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Focló Teanglann Potafocal Téarma Glosbe Iate   eDIL

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Focló Teanglann Potafocal Téarma Glosbe Iate   eDIL

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Focló English-Irish dictionary by Tomás de Bhaldraithe (1959) & new words

Teanglann: Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla, Irish-English dictionary by Niall Ó Dónaill (1977), An Foclóir Beag, Irish-Irish dictionary, by Niall Ó Dónaill & Pádraig Ua Maoileoin (1991), English-Irish Dictionary, by Tomás de Bhaldraithe (1959) (+ audio)

Pronunciation database to listen to words in the major dialects, namely Connacht, Ulster and Munster

PotaFocal: Irish-English dictionaries

Intergaelic: Scottish-Irish Gaelic & Manx-Irish Gaelic dictionaries & translation

Cadhan Aonair: resources about the Gaelic language, by Kevin Scannell

Foclóir Gàidhlig-Gaeilge: Scottish-Irish Gaelic dictionary (2016)

Foclóir Manainnis-Gaeilge: Manx-Irish Gaelic dictionary

Frásleabhar / Lioar Raaghyn / Phrase Book: trilingual phrasebook in Manx Gaelic, Irish & English (2021)

Líonra séimeantach na Gaeilge: Irish words and the semantic relationships among them (2007)

Téarma: Irish-English dictionary (terminology)

Iate: multilingual terminological dictionary (European Union)

eDIL: Irish-English dictionary

Gramadach lexicon: Irish > English dictionary

Lexicelt: Irish-Welsh dictionary

thematic vocabulary: phrases (+ audio) & grammar

Gaois, Corpas comhthreomhar (corpus of legislation): translations of phrases, Irish-English ирландско-русский словарь : Irish-Russian dictionary (+ phonetics)

Daltaí: Irish-English common phrases (+ audio)

Irish-Sayings: Irish-English common phrases & expressions (+ audio) (free limited access)

IrishCultureAndCustoms: Irish-English common phrases (+ phonetics)

Nathanna cainte don raidió: Irish phrases for radio, Irish-English vocabulary (2019)

Corpas: Historical Irish Corpus (1600-1926), Royal Irish Academy

Daltaí: Irish proverbs & translation into English

BabyNamesOfIreland: origin of the Irish names

IrishIdentity: Christian names & surnames in Irish & English Irish-English place names dictionary (+ audio)

Irish names and surnames by Patrick Woulfe (1923)

Varieties and synonymes of surnames and Christian names in Ireland for the guidance of registration officers and the public in searching the indexes of births, deaths, and marriages, by Robert Matheson (1901)

English-Irish phrase dictionary by Lambert McKenna (1922)

Foclóir gaedhilge agus béarla, Irish English Dictionary being a thesaurus of words, phrases and idioms of the modern Irish language, with explanations in English, by Patrick Dinneen (1904)

Larger English-Irish dictionary, Foclóir béarla-gaedhlige, by Timothy O'Neill-Lane (1917)

Learner's English-Irish dictionary for use in schools and colleges and by students in general, by An Seabhac (Pádraig Ó Siochfhradha)

Irish-English dictionary by Edward O'Reilly, revised by John O'Donovan (1864)

English-Irish Dictionary, intended for the use of students of the Irish Language, by Daniel Foley (1855)

English Irish Dictionary by Thaddæus Connellan (1814)

Focalóir Gaoidhilge-Sax-bhéarla or An Irish-English Dictionary, by John O'Brien (Seán Ó Briain) (1768)

The English Irish Dictionary, An Foclóir Béarla Gaoidheilge, by Conor O'Begly (Conchobhar Ó Beaglaoich) & Hugh MacCurtin (Aodh Bhuidhe Mac Cuirtin) (1732)

Gaelic names of plants (Scottish, Irish and Manx) with notes on their etymology, their uses, plant superstitions… by John Cameron (1900)

The role of Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla, Niall Ó Dónaill, in Irish language lexicography in the 20th century, by Liam Mac Amhlaigh (2008)

Tracing inspiration in proverbial material: from The Royal Dictionary (1699 & 1729) of Abel Boyer to The English-Irish Dictionary (1732) of Begley and McCurtin, by Marcas Mac Coinnigh, in International journal of lexicography (2012)

Old Irish

In Dúil Bélrai: Old Irish dictionary

Early Irish glossaries database: Cormac's glossary (Sanas Cormaic), O'Mulconry's glossary & the collection of Druim Cett (Dúil Dromma Cetta)

Sanas Chormaic: Cormac's glossary (10th century) translated and annoted by John O'Donovan (1868)

Three Irish glossaries: Cormac's glossary, O'Davoren's glossary & Glossary to the calendar of Oingus the Culdee (1862)

Focalóir Gaoidhilge-Sags-Bhéarla, Irish-English dictionary by John O'Brien (1832)

Focalóir Gaoidhilge-Sax-Bhéarla, Irish-English dictionary by Edward Lhuyd (1768)

