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Sproget: multi-dictionary with meanings in danish: Den Danske Ordbog, Retskrivningsordbogen

Retskrivningsordbogen: spelling of Danish words

Ordbog over det danske sprog (1700-1950) meanings in Danish

Nye ord i dansk: Danish dictionary of new terms (from 1955 to today)

Den Store Danske: Danish encyclopedia

Lingea: Danish-English Dictionary & multilingual Danish-English Dictionary

Parlor: Danish-English dictionary & multilingual

Danish-English dictionary basic, with phonetic

online translation: Danish-English & other languages & web page

Loecsen: Danish-English usual expressions (+ audio)

Goethe-Verlag: Danish-English usual expressions & illustrated vocabulary (+ audio)

SpeakDanish: Danish-English useful expressions (+ audio)

rhyming dictionary

Dansk ordbog: Danish dictionary by Christian Molbech (1833)

A-N & M-Z

Dansk etymologisk ordbog: Danish etymological dictionary, by Edwin Jessen (1893)

Dansk synonymik: Danish synonyms, by Peter Erasmus Müller (1872)

Engelsk-Dansk ordbog: Danish-English dictionary by Svend Rosing (1887)

Dictionary of the English and Danish languages, adapted to the use of schools and learners of both languages, by Cecil Hornbeck (1863)

Danish > English

Dansk-Engelske ordbog: Danish-English dictionary by William Mariboe (1861)

Dansk-norsk–engelsk ordbog, Dictionary of the Dano-Norwegian and English languages, by Anton Larsen (1897)

Dansk-norsk–svensk ordbok: Danish-Norwegian–Swedish dictionary by Ida Natanael Beckman (1907)

Svensk–dansk-norsk ordbog: Swedish–Danish-Norwegian dictionary by Ida Falbe-Hansen (1912)

Dictionnaire français-danois: French-Danish dictionary by Lauritz Stephan Borring (1841)

A-G & H-Z

University of Copenhagen : Names in Denmark, place names & personal names

My Danish roots: family names & place names

Old Danish

Ordbog til det ældre danske sprog (1300-1700) by Otto Kalkar (1907)

Danish language

Danish keyboard to type the special characters of the Danish alphabet

Verbix: verb conjugation & Danish-English translation

Verbix: conjugaison des verbes danois à tous les temps et traducteur danois-français

Basic grammar Danish

Tsca's Danish grammar

Dansk her og nu (Danish here and now): Danish course cours de danois (+ audio) & Danish-English vocabulary

Grammar explorer: texts in danish (+ audio) the Danish language, spelling rules, grammar

Dansk Sprognævn (Danish language council)

Grammatisk talt: grammatical dictionary (1996)

Københavns Universitet: the Danish dialects

Teach yourself Danish (2004)

Danish, guide to the spoken language published by the United States war department (1943)

Practical and easy method of learning the Danish and Norwegian languages by H. Lund (1900)

Danish and Dano-Norwegian grammar by Peter Groth (1894)

Simplified grammar of the Danish language by Elise Otté (1883) & Swedish

The Danish speaker, pronunciation of the Danish language, vocabulary, dialogues, and idioms, for the use of students and travellers in Denmark and Norway, by Maria Bojesen (1865)

Guide to the Danish language for English students, by Maria Bojesen (1863) with phrases translated in English

Danish grammar by Rasmus Rask (1846)

Dansk grammatik: Danish grammar by Edwin Jessen (1891)

books & papers about the Danish language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia


newspapers: Berlingske Tidende - Politiken

Danmarks Radio (DR): online radio

Texts & Literature

Royal Library of Denmark

Arkiv for Dansk Litteratur: Danish literature, online books

old books: 15th-16th century


books about the Danish literature: Google books & Internet archive

the Bible in Danish

-> bilingual Bible Danish-English & other languages

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Alle mennesker er født frie og lige i værdighed og rettigheder.
De er udstyret med fornuft og samvittighed, og de bør handle mod hverandre i en broderskabets ånd.

Verdenserklæring om Menneskerettigheder: translation in Danish (+ audio)

-> First article in different languages

-> Universal Declaration of Human Rights: bilingual text in Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish…

Denmark - Danmark

Denmark: maps, symbols, heritage & documents

-> Norwegian - Icelandic - Swedish

-> Germanic languages (in French)