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Dukhrana: Syriac dictionaries, online search in the dictionaries of Costaz, Payne Smith, Jennings

Lishani: Syriac-Arabic-English dictionary

Syriac-English dictionary & French, by Louis Costaz (2002)

Lexicon to the Syriac New Testament (Peshitta) by William Jennings & Ulric Gantillon (1926)

Compendious Syriac dictionary by Robert Payne Smith (1903) or another version

Thesaurus syriacus: Syriac-Latin dictionary, by Robert Payne Smith (1879)

A-K - L-T & supplement

Syrisch-griechisches Wörterbuch zu den vier kanonischen Evangelien: Syriac-Greek dictionary of the Gospels, by Otto Klein (1916)

Dictionarium syriaco-latinum: Syriac-Latin dictionary, by J. Brun (1895)

Lexicon syriacum by Carl Brockelmann (1895)

Lexicon syriacum by Edmund Castell (1788)

Treasur of the Syriac language: Syriac dictionary, by Toma Audo (1986): I & II

Lexicon syriacum by Hassan bar Bahlul (10th) edited by Rubens Duval (1901): I & II - III

Dictionary of the dialects of vernacular Syriac as spoken by the Eastern Syrians of Kurdistan, North-West Persia and the plain of Moṣul, by Arthur John MacLean (1901)

Syriac language

Syriac keyboard to type a text with the Syriac script

Transliterated Syriac keyboard to type a text with the Latin script

Library of Congress: proposal for Syriac romanization table

LearnAssyrian: Syriac course

Syriac alphabet (+ audio) + PDF version

Syrian Orthodox Church: Syriac alphabet & course (WaybackMachine)

Syriac grammar by Eberhard Nestle (1889)

Elements of Syriac grammar by an inductive method, by Robert Dick Wilson (1891)

Introductory Syriac method and manual by Robert Dick Wilson (1891)

Syriac grammar by Friedrich Uhlemann & Enoch Hutchinson (1875)

Grammatik der syrischen Sprache: Syriac grammar by Friedrich Uhlemann (1857)

The principles of Syriac grammar by Andreas Hoffmann & Harris Cowper (1858)

Grammatica syriaca: Syriac grammar by Andreas Hoffmann (1867)

Grammar of the Modern Syriac language by David Stoddard (1855)

Syriac grammar by George Phillips (1866)

Traité de grammaire syriaque: Syriac grammar by Rubens Duval (1881)

Syrische Grammatik mit Paradigmen, Literatur, Chrestomathie und Glossar: grammar, literature, Syriac-German glossary, by Carl Brockelmann (1905)

books about the Syriac language: Google books | Internet archive | Brigham Young university

Texts & Literature

Peshitta, the Syriac Bible

A short history of Syriac literature by William Wright (1894)

Ancient Syriac documents relative to the earliest establishment of Christianity in Edessa and the neighbouring countries, by William Cureton (1864)

La littérature syriaque: the Syriac literature, by Rubens Duval (1900)

Dukhrana: Syriac version of the Bible & other versions (Latin, Greek, English, French)

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Moraugin: Syriac version of the Bible

Syriac Bible (1823)

Clavis syriaca, a key to the ancient Syriac version, called Peshito, of the four holy gospels, by Henry Whish (1883)

A tract of Plutarch on the advantage to be derived from one's enemies, De capienda ex inimicis utilitate: the Syriac version, with a translation and critical notes, by Eberhard Nestle (1894)

The chronicle of Joshua the Stylite in Syriac (6th), translation & notes by William Wright (1882)

The ecclesiastical history of Eusebius in Syriac, edited by William Wright (1898)

Histoire de Mar Jab-Alaha, patriarche, et de Raban Sauma in Syriac, with notes by Paul Bedjan (1895)

Libri Veteris Testamenti Apocryphi Syriace by Paul de Lagarde (1861)

La légende syriaque de saint Alexis: Syriac texte and transklation in French, by Arthur Amiaud (1889)

Ammonas successeur de saint Antoine: Greek and Syriac texts, edited and translated into French, by François Nau (1914)

Une version syriaque inédite de la vie de Schenoudi edited and translated into French, by François Nau (1900)

Les légendes syriaques d'Aaron de Saroug, de Maxime et Domèce, d'Abraham, maître de Barsoma et de l'empereur Maurice, edited and translated into French, by François Nau (1910)

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