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Dictionary - Речник

Institute for Bulgarian Language (Речник на българския език): Dictionary of the Bugarian language

Chitanka: Bulgarian dictionary, synonyms, declination & conjugation

Rechnik.info: Bulgarian dictionary, etymology, synonyms & Bulgarian-English dictionary

T-Rechnik: Bulgarian dictionary

Sa: Bulgarian-English dictionary

Eurodict: Bulgarian-English dictionary & multilingual

Rechnik-bg: Bulgarian-English dictionary & French, Italian, Spanish, Russian

Bulgarian spelling dictionary

Bulgarian, a guide to the spoken language, published by the U.S. War Departement (1943)

Речникъ на блъгарскый языкъ: Dictionary of the Bulgarian language, by Найден Геров (Najden Gerov) (1895)

      А-Д - Е-К - Л-О - П - Р-Ю  & supplement

Енциклопедически рѣчникъ: Encyclopedical dictionary, by Лука Касъров (Luca Kasrov) (1899)

      А-К - Л-П - Р-Ѭ

Complete Bulgarian-English dictionary by Constantine Stephanove (1914)

English-Bulgarian translation & French, German, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Russian

online translation: Bulgarian-English & other languages & web page

Bulgarian language
Bulgarian keyboard to type a text with the Cyrillic alphabet

Bulgarian conversion: Cyrillic <> Latin characters

pronunciation of the Bulgarian alphabet & basic phrases (+ audio)

Bulgarian grammar, pronunciation (+ audio), basic vocabulary

Short grammar of the Bulgarian language, with reading lessons, by William Morfill (1897)

Grammar of the Bulgarian language by C.F. Morse (1859)

Bulgarische Grammatik: Bulgarian grammar by Gustav Weigand (1917)

books about the Bulgarian language: Google books & Internet archive


Труд - Монитор - Новинар - Стандарт: newspapers

Bulgarian National Radio

Bulgarian National Television

Darik: news & listen to the radio

DW: news in Bulgarian

Texts & Literature
Bulgarian literature

books about the Bulgarian literature: Google books & Internet archive

Chansons populaires bulgares: Bulgarian folk songs, by Auguste Dozon (1875)

Бѫлгарски поети : anthology of Bulgarian poetry (1922)

Библия (the Bible): several versions in Bulgarian (+ audio), English, Greek, Latin

-> bilingual Bible

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Всички хора се раждат свободни и равни по достойнство и права.
Те са надарени с разум и съвест и следва да се отнасят помежду си в дух на братство.

-> First article in different languages

-> Declaration of Human Rights in Bulgarian, Russian, English & other languages

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-> Macedonian language: very similar to Bulgarian

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