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Austral English: a dictionary of Australasian words, phrases and usages with those Aboriginal-Australian and Maori words which have become incorporated in the language and the commoner scientific words that have had their origin in Australasia, by Edward Morris (1898)

A diachronic exploration of the contribution of the harvesting of the marine environment to a distinctive New Zealand English lexicon (1796-2005), by Cherie Anne Connor, thesis (2010)

New Zealand English language

English language in New Zealand by Dianne Bardsley, in Te Ara, encyclopedia of New Zealand

New Zealand English by John Newman, University of Alberta

On the representation and evolution of Australian English and New Zealand English by Anne Przewozny & Cécile Viollain, in Anglophonia (2016)

Attitudes of non-Māori New Zealanders towards the use of Māori in New Zealand English by Julia de Bres (2010)

Determinism in new-dialect formation and the genesis of New Zealand English by Elizabeth Gordon, in Journal of linguistics (2000)

The New Zealand short front vowels, new-dialect formation and Southern Hemisphere English, by Elizabeth Gordon, in Journal of sociolinguistics (1999)

Capturing the vowel change In New Zealand English over a thirty year period via a diachronic study, by Catherine Watson, Sallyanne Palethorpe, Jonathan Harrington (2004)

An acoustic comparison of Australian and New Zealand English vowel change by Zoë Evans & Catherine Watson (2004)

The phonetics of giving a hand in New Zealand English (spoken syntax) by Jennifer Hay & Joan Bresnan, in The Linguistic review (2006)

/u/ fronting and /t/ aspiration in Māori and New Zealand English, by Margaret Maclagan, Catherine Watson, Ray Harlow, Jeanette King, Peter Keegan, in Language variation and change (2009)

Sociophonologie de l'anglais contemporain en Nouvelle-Zélande, corpus et dynamique des systèmes, by Cécile Viollain, thesis (2014)

The plural attributives in New Zealand English, by Denis Jamet (2008)

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