Irish language

Gaelic keyboard to type the acute accent & ancient characters

Teanglann: declension & conjugation

BBC: Irish lessons, basic vocabulary (+ audio)

Independent: phrases in Irish with English translations (+ audio)

Nualéargais: Irish grammar by Lars Bräsicke (in English or in German)

Daltai: Irish grammar

Irish lessons by Antony Dubach Green


Irelandman: Irish course (in German)

Basic Irish, a grammar, by Nancy Stenson (2008)

Irish for everyone by Cathal Ó Cuinn (1986)

Las mutaciones del gaélico irlandés by Ignacio Vázquez Diéguez, in Dialectologia (2017)

Irish by Raymond Hickey, in Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire (2012)

Direction and location in Modern Irish, in Words: structure, meaning, function (2000) NEW

Introduzione alla storia della lingua gaelica by Anna Fattovich NEW

Le Gaeltacht : un espace culturel protégé, by Brigitte Dumortier, in Le territoire, lien ou frontière ? (1995)

Un regard sur la promotion institutionnelle de l'irlandais : de l'indépendance politique à la crise économique actuelle, by Sara Brennan, in Langage et société (2013)

Les langues « bylées » en Irlande : territoire, écritures, lecture et discours, by Martin Walton, in Identifier et catégoriser les langues minoritaires en Europe (2014)

Revitalisation linguistique et révolution en Irlande : de la Ligue gaélique aux prisonniers politiques républicains d'Irlande du Nord, by Renée Tosser, in Mémoires, identités, marginalités dans le monde occidental contemporain (2020)

Lexicographie, traduction et langues minoritaires : le cas de l'irlandais au sein de l'Union européenne, by Máirtín Mac Aodha, thèse (2018)

La langue irlandaise en Irlande du Nord : vers une possible neutralité ? by Wesley Hutchinson, in Langues et territoires, Hérodote (2002)

Le gaélique comme marqueur symbolique du territoire en ville de Belfast by Viviane Müller, in Mots, les langages du politique (2004)

Les représentations sociolinguistiques de l'irlandais et de son apprentissage : enquêtes dans des établissements secondaires de Galway, by Lise Catherine Carrel-Bisagni, thèse (2013)

La langue irlandaise dans les écoles primaire en Irlande de 1831 à 1936 : stratégies politiques et pédagogiques, by Nadine Lamelet, thèse (2008)

Le caractère irlandais (an cló Gaelach) et la dynamique de l'âge d'or, by Danielle Jacquin, in Études irlandaises (1991)

La langue gaélique en Irlande hier et aujourd'hui, Études irlandaises (2001)

Les traits linguistiques de la langue gaélique by Danielle Jacquin

Langue et identité en Irlande du Nord aujourd'hui by Martine Pelletier

Le journal d'un ouvrier gaélophone en Grande-Bretagne (Dónall Mac Amhlaigh) : différences culturelles et communauté linguistique, by Jean-Philippe Hentz, in Synergies (2008)

Gramadach na Gaeilge, an caighdeán oifigiúil: the official standard for the Irish language (2017)

Graiméar Gaeilge na mBráithre Críostaí: Gaelic grammar by the Christian Brothers (1960) (in Irish)

Simple lessons in Irish, giving the pronunciation of each word, by Eugene O'Growney (1923): I & II

First Irish Grammar by the Christian Brothers (1920)

Aids to the pronunciation of Irish by the Christian Brothers (1905)

Aids to Irish composition by the Christian Brothers (1910)

Graiméar na Gaedhilge: grammar of spoken Irish, by the Christian Brothers (1906) (in English)

Grammar of the Irish language by Patrick Joyce (1896)

Compendium of Irish grammar by Ernst Windisch (1882)

Easy lessons or self-instruction in Irish by Ulick Bourke (1867)

Grammar of the Modern Irish language by Charles Wright (1860)

The college Irish grammar by Ulick Bourke (1856)

Grammar of the Irish language by John O'Donovan (1845)

Practical grammar of the Irish language by Owen Connellan (1844)

Grammar of the Irish language by Henry Monck Mason (1839)

Practical grammar of the Irish language by Paul O'Brien (1809)

An introduction to the Irish language by William Neilson (1808)

Description d'un parler irlandais de Kerry by Marie-Louise Sjoestedt-Jonval (1938)

A dialect of Donegal being the speech of Meenawannia in the parish of Glenties, phonology and texts, by Edmund Crosby Quiggin (1906) + online text

Die araner Mundart: The Aran islands dialect, grammar & Irish-German dictionary, by Franz Nikolaus Finck (1899)

books about the Irish Gaelic language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia

resources about the Gaelic language

Old Irish

University of Texas: Old Irish grammar (5th-11st centuries)

Early Irish by David Stifter, in The Celtic languages (2009)

Italo-Celtic origins and prehistoric development of the Irish language by Frederik Kortlandt (2006)

Old Irish phonology

Old Irish verb morphology

Adjective phrases in Old Irish by Ranko Matasović, in Keltische Forschungen (2009)

