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Kazakh dictionary

prononciation Wikipedia Google search Kazakh-English dictionary (Cyrillic & Latin scripts) Kazakh-Russian dictionary

Pauctle: Kazakh-Turkish dictionary

17 minutes: Kazakh-English common phrases (+ audio)

Say it in Kazakh: Kazakh-English-Russian common phrases

Kazakh-English dictionary (2008) NEW

Топономика жэне этимология: Kazakh dictionary of etymology and toponymy, by А. Әбдірахманов (2010) NEW

Казакша-орысша сөздік: Kazakh-Russian dictionary, by Қалдыбай Бектайұлы (2007)

Lexical means of nomination of the emotional concept "fear" in the Kazakh and English languages, by Dinara Ryspayeva, in Ijasos (2021)

Petite histoire des dictionnaires kazakh-russes parmi les alphabets arabe, latin et cyrillique, by Xavier Hallez, in Cahiers d'Asie centrale (2004)

Les adjectifs de couleur en kazakh et en français by Aliya Zagidullina, in Mémoires, identités, marginalités dans le monde occidental contemporain (2021)

Couleurs et culture chez les Kazakhs by Sophie Renaud, in Cahiers d'Asie centrale (2000)

Lexemas con el componente camello en kazajo (lexemes with the camel component: problems of translation) by Nurmira Zhumay, in Opción (2020)

Kazakh language

Kazakh keyboard to type a text with the Cyrillic script

Kazakh conversion: Cyrillic <> Latin script

Kazakh keyboard (Latin script)

Kazakh keyboard (Arabic script)

A grammar of Kazakh by Zura Dotton & John Wagner

Kazakh grammatical sketch by Karl Krippes (1993)

Kazakh language course for Peace Corps volunteers (1995)

Kazakh, language competencies by Ilse Cirtautas, Peace Corps (1992)

Adjectives in Modern Kazakh by Gulayhan Aqtay (2013)

Kazakh adjectives denoting human properties (2016)

The development of linguistics in Kazakhstan by Sholpan Zharkynbekova & Atirkul Agmanova, in Folklore (2016)

Kazakh linguistics in Kazakhstan: an outline, by Henryk Jankowski, in Turkic languages (2014)

Nation-building and language standardisation in Kazakhstan by Pål Kolstø, in Oil, transition and security in Central Asia (2003)

Past, present and future of language policy in Kazakhstan by Aliya Kuzhabekova, thesis (2003)

Multilingualism in modern Kazakhstan: new challenges, by Bibigul Yergaliyevna Yeskeldiyeva & Saule Zhaksylykbaevna Tazhibayeva, in Asia social science (2015)

Evidentiality in Uzbek and Kazakh by Christopher Straughn, dissertation (2011)

L'aménagement linguistique dans le Kazakhstan post-soviétique : quel usage du kazakh dans les médias nationaux et internet ? by Karlygash Abiyeva, in Revue d'études comparatives Est-Ouest (2015)

Les enjeux linguistiques et la construction de l'identité nationale au Kazakhstan, in La Revue russe (2011)

Texts & Literature

La tradition historique orale des Kazakhs by Aitjan Nurmanova, in Cahiers d'Asie centrale (2000)

WordProject: translation of the Bible into Kazakh

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Барлық адамдар тумысынан азат және қадір-қасиеті мен кұқықтары тең болып дүниеге келеді.
Адамдарға ақыл-парасат, ар-ождан берілген, сондықтан олар бір-бірімен туыстық, бауырмалдық қарым-қатынас жасаулары тиіс.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: bilingual text in Kazakh & other languages

Kazakhstan: maps & documents


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