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Canadian English

Dictionary of Canadianisms on historical principles

Dictionary of Newfoundland English by George Story, William Kirwin, John Widdowson (1998)

Favorite words from the Canadian Oxford Dictionary

Canadianisms and their treatment in dictionaries by Sandra Hamilton, thesis (1997)

French loanwords in Canadian English: a usage-based approach, by Julie Rouaud, in Anglophonia (2019)

La lexicographie de l'anglais canadien by Robert Gregg, in Revue québécoise de linguistique (1989)

English language

Canadian language museum: Canadian English, Eh? (exhibit)

A brief introduction to Canadian English by Sacha Berardo (2011)

Canadian English, a linguistic reader [PDF] edited by Elaine Gold & Janice McAlpine (2010)

studies about the Canadian English, by Stefan Dollinger

English in Canada in Handbook of world Englishes (2014)

Academic and public attitudes to the notion of "standard" Canadian English (2011)

Canadian English : a conservative variety ? in Zeitschrift für Kanada-Studien (2015)

Varieties of English: Canadian English in real-time perspective in Historical linguistics of English (2012)

Written sources for Canadian English, phonetic reconstruction and the low-back vowel merger in 19th century, in Varieties in Writing (2010)

studies about the Canadian English, by Charles Boberg

Regional phonetic differentiation in Canadian English in Journal of English linguistics (2008)

Geolinguistic diffusion and the U.S.-Canada border in Language variation and change (2000)

The dialect topography of Montreal (2004)

Canadian vowel shift in Montreal in Language variation and change (2005)


English-Canadian literary anthologies, national identity and the canon by Bonnie Hughes, thesis (2012)

Alice Munro's short fiction writing in Canadian Studies (2014)

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