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Ottoman Turkish عثمانليجه

Kubbealtı Lugatı: dictionary of Contemporary & Ottoman Turkish (meanings in Turkish)

OsmanlıcaTürkçe: Ottoman-Modern Turkish dictionary (Latin characters)

Pauctle: Ottoman-Modern Turkish dictionary (Arabic & Latin characters)

Osmanlı Türkçesi büyük el sözlüğü: Ottoman-Modern Turkish dictionary, by Mertol Tulum (2013) online

Matériaux pour un dictionnaire étymologique de la langue turque ottomane by Bedros Kerestedjian (1912)

A lexicon, English and Turkish by James Redhouse (1884)

A Turkish and English dictionary (1890)

Dictionnaire turc-français: Turkish-French dictionary by R. Youssouf (1890) in Latin & Arabic characters

Dictionnaire turc-français, Kamus-i firansavi: Turkish-French dictionary by Sami Fraschery (1883)

Dictionnaire turc-français: Turkish-French dictionary by Charles Barbier de Meynard (1881): I ا - ر & II (ز - ى)

Thesaurus linguarum orientalium, turcicæ, arabicæ, persicæ, by Franciscus à Mesgnien Meninski: Turkish-Arabic-Persian dictionary with translation into Latin, German, Italian, French, Polish (1680): I & II

Complementum seu Onomasticum latino-turco-arabico-perso, simul Index verborum lexici turcico-arabico-persici (1687)

Gramatica turcica (1680)

Remarks on the phonetic value of the letters y and ü in Franciscus Meninski's Ottoman Turkish Thesaurus, by Marek Stachowski, in Studia linguistica universitatis Iagellonicae Cracoviensis (2012)

Institutionum linguæ turcicæ: Turkish-Latin dictionary, by Hieronymus Megiser (1612)

Dzieje tureckie y utárczki Kozàckie z Tàtary (Turkish histories and Cossack skirmishes with Tatars) by Marcin Paszkowski (1615)

Marcin Paszkowski's Polish and Turkish dictionary by Marek Stachowski, in Studies in Polish linguistics (2013)

Turkish language

Ottoman Turkish keyboard: to type a text with Arabic characters

Progression of palatal /ŋ/ and some remarks on palatalization in the 18th century Istanbul Turkish according to Viguier, by Ömer Yağmur, in Rocznik orientalistyczny (2017)

Oral et écrit dans le monde turco-ottoman, Revue du monde musulman et de la Méditerranée (1995)

Ottoman-Turkish conversation-grammar by Hovhannes Hagopian (1907)

Simplified grammar of the Ottoman-Turkish language by James Redhouse (1884)

Turkish self-taught or The dragoman for travellers in the East, being a new, practical and easy method of learning the Turkish language, by Abu Said (1877)

Simple transliteral grammar of the Turkish language by Edwin Arnold (1877)

Reading book of the Turkish language with grammar & vocabulary, by William Burckhardt Barker (1854)

The Turkish interpreter, Grammar of the Turkish language, by Charles Boyd (1842)

Grammar of the Turkish language by Arthur Lumley Davids (1832)

Outline of a grammar of the Turkish language as written in the Armenian characters, by Elias Riggs (1856)

Gramatica turcica: Turkish grammar, by Franciscus à Mesgnien Meninski (1680)

Rudimenta grammatices linguæ turcicæ: Turkish grammar by André Du Ryer (1633)

Texts & Literature

The trans-communal rise of the novel in the late Ottoman empire: "we must ourselves write about ourselves", by Étienne Charrière, thèse (2016) NEW

University of Michigan: Ottoman Turkish manuscripts with translation into Modern Turkish, English (+ audio)

Diyet (Blood money) by Ömer Seyfettin (with translation of every word)

Kaldırımlar (Sidewalks): poem by Necip Fazıl Kısakürek (with translation of every word & audio)

Bibliothèque universitaire des langues et civilisations (Bulac-Inalco): Turkish manuscripts

The literature of the Turks, A Turkish chrestomathy, with translations in English & grammatical notes, by Charles Wels (1891)

History of the Ottoman poetry by Elias John Wilkinson Gibb (1900): I & II - III - IV - V - VI

New Testament translated into Turkish (1853)

History of Turkish Bible translations by Bruce Privratsky (2013)


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