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English-Cornish glossary in the standart written form [PDF]

English-Cornish dictionary [PDF]

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Cornish-Breton-English vocabulary

Cornish-English vocabulary with audio (BBC)

English-Cornish dictionary by Frederick Jago (1887)

The ancient language and the dialect of Cornwall : glossary of Cornish provincial words (English dialect) & additional information about Dolly Pentreath, the last known person who spoke the ancient Cornish as her mother tongue, by Frederick Jago (1882)

Lexicon Cornu-Britannicum or Dictionary of the ancient Celtic language of Cornwall, by Robert Williams (1865) & another version

Archæologia Cornu-Britannica: Cornish grammar & Cornish-English vocabulary, by William Pryce (1790)

Vocabularium cornicum: Cornish-Latin glossary from a 12th century manuscript

Geirlyer Kyrnẁeig: manuscript of a Cornish dictionary compiled by Edward Lhuyd (1708)

Patronymica Cornu-Britannica or The etymology of Cornish surnames, by Richard Stephen Charnock (1870)

Glossary of Cornish names, ancient and modern, local, family, personal... by John Bannister (1871)

Cornish language

Maga: the Cornish language

Kesva: Cornish course

Cussel an Tavaz Kernûak: course, vocabulary, proverbs...

Cornish texts: extracts from the Bible...

Kernowek: An orthography for the Cornish language

Guide to spelling and pronunciation

An outline of the standard written form of Cornish by Albert Bock & Benjamin Bruch (2008)


The vowels of Cornish

Brief history of the Cornish language, its revival and its current status, by Siarl Ferdinand, in e-Keltoi (2013)

studies about the Cornish language by Jon Mills

Cornish lexicography in the twentieth century, standardisation and divergence (1999)

The Vocabularium Cornicum: a Cornish vocabulary? (2013)

Middle Cornish lexical register: the role of etymology (2014)

The Vocabularium Cornicum: a Cornish vocabulary? by Jon Mills (2013)

Quelques traits de la toponymie maritime: some features of maritime toponymy of Cornwall, by Paul Quentel, in Annales de Bretagne (1950)

Les données de la toponymie du Devon: toponymy of Devon according to Breton emigration in Armorica (1952)

Breton et cornique: Breton and Cornish in the late Middle Ages, by Léon Fleuriot, in Annales de Bretagne (1969)

Handbook of the Cornish language & Some account of its history and literature, by Henry Jenner (1904) or text format

Sketch of Cornish grammar by Edwin Norris (1859)

The preverbal particle re in Cornish by G. P. Williams (1908)

BBC in Cornish

Radyo an Gernewegva

Texts & Literature

The Ancient Cornish drama in Cornish and translated in English by Edwin Norris (1859) : I & II

Origo Mundi - Passio Christi - Resurrexio Domini : The Ordinalia is a trilogy written in Middle Cornish (probably late 14th century)

Ancient Cornish vocabulary

The Creation of the world (Gwreans an bys), a Cornish mystery (1611) in Cornish & translated in English by Whitley Stokes (1863)

Mount Calvary or The history of the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, written in Cornish, by John Keigwin (1682) published by Davies Gilbert (1826)

Beunans Meriasek, The life of Saint Meriasek, bishop and confessor, a Cornish drama, in Cornish & translated in English by Whitley Stokes (1872)

Beunans Meriadek: manuscript (1504)

Beunans Ke (The life of Saint Ke): manuscript (~1500)

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Yma pub den genys frank hag equal yn dynyta hag yn gwyryow.
Ymons y enduys gans reson ha keskans hag y tal dhedhans omdhon an eyl orth y gela yn sperys a vredereth.

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Some Cornish words
Kernow Cornwall, Cornish (unhabitant)
Kembra Wales
keltek Celtic
bro country
konna tir peninsula
Pow Sows England
Sowsnek English
my a gar Kernow I love Cornwall
nos da ! good night!
my a'th kar I love you
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