is written from top to bottom and from left to right. It will reintroduce as the official written language of Mongolia in 2025.

Under Soviet pressure, the Mongolian language has been written with the Cyrillic script since 1937. Two letters were added:

the letter ө (transliterated ö) /o/ in addition to the Cyrillic о /ɔ/
the letter ү (transliterated ü) /u/ in addition to the Cyrillic у /ʊ/

Mongolian is spoken in Mongolia and in the neighboring regions of Russia and China where a region is called Inner Mongolia.



Texts & Literature

Monumenta altaica: Old Mongolian texts

LinguaMongolia: texts in Mongolian, transliterated in Latin & Cyrillic alphabet, translation into English

Mongolian anthem

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (1846) in Mongolian characters

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Хүн бүр төрж мэндлэхдд эрх ёөлөөтэй, адилхан нэр төртэй, ижил эрхтэй байдаг.
Оюун ухаан, нандни ёанар заяасан хүн гэгё өөр хоорондоо ахан дүүгийи үзэл санаагаар харьцах уёиртай.

First article in different languages

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: bilingual text

Maudgalyāyana: the legend of Molon toyin (end 19th century) written with the Mongolian alphabet

text alphabet mongolian

Mongolia: maps, symbols, heritage & documents

Russian language

Chinese language

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