Concise Old Irish grammar and reader by Julius Pokorny (1914)

Grammar of Old Irish by Frederick William O'Connell (1912)

Grammaire du vieil-irlandais: Old Irish grammar, by Joseph Vendryes (1908)

Manuel d'irlandais moyen: Middle Irish handbook, by Georges Dottin (1913)

texts and glossary

Handbuch des Alt-Irischen: Old Irish handbook, by Rudolf Thurneysen (1909)

texts & dictionary Irish-German


Rté (Raidió na Gaeltachta) online radio > click on [Eist]

TG4: online television

Texts & Literature

LyrikLine: Irish poems, with translation (+ audio)

Celt: texts & poems of Ireland in Gaelic, Latin, English

Amhrán na bhFiann (The Soldier's Song): Irish anthem in Gaelic & English version

Irish prose, an essay in Irish with translation in English and a vocabulary, by Patrick Dinneen (1902)

Irish Popular Songs in Gaelic & translation in English by Edward Walsh (1847)

The King's letter (George IV) translated into Irish with a grammatical introduction to the Irish language, by Thaddæus Connellan (1825)

Cúirt an Mheán Oíche (The Midnight Court) by Brian Merriman (18th century) bilingual text Irish-English (humor) with vocabulary

Leabhar breathnach annso sis, the Irish version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius, with translation & notes by James Henthorn Todd (1848)

Stair Ercuil ocus a bás, The life and death of Hercules, with translation & glossary, by Gordon Quin (1939)

The topographical poems of John O'Dubhagain and Giolla na Naomh O'Huidhrin (14th century) edited in the original Irish, with translation & notes by John O'Donovan (1862)

Annals of the kingdom of Ireland by the four masters, from the earliest period to the year 1616 (Annála Ríoghachta Éireann) with translation & notes by John O'Donovan (1856): I & II - III - IV - V - VI - VII

Leabhar Gabhála, the book of the taking of Ireland, by Micheál Ó Cléirigh (XVIIe) with translation by Robert Macalister (1938): I & III - IV - V

The martyrology of Óengus the Culdee (Félire Óengusso Céli Dé) with translation & notes by Whitley Stokes (1905)

Lives of saints, from the Book of Lismore, with translation & notes by Whitley Stokes (1890)

The voyage of Bran, son of Febal, to the land of the living, an old Irish saga: English translation by Kuno Meyer, with an essay by Alfred Nutt (1895): I & II

The Táin bó Cúailnge from the Yellow book of Lecan, with variant readings from the Lebor na hUidre, edited by John Strachan (1912)

The ancient Irish epic tale, Táin bó Cúalnge, "The Cualnge cattle-raid": English translation by Joseph Dunn (1914)

Lebor na hUidre, Book of the dun cow, edited by Richard Irvine Best & Osborn Bergin (1929)

The banquet of dun na n-Gedh and the battle of Magh Rath, an ancient historical tale (Fleadh duin na n-Gedh & Cath Muighe Rath) with translation and notes by John O'Donovan (1842)

The religious songs of Connacht, a collection of poems, stories, prayers, satires, ranns, charms… by Douglas Hyde (1906): I & II

Three Middle-Irish homilies on the lives of Saints Patrick, Brigit and Columba, by Whitley Stokes (1877)

Hail Brigit, an Old-Irish poem on the Hill of Alenn, by Kuno Meyer (1912)

Die altirische Heldensage, Táin bó Cúalnge, in Gaelic & translation in German, by Ernst Windisch (1905)

Irische Texte: Irish texts with translation in German & Irish-German dictionary, by Ernst Windisch (1880): I & II-1 - II-2 - III - IV

Ancient law of Ireland: Irish texts & translation into English (1865-1901): I & II - III - IV - V

An Biobla Naomhtha: Old Testament by William Bedel (Uilliam Bhedel) & New Testament by William Daniel (Uilliam Ó Domhnuill) (17th, 1817 edition)

An Tiomna Nuadh: the New Testament by William Daniel (17th, 1892 edition) in Irish script

Leabhuir an Tsean Tiomna: the Old Testament by William Bedel (17th, 1827 edition) in Irish script

The Gospel according to st. John in Irish, with an interlined English translation, by Owen Connellan (1830)

The two first books of the Pentateuch (Genesis & Exodus) by Thaddæus Connellan (1819)

The Psalms of David in the Irish language, by Norman MacLeod (1836)

Christian inscriptions in the Irish language, by Georges Petrie & Margaret Stokes (1872): I & II

Irish script on screen: manuscripts in Gaelic

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Saoláitear na daoine uile saor agus comhionann ina ndínit agus ina gcearta.
Tá bauidh an réasúin agus an choinsiasa acu agus dlíd iad féin d'iompar de mheon bhrthreachais i leith a chéile.

Ddearbhú uile-choiteann cearta an duine: translation into Irish Gaelic (+ audio)

First article in different languages

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Gaelic, English & other languages

Ireland: maps, symbols, heritage & documents

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