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Effingpot: British dictionary, American guide to speak British, words and expressions that differ in their usage

Everyday conversations, learning American English, for students (Department of State)

In the loop, Reference guide to American English idioms (2010) (Department of State)

Pronouncing dictionary of American English by John Samuel Kenyon & Thomas Albert Knott (1949)

American English by Gilbert Tucker (1921)

American glossary being an attempt to illustrate certain Americanisms upon historical principles, by Richard Thornton (1912)

A-L & M-Z

Dictionary of Americanisms being a glossary of words supposed to be peculiar to the United States and the dominion of Canada, by Sylva Clapin (1902)

Current Americanisms, a dictionary of words and phrases in common use, by Baron Russel (1893)

Americanisms, old and new, Dictionary of words, phrases and colloquialisms peculiar to the United States, British America, the West Indies…, their derivation, meaning and application, together with numerous anecdotal, historical, explanatory and folk-lore notes, by John Farmer (1889)

Americanisms, the English of the New World, by Maximilian Schele de Vere (1872)

Dictionary of Americanisms by John Russell Bartlett (1859)

Glossary of supposed Americanisms collected by Alfred Elwyn (1859)

The American slang dictionary by James Maitland (1891)

books about the American language & Americanisms: Google books & Internet archive

American English language

American English: texts (+ audio) (Department of State)

Celebrate! Holidays in the U.S.A.

American rhythms

Guide to American English by Louis MacCorry Myers (1962)

The American language, a preliminary inquiry into the development of English in the United States, by Henry Louis Mencken (4th edition, 1949)


A library of American literature, from the earliest settlement to the present time, by Edmund Stedman & Ellen Hutchinson (1891) version texte ou livres scannés :

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