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TLex: Manx-English dictionary, by Phil Kelly Manx-English dictionary

Manx heritage foundation: Manx-English dictionary

Tagloo: Manx-English dictionary online translation

Intergaelic: Manx-Irish Gaelic & Scottish-Irish Gaelic dictionaries & translation

Foclóir Manainnis-Gaeilge [PDF] Manx-Irish Gaelic dictionary, by Kevin Scannell (2016)

Lioar Raaghyn / Frásleabhar / Phrase Book [PDF] trilingual phrasebook in Manx Gaelic, Irish & English (2021) NEW

Wikipedia in Manx

Fockleyr Chregeen: Cregeen's dictionary, revised by Max Wheeler (2019)

Dictionary of the Manks language by Archibald Cregeen (1835)

Fockleyr Manninagh as Baarlagh: Manx dictionary by John Kelly & William Gill, published by the Manx Society (1866)

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Cheilley: "each other, one another" (reciprocal pronoun), a contribution to Manx lexicography, by Max Wheeler (2016)

Proverbs and sayings in The folk-lore of the Isle of Man by Arthur William Moore (1891)

Gaelic names of plants (Scottish, Irish and Manx) with notes on their etymology, their uses, plant superstitions… by John Cameron (1900)

list of place-names of the isle of Man

The surnames & place-names of the Isle of Man by Arthur William Moore (1890)

Gaelic language

Manx Language Network: Manx course, common phrases (+ audio) Manx language & symbols, basic vocabulary & texts

Manx first names

The revivability of Manx Gaelic: a linguistic description and discussion of revived Manx, by Christopher Lewin, thesis (2016)

Scholarship and language revival: language ideologies in corpus development for revived Manx, in Studia Celtica Posnaniensia (2017)

Sociolinguistic vitality of Manx after extreme language shift, authenticity without traditional native speakers, by Tadhg Ó hIfearnáin (2015)

The Manx language: dead or alive? by Gordon Hemsley (2009)

studies about the Manx Gaelic language, by Max Wheeler

Manx Gaelic inflection: Noun plurals & Genetive cases - Noun paradigms - Adjectives - Verbs - Initial mutation after er "perfect tense" in Classical Manx

Prepositional nominals (2017)

Relative future tense in main clauses in Manx Gaelic (2016)

Survey of grammatical gender in Classical Manx (2017)

Practical grammar of the antient Gaelic or Language of the Isle of Man usually called Manks, by John Kelly (1870)

Manx language, its grammar, literature and present state, by Henry Jenner, in Transactions of the Philological Society (1875)

books about the Manx language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia

Audio & Video

Manx Radio in Gaelic

Youtube (Culture Vaninn)

Texts & Literature

Manx literature in English

Cooinaghtyn Manninagh, Manx reminiscences, by John Clague (1911) Manx-English

Yn Vible Casherick: translation of the Bible into Manx, Manx-English bilingual text

Yn Vible Casherick: the Bible (1777, 1819 edition)

texts in Manx, edited by Max Wheeler

Counting things in the Manx Bible (2016)

Psalmyn currit ayns Drane Ghaelgagh, Manx singing Psalms (1761)

Lioar Phadjeragh Chadjin, The Book of Common Prayer in Manx Gaelic (1842) with translation into English

Lioar Phadjeragh Chadjin, The Book of Common Prayer in Manx Gaelic (1765) with translation into English

Lioar dy Hymnyn: a critical edition of the four Manx Gaelic hymn books printed 1795-1846

The Principles and Duties of Christianity in English and Manks, by Thomas Wilson (1707)

Thomas Wilson's Sermons (1-12) Manx and English, with preface

The Book of Common Prayer, and administration of the sacraments, Church of England, translated into Manx & in English (1765)

Short and plain instruction for the better understanding of the Lord's supper by Thomas Wilson (1777) Manx-English bilingual text

Sharmaneyn: sermons by Thomas Wilson (1783)

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Isle of Man: maps & documents

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