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KBBI Sabda Wiktionary prononciation

Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (Large dictionary of the Indonesian language): meanings in Indonesian

Cambridge: Indonesian-English dictionary

Sederet: Indonesian-English dictionary Indonesian-English dictionary

Indodic: Indonesian-English dictionary

Indonesian-German dictionary

online translation: Indonesian-English & other languages: text & web page

Tuttle concise Indonesian dictionary, Indonesian-English & English-Indonesian, by A. Kramer & Willie Koen, revised by Katherine Davidsen (2014) online

Kamus Indonesia-Inggris: Indonesian-English dictionary, by John Echols & Hassan Shadily (1992) online

Hippocrene practical dictionary, Indonesian-English & English-Indonesian, by Helen Johnson & Rossall Johnson (1990) online

Loecsen: Indonesian-English common phrases (+ audio)

Goethe-Verlag: Indonesian-English common phrases & illustrated vocabulary (+ audio)

LingoHut: Indonesian-English vocabulary by topics (+ audio)

L-lingo: Indonesian-English vocabulary, by topics (+ audio)

Defense language institute: basic vocabulary (+ audio) - civil affairs - medical

An overview of Indonesian loanwords from French by Tri Indri Hardini & Philippe Grangé, in Indonesian journal of applied linguistics (2016)

Malay dictionaries & Javanese

Indonesian language

Sejarah Indonesia: pronunciation of Indonesian

LangHub: Indonesian course & vocabulary (+ audio)

SeaSite: Indonesian course (+ audio)

An analysis of Indonesia's national language policy: one land, one nation, one language, by Scott Paauw, in University of Rochester working papers in the language sciences (2009)

studies about the indonesian language, by Philippe Grangé

The Indonesian verbal suffix -nya: nominalization or subordination?, in Wacana (2015)

La syntaxe de l'indonésien, in Le Banian (2013)

Verbes orientés et non orientés en indonésien, by Alice Cartier, in Cahiers de linguistique, Asie orientale (1978)

Une construction non-agentive en indonésien formel (1979)

A student's guide to Indonesian grammar, a comprehensive grammar, by Dwi Noverini Djenar (2003)

Indonesian, a comprehensive grammar, by James Sneddon (1996)

Complete Indonesian by Christopher Byrnes & Eva Nyimas (2010) online

Introduction to Indonesian linguistics by Renward Brandstetter (1916)


BBC - VOA - DW: news in Indonesian

Texts & Literature

LyrikLine: poems in Indonesian, with translation (+ audio)

IslamHouse: translation of the Quran into Indonesian (Alquran)

Sabda: translation of the Bible into Indonesian (Alkitab)

search of a word or a verset in the Bible

comparison between the translations of the Bible

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Semua orang dilahirkan merdeka dan mempunyai martabat dan hak-hak yang sama.
Mereka dikaruniai akal dan hati nurani dan hendaknya bergaul satu sama lain dalam semangat persaudaraan.

Pernyataan umum tentang hak-hak asasi manusia: translation into Indonesian (+ audio)

First article in different languages

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Indonesian, Malay, English & other languages


Portal Jurnal Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia: online journals

Indonesian journal of applied linguistics

books about the Indonesian language: Google books | Wikipedia

Indonesia: maps, heritage & documents

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