Pali dictionary

Pāli पालि

Critical Pāli dictionary, edited and revised by the University of Cologne

Critical Pāli dictionary  by Vilhelm Trenckner, Dines Anderson & Helmer Smith (1925)

Pali-English dictionary by the Pali Text Society (1925, with additions and corrections, 2007) + PDF

BuddhaSasana: English-Pali dictionary, by Metta Net (Latin alphabet)

Concise Pāli-English dictionary by A. P. Buddhadatta (1958)

A Pāli glossary by Dines Andersen (1905)

A dictionary of the Pali language by Robert Cæsar Childers (1875)

Abhidhānappadīpikā or Dictionary of the Pali language, by Moggallāna Thero, with English and Sinhalese interpretations, notes and appendices, by Waskaduwe Subhūti (1865)

Buddhist dictionary of Pāli proper names

Dictionary of Pāli proper names by Gunapala Piyasena Malalasekera (1937): I & II

Pali language

Devenagari Sanskrit Keyboard to type a text with the Devanagari characters

Latin Sanscrit Keyboard for Pali transliteration

Pali grammar by Vito Perniola (1997)

An elementary Pali course (1952)

The Pali text of Kachchayano's grammar (Kaccāyana) with English annotations, by Francis Mason (1870): I & II

A compendious Pali grammar with a copious vocabulary, by Benjamin Clough (1824)

Beiträge zur Pali-Grammatik by Ernst Kuhn (1875)

Essai sur le pali ou langue sacrée de la presqu'île au-delà du Gange, by Eugène Burnouf & Christian Lassen (1826)

Grammaire palie : esquisse d'une phonétique et d'une morphologie de la langue palie, by Jean Minayef (1874)

Kaccāyana et la littérature grammaticale du pāli : grammaire palie de Kaccāyana, by Émile Senart (1871)

De declinatione nominum substantivorum et adjectivorum in lingua palica by Wilhelm Storck (1858)

books & papers about the Pali language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia

Texts & Literature

Pāḷi Tipiṭaka (Tripitaka, three baskets), also called "Pali Canon", texts in several scripts

Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta (The great discourse on the establishing of awareness): text in Latin alphabet & translation into English

A Pali reader with notes, by Maung Tin (1920)

A Pali reader with notes and glossary, by Dines Andersen (1917)

A Pāli glossary

Pali Literatur und Sprache: Pali language and literature, by Wilhelm Geiger (1916)

books about the Pali literature: Google books & Internet archive

Sanskrit dictionary

India: maps, heritage & documents


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