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YorubaDictionary: Yoruba-English dictionary, by Pamela Smith & Adebusola Onayemi

Freelang: Yoruba-English dictionary

Hippocrene concise dictionary: Yoruba-English & English-Yoruba, by Kayode Fakinlede (2003) online

Dictionary of Modern Yoruba by Roy Abraham (1958) online

Dictionary of the Yoruba language based on the work of Samuel Crowther, enlarged by E. Sowande, E. Fry, T Ogunbiyi (1913)

Second edition (1937) online

Vocabulary of the Yoruba language by Samuel Crowther (1852)

Vocabulary of the Yoruba language (1843)

Grammar and dictionary of the Yoruba language by Thomas Bowen (1858)

The body in Yoruba by Mark Dingemanse (2006)

The Yoruba animal metaphors by Adesola Olateju, in Nordic journal of African studies (2005)

Yoruba names and gender marking by Olanikė Ola Orie, in Anthropological linguistics (2002)

Historical changes in Yoruba names (2016)

Yoruba language

Yoruba keyboard to type a text with the special characters of the Latin alphabet

corresponds to sh; the vowels and with a dot below are open (e and o are close)

University of Georgia: Yoruba course (+ videos)

Yoruba alphabet (+ audio)

Yoruba grammar sketch by Oluseye Adesola

Yoruba basic course, Foreign service institute

Yoruba writing: standards and trends, by Tèmítọ́pẹ́ Olúmúyìwá, in Journal of Arts & Humanities (2013)

Is Yoruba an endangered language ? by Felix Abidemi Fabunmi & Akeem Segun Salawu, in Nordic Journal of African studies (2005)

Problems of lexical decomposition, the case of Yoruba complex verbs, by Joshua Abiodun Ogunwale, in Nordic Journal of African studies (2005)

The high tone syllable in central Yoruba dialects by Temitope Olumuyiwa, in Nordic Journal of African studies (2009)

De l'oralité à la littérature, métamorphoses de la parole chez les Yorubas, by Affin Laditan, in Semen (2004)

Jé k'á so yorùbá: Yoruba grammar, by Antonia Schleicher (1993) online

My Yoruba alphabet: alphabet and pronunciation, by Richard Edward Dennett (1916)

Language studies in Yoruba published by the Church Mission Society (1914)

Grammar of the Yoruba language by Samuel Crowther (1852)

Notes on the construction of the Yoruba language by J. B. Wood (1879)

Notice sur le pays et le peuple des Yébous en Afrique by Armand d'Avezac, in Mémoires de la Société ethnologique (1845)

Esquisse grammaticale de la langue yéboue

books & papers about the Yoruba language: Google books | Academia | Wikipedia

The Yoruba language is spoken in Southwest Nigeria, Benin and Togo. Samuel Crowther is the author of the first Yoruba grammar and the first translation of the Bible.

Samuel Crowther, the slave boy who became bishop of the Niger, by Jesse Page (1888)

The black bishop, Samuel Adjai Crowther (1909)


The UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive: Yoruba words (+ audio)

Yoruba folk songs (~1930)

Texts & Literature Bibeli mimọ (1960) (+ audio)

Bibeli mimọ (Holy Bible): translation into Yoruba (1900)

AfricanPortal: translation of the Bible into Yoruba

Katekismu l'ede yoruba: translation of the Catéchisme de Cambrai (1894)

Iwé orin mimọ l'ede yoruba ou Manuel de chants religieux de la mission du Benin (1893)

Iwé adura yoruba: prayer book, psalms & biblical verses (1879)

Orin mimọ: religious songs (1876)

Orin ati iyin si Ọlọrun by J. White (1870)

Iwé orin: religious songs (1865)

The Quran: translation into Yoruba

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Gbogbo ènìyàn ni a bí ní òmìnira; iyì àti ẹ̀tọ́ kọ̀ọ̀kan sì dọ́gba.
Wọ́n ní ẹ̀bùn ti làákàyè àti ti ẹ̀rí‐ọkàn, ó sì yẹ kí wọn ó máa hùwà sí ara wọn gẹ́gẹ́ bí ọmọ ìyá.

First article in different languages

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: bilingual text in Yoruba, English & other languages

Yoruba civilization

The frontier states of Western Yorubaland: state formation and political growth in an ethnic frontier zone, by Biodun Adediran (1994)

Human personality and the Yoruba worldview: an ethico-sociological interpretation, by Fayemi Ademola Kazeem, in The Journal of pan African studies (2009)

The origin and form of the Yoruba masque theatre by Joel Adedeji, in Cahiers d'études africaines (1972)

Law in traditional Yoruba philosophy: a critical appraisal, by Adeyemi Ademowo (2014)

Contradictions in Yoruba folk beliefs concerning post-life existence: the Ado example, by Isola Olomola, in Journal des africanistes (1988)

Yoruba Christian video narrative and indigenous imaginations by Obododimma Oha, in Cahiers d'études africaines (2002)

Conflict resolution in the traditional Yoruba political system by Anthony Okion Ojigbo, in Cahiers d'études africaines (1973)

Violence in dialogue: Yorùbá women in actions, by George Olusola Ajibade, in Cahiers d'études africaines (2011)

The history of the Yorubas, from the earliest times to the beginning of the British Protectorate, by Samuel Johnson (1921)

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