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Tibetan Bod yig

Nic Bommarito: online Tibetan-English dictionary

Tibetan & Himalayan library: Tibetan-English historical dictionary

Tibetan > English dictionary & translation

Tibetan-English dictionary by Huadan Zhaxi

Tibetan-Chinese-English contemporary words, by topics

Tibetan dictionary (with meanings in Tibetan) by G. Tharchin (1950)

Ka-Ca - Cha-Nya - Da-Pha - Ba-Tsa - Tsha-A

Dictionnaire thibétain-latin-français: Tibetan-Latin-French dictionary, edited by the Catholic Missionaries in Tibet (1899) new

English-Tibetan colloquial dictionary by Charles Alfred Bell (1920)

English-Tibetan dictionary by Lama Dawasamdup Kazi (1919)

Tibetan-English dictionary with Sanskrit synonyms, by Sarat Chandra Das (1902)

Tibetan-English dictionary with special reference to the prevailing dialects, by Heinrich Jäschke (1881)

Romanized Tibetan and English dictionary, manuscript, by Heinrich Jäschke (1866)

Dictionary Tibetan and English by Alexander Csoma de Kőrös (1834)

Dictionary of the Bhotanta or Boutan Language: Bouthan-English dictionary & grammar, by Friedrich Schroeter (1826)

Vehicle of wisdom and wit, voice of ridicule and protest, inquiry into the nature of Tibetan proverbs and idiomatic phrases, by Per Sørensen & Franz Xaver Erhard (2011)

Tibetan language

Tibetan keyboard

Extended Wylie teaching guide: Tibetan characters & transliteration, by Alexandru Anton-Luca

Tibetan calligraphy, how to write the Tibetan dbu-can script

Colloquial Tibetan by Jonathan Samuels (2014)

Tibetan grammar and phrasebook by Silvia Vernetto & Tenzin Norbu (2007) (Latin characters)

Colloquial Tibetan, a textbook of the Lhasa dialect, by Tsetan Chonjore (2002)

Fluent Tibetan (1993)

studies about the Tibetan language, by Nicolas Tournadre

The Tibetic languages and their classification (2013)

Sketch of Tibetan dialectology in China, classifications of Tibetan dialects, by Zhang Jichuan, in Cahiers de linguistique (1996)

Language vitality and language identity: which one is more important? Tibetan-Chinese bilingual education in Maketang versus Huazangsi, by Chunlin Yao & Ghilʿad Zuckermann, in Language Problems & Language Planning (2016)

Morphology of the Tibetan language by Hans Nordewin von Koerber (1935)

Grammar of colloquial Tibetan by Charles Alfred Bell (1919)

Introduction to the grammar of the Tibetan language by Sarat Chandra Das (1915)

Grammar of the Tibetan language, literary and colloquial, by Herbert Bruce Hannah (1912)

Tibetan Grammar by Heinrich Jäschke (1883)

Hand-book of colloquial Tibetan by Graham Sandberg (1894)

Grammar of the Tibetan language by Alexander Csoma de Kőrös (1834)

Grammaire de la langue tibétaine: Tibetan grammar, by Philippe Édouard Foucaux (1858)

Grammatik der tibetischen Sprache: Tibetan grammar, by Isaak Jakob Schmidt (1839)

studies about the Tibetan script and ancient manuscripts, by Sam van Schaik

A new look at the invention of the Tibetan script (2011)

Towards a Tibetan palaeography developing a typology of writing styles in early Tibet (2014)

A new transcription system for Old and Classical Tibetan by Guillaume Jacques (2012)

Alphabetum tangutanum sive tibetanum: the Tibetan alphabet, by Cassiano Beligatti & Giovanni Cristofano Amaduzzi (1773)

books & papers about the Tibetan language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia

bod-skad bod skad Spoken Tibetan, from bod (Tibet, Tibetan) & skad (voice, language)
bod-yig bod yig Written Tibetan

Bod-kyi-Dus-Bab (Tibet Times)

VOA: news in Tibetan & in English

RFA (Radio free Asia)

Texts & Literature

Prolegomena to Tibetan folk literature and popular poetic idiom, by Per Sørensen (2010)

Tibetan proverbial literature, semantics and metaphoricity in context, by Per Sørensen (2013)

Introduction to Tibetan Sa bstod speeches in A mdo, by Timothy Thurston, in Asian ethnology (2013)

The Song of the Eastern Snow-Mountain, Minor Tibetan texts, by Johan Van Manen (1919)

Le trésor des belles paroles: Tibetan quotations by Lama Sakya Pandita & translation in French (1858)

Genesis and Exodus, the first and second book of the Holy Bible in Tibetan (1905)

Gsungrab: New Testament in Tibetan new

Khen ze chin van: Tibetan manuscripts

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
First article in Tibetan

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: bilingual text in Tibetan, English (or PDF format)


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