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Hiragana   ひらがな


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Kanji keyboard   Japanese

a   ka sa ta na
i   ki shi chi ni
u   ku su tsu nu
e   ke se te ne
o   ko so to no
  v       n
ha ma ya   ra
hi mi     ri
fu mu yu   ru
he me     re
ho mo yo   ro
wa ga za da ba pa
wi gi ji dji bi pi
  gu zu dzu bu pu
we ge ze de be pe
wo go zo do bo po

To type directly with the computer keyboard:


The characters (wi) and (we) are obsolete. They are replaced by うぃ (ui) and うぇ (ue).

The obsolete charecters yi, ye, wu (replaced by i, ie, u) can also be typed using the computer keyboard:
the font BabelStone Han must be installed on the computer to read these characters.

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