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Wolof-English dictionary (1995) (Peace Corps, Gambia)

Ay Baati Wolof [PDF] Wolof-English dictionary, by Pamela Munro & Dieynaba Gaye (1997)

WolofResources: Wolof-French-English vocabulary by topics

17 minute languages: Wolof-English common phrases (+ audio)

Janga Wolof: Wolof-English common phrases

Wisdom of the Wolof sages explained & translated into English, by Richard Shawyer (2009)

Wolofii: Wolof proverbs & translation into French

Au-Sénégal: Wolof proverbs & translation into French

Dictionnaire français-volof: French-Wolof dictionary & abridged Wolof grammar, by V.-J. Guy-Grand & Olivier Abiven ( (1923)

La langue wolof: the Wolof language & French-Wolof vocabulary, by Jean-Baptiste Rambaud (1903)

Dictionnaire français-wolof et wolof-français, containing all the words of Dard's dictionary, Baron Roger's vocabulary, Abbé Lambert's manuscript dictionary, revised by the Missionary Fathers (1855) NEW

Dictionnaire français-wolof: French-Wolof & French-Bambara dictionary by Jean Dard (1825)

Wolof > French

Vocabulaire de la langue ouolofe by René Geoffroy de Villeneuve, in Afrique, ou Histoire, mœurs, usages et coutumes des Africains (1814)


Guide de la conversation français-volof, Mission catholique (1907)

Guide de la conversation en quatre langues, français-volof-diola-sérèr (1907)

Barbot's West African vocabularies (by Jean Barbot written in 1680), by Paul Hair (1992)

Early published vocabularies of the Wolof language by David Gamble (1992)

Vocabulaires guiolof, foule, mandingue, saracolé, seraire, bagnon et floupe recueillis à la côte d'Afrique, pour le service de l'ancienne Compagnie royale du Sénégal, in Mémoires de la Société ethnologique (1845)

The Compagnie royale dictionaire manuscript: an early lexicographic exploration of historical Senegambia, by Henning Schreiber (2011)

Wolof language

Wolof keyboard to type the special characters of the Wolof alphabet

Laaf: Wolof course in English, French, German

Afroweb: Wolof grammar

Sénégalaisement: Wolof course (in French)

Étudiants du monde: Wolof course (in French)

Wolof resources

Boston university: Wolof course, proverbs (with video)

Verbix: conjugation of verbs

Wolof grammar manual by Richard Shawyer (2001)

Trainee Wolof manual by Bamba Diop, Peace Corps Senegal (2012)

Wolof grammar manual, Peace Corps Gambia (1995)

Practical course in Wolof (1980)

Notes on Wolof grammar by William Stewart (1970), revised by William Gage

A grammar of Diola-Fogny: a language spoken in the Basse-Casamance region of Senegal, by David Sapir (1965) online

Lexical Resources in Wolof and English for talking of time in terms of space by Kevin Ezra Moore (2007)

Vowel harmony in Wolof by Carla Unseth (2009)

Grammaire de la langue volofe: Wolof grammar by Aloïs Kobès (1869)

Grammaire de la langue woloffe: Wolof grammar by David Boilat (1858)

Grammaire wolofe: Wolof grammar by Jean Dard (1826)

books & papers about the Wolof language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia


Wolof online

Texts & Literature

tales of francophony from Senegal, Mali, Mauritanie: texts in French & Wolof (+ audio)

Chants wolof et La sagesse de Ncothie Barma : manuscripts edited by Charles Becker & Mohamed (2000)

L'espace dans un genre « enfantin » de la littérature orale wolof : le maye, by N'Diabou Séga Touré, in Journal des africanistes (2010)

Le poème Taxmiis, une clé de l'universalisme de Moussa Kâ by Saliou Ndiaye, in Éthiopiques, revue négro-africaine de littérature et philosophie (2014)

The Bible translated into Wolof

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Doomi aadama yépp danuy juddu, yam ci tawfeex ci sag ak sañ-sañ.
Nekk na it ku xam dëgg te à nd na ak xelam, te war naa jëflante ak nawleen, te teg ko ci wà llu mbokk.

Bataaxal gu mag gi ëmb sañ-sañi doomi aadama: translation into Wolof (+ audio)

First article in different languages

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: bilingual text in Wolof & other languages

Senegal: maps, symbols, heritage & documents

languages of Africa


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