Avestan dictionary


Old Iranian (Old Persian & Avestan) by Scott Harvey & Jonathan Slocum, University of Texas, Austin

Master glossar: Avestan-English dictionary

Base form dictionary: Avestan-English dictionary

English meaning index: English-Avestan lexicon

Old Avestan glossary by Oktor Skjærvø (2022)

Young Avestan glossary

English-Avesta dictionary by Kavasji Edalji Kanga (1909)

A complete dictionary of the Avesta language in Guzerati and English (Gujarati) (1900)

Lexique des fragments de l'Avesta edited by James Darmesteter, by Edgar Blochet (1901)

Manuel de la langue de l'Avesta: Avestan-French lexicon, by Charles de Harlez (1882)

Young Avestan pašne and its etymology, by Alexander Lubotsky, in Acta Linguistica Petropolitana (2022)

Avestan language

Avestan keyboard to type a text with the Avestan script

Latin Avestan keyboard to type a text with the special characters of the Latin script

Avestan-Latin conversion

Avestan language, by Karl Hoffmann, in Encyclopædia Iranica (2011)

Avestan people by Marry Boyce

Teach yourself Avesta by Ramiyar Parvez Karanjia (2022)

Old Iranian (Old Persian & Avestan) by Scott Harvey & Jonathan Slocum, University of Texas, Austin

studies about the Avestan language, by Oktor Skjærvø

Old Avestan primer (2006)

Young Avestan primer (2018)

Avestan and Old Persian morphology, in Morphologies of Asia and Africa (2007)

The Avestan alphabet and its transcription, by Abraham Jackson (1890)

An Avesta grammar in comparison with Sanskrit (1891)

A Practical grammar of the Avesta language compared with Sanskrit, with a chapter on syntax and a chapter on the Gāthā dialect, by Kavasji Edalji Kanga (1891)

Handbuch der Awestasprache: Grammatik, Chrestomathie und Glossar, by Wilhelm Geiger (1879)

Grammaire de la langue zende by Abel Hovelacque (1878)

Manuel de la langue de l'Avesta: grammaire, by Charles de Harlez (1878)



Grammaire comparée des langues indo-européennes by Franz Bopp (1868) : I & II - III

Alphabet zend

Avestic refers to the language used in the Avesta, just as Vedic (an old Sanskrit language) is the language of the Vedas. It is not known whether this language had a proper name. This language appears as a liturgical language. It belongs to the Indo-Iranian language group, and is closely related to Sanskrit. It comes from ancient Eastern Iran (now Afghanistan).


Glottothèque (University of Göttingen): The Avestan languages, by Almut Hintze & Benedikt Peschl


Titus: Avesta corpus

Avesta reader : easier texts, notes and vocabulary, by Abraham Jackson (1893)

Avesta, the Sacred Books of the Parsis, edited by Karl Geldner (1896): I & II (Vīspered) - III (Vendīdād) (in Avestan script)

Zoroastrianism & Avesta


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