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dictionary of Irish slang & colloquial expressions

dictionary of Irish slang

Irish proverbs

Dialect vocabulary of Ulster [PDF] by John Kirk (1999)

Cavanese, English as spoken in Cavan

English Language

Universität Duisburg-Essen, Irish English resource center: sound atlas, linguistic maps

Variation and change in Dublin English

YouTube: The foreigner's guide to Irish accents

Irish English, varieties and variations, in Études irlandaises (2006)

Irish English, research and developments, by Raymond Hickey

Hiberno-English in transition by Terence Dolan

Questions of h in Northern Ireland breathing new life on the aspiration theory, by Joan Rahilly

Translation into English in Ireland, a view from the grave, by Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin

Hiberno-English in the plays of Marina Carr by Patricia Lynch

Beckett et l'Hiberno-English, entre excès et toujours moins, by Helen Astbury

studies about Irish English, by Patricia Ronan

Irish English habitual do be revisited in Linguaculture (2010)

The after-perfect in Irish English in Dialects across borders (2005)

L'évolution de la langue anglaise en Irlande (2013)

studies about Irish English, by Raymond Hickey

The English language in Ireland, in Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire (2012)

English in Ireland (2002)

The Englishes of Ireland (2009)

The languages of Ireland (2011)

Standard Irish English (2012)

Southern Irish English (2007)

The English language in Ireland by Jeffrey Kallen (2012)

English in Ireland and Irish in English, Hiberno-English as exemplar of world English, by Thomas Christiansen (2009)

English as we speak it in Ireland by Patrick Joyce (1910): grammar, pronunciation


National library of Ireland

Presses universitaires de Caen: studies about the Irish literature


Ireland: maps, symbols, heritage & documents